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Chapter 1.

December 29th, 2.30 am

A scream was heard in the night, a baby's scream for its mother telling her he was hungry. The two people in the bed woke up at the same time and yawned.

"I guess that's my que to go" Karen said and got out of the bed.

"How can you tell he's hungry?" Will asked sleepily.

"I'm his mother, I can tell" she answered and kissed him on her way past him. "You go back to sleep" she said and went to the nursery that was situated just two doors down.

She went inside and lit the soft, dim light and went to the crib. Down there her three-weeks-old son was crying and she picked him up and cradled him on her way to the chair and sat down.

She held him close to her and hummed a little while she unbuttoned her pyjamashirt and put her son to her breast. She felt him start sucking and leaned back in the chair with a smile while she continued humming a lullaby.

She heard a small noise and looked up to see Will stand in the doorway. She smiled at him.

Will just stood there, not being able to take his eyes off of the sight in front of him. It never ceased to amaze him just how lucky he was and how beautiful she was and that this sight was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.
When he saw her smile, he smiled back and entered the room standing next to the chair, watching as his son was being fed.

A few minutes later, their son was finished and Will took him from Karen and burped him and then he cradled him a little. He saw the little eyes blink at him and soon they closed tightly together and his little chest was heaving with deep, even breaths. When Will was certain that his son was sleeping peacefully, he laid him down in the crib again, pulling the blanket over him and kissed him gently on the forehead before he went back to the chair. Karen had fallen asleep in the chair, she didn't even manage to button up her pyjamashirt properly. He smiled when he saw her sleep, and gently buttoned her shirt up and then simply lifting her up in his arms and carried her to bed again. She didn't even stir when he laid her down in bed and laid himself down next to her, pulling the covers over them.

He felt Karen move a little, she cuddled up to him, placing her head on his chest and her arm across his stomach while she said half awake, half asleep:
"I love you Will."

He smiled and placed a kiss on top of her head and wrapped his arms around her, answering.

"I love you too Karen."

All wrapped up in his warm embrace, Karen fell asleep and dreamed pleasant dreams for once.

4.50 am

Early the very next morning Karen woke up alone in bed. She looked around but Will was nowhere to be seen in the room so she got out of bed and down to the nursery. She stopped in the doorway and watched her husband while he walked around, cradling and rocking their son.

Will didn't notice her at first, but soon she caught his eye and he looked at her and smiled, silently mouthing 'Hi' to her. She smiled back and walked up to him where he was standing.

"Lucas was a little cranky so I decided to see if I could do somethingn to help him" Will said softly and let Karen take Lucas from him.

"I have changed him, but I guess now would be a good time for his breakfast" Will said and smiled.

Karen sat down in her chair and unbuttoned her pyjamashirt again, letting Lucas feed. Will watched as usual.

Once Lucas was done, Karen burped him and cradled him to sleep, silently humming a lullaby and put him down in the crib again. They turned out the lights and went back to the bedroom hand in hand to catch some more sleep while they could.


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