Chapter 19.

Returning home was a bittersweet moment for Karen. She had missed her friends, Grace and Jack, even Rosario. Will had tried to make it as easy for her as possible and she loved him for it, but it was hard coming back realising she wouldn't have her second son with her.
As they entered the door, the picture in front of them almost made Karen start to cry. She had tears in her eyes as the big hall was all lit up and her friends were there, and their first born was also there, Jack had him placed on his hip, holding him tightly to him.
'Look, who's that?' he whispered to the little boy.
'Mommy' the little boy almost screamed, reaching his arms out towards his mother. That alone caused some tears to Karen.
'Hi honey' Karen spoke, and rushed towards Jack, taking Lucas from him, and hugged him, holding him close to her. 'Hi baby' she whispered into the little boys dark hair, kissing his head. Tears streamed down her face.
'Welcome home Kare' Jack spoke, placing a hand on her shoulder, as he watched the mother hug her child.
'Welcome home' Grace said and walked up to give Will a hug which he accepted.
'Welcome home miss Karen' Rosario's broken English was heard. She walked up and placed her hand on Karen's arm. 'Let me take him, so you can relax and rest and catch up with Jack and the redhead' she spoke with a mild voice.
Karen first didn't want to let go of Lucas, but Will managed to persuade her to do so.
'Let him go' he whispered, taking Lucas from her, handing him to Rosario to put him to bed. It was his naptime. 'You go with Rosie and take a nap now son' Will spoke with authority in his voice. Lucas looked up at his father, nodding but they could see he wanted to stay with his mother. So did Karen.
Rosario took Lucas and carried him to the nursery for his nap. As she did, Karen was surrounded by her friends, and all were joining in a grouphug.
'We've missed you guys' Grace said, a little shiver in her voice told Will that she was close to tears.
'We've missed you too' he answered her with a little crooked smile.
They all parted and looked at each other with a gentle, but happy smile. Jack and Grace eyed Karen and Will up and down, noticing the change in both of them. They had healed to the most part, though their entire souls would never heal. Time had however patched them up so they could live with it now. They had been more concerned about Karen than Will because Will had always been the strong type that everyone leaned on. It was in his nature, but Karen .. Karen was the weak one even though she never showed it, they all knew it including herself.

One year later

'Will so help me God, if you tell me to breathe one more time I'll rip your nuts off' Karen screamed as she laid on her bed with her legs spread, held up by stirrups.
'Come on, push Karen' doctor Collier told her.
She pushed with all she had and with one final big push, her newborn child landed in the hands of doctor Collier.
Will sat behind her, supporting her back, cooling her forehead when needed. Now he watched in tears as doctor Collier washed their newborn child off and gave it to them, all wrapped up.
It was placed on Karen's chest, and Will let his index finger take the hand of his child, seeing how it gripped his finger tightly in its little hand made him cry silently.
'Welcome home little James, welcome home' he whispered as he kissed Karen's temple while looking down at his newborn son.

A few hours later

Will was still sitting behind Karen as she was nursing their newborn son.
'Why don't you ask Jack and Grace to come in and meet their nephew' Karen whispered as she looked down at her son.
Will nodded, and quietly and carefully getting out of bed. He had a hard time to tear himself away from his wife and child.
Finally however he managed to get out through the door and headed to the waitingarea. Grace sat leaned back in the couch with Lucas in her lap and Jack next to her, his head resting on her shoulder as he was sleeping. Grace was the only one awake. When she spotted Will she smiled.
'Hi Gracie' Will whispered as he squatted down in front of her, watching his son and his two best friends.
'Hi Will' Grace smiled at him. 'Karen's okay right?' she asked worriedly.
Will nodded.
'Yeah, she's fine and so is our son.' he smiled as he spoke.
'You got another son?' Jack asked as he woke up and saw Will there, hearing him say the last sentence.
Will nodded.
'Yes Jackie. Karen's asking for you both' Will said as he stood up, reaching for Lucas.
Grace stood up and handed him over. Will took him, gently placing him on his hip as he supported him with his arms.
They all walked back to Karen's room, Will last with Lucas in his arms. The little boy had his arms tightly secured around his fathers neck as his little head rested on his father's shoulder, as he was sleeping.
Karen looked up as she heard the door open, and she smiled as she saw her best friends there together with her son and husband.
'Hi guys' she whispered as she still nursed James. 'May I introduce your new nephew' she continued as her newborn son finished nursing and she did up her shirt and held him up to show him.
'This is James Jack Walker Truman' she spoke in a low voice.


A/N Yeah so this was the very last chapter in this trilogy. Kind of sad that it's over, but also feeling good that I finally got it finished lol ..