Chapter Fifteen

The Moon's Song

Ten Years Later

The scent of the air filled Endymion's nostrils. Heavy and heady in its intensity, he sniffed gently the mixture of passion, lust, happiness, and love. Nestled beside him was his wife, Serenity, her small figure curved in to his side. In the silence of the dawn he heard her steady and even breathing. The only sound that echoed in their large bedroom; after all he hadn't needed to breath for ten years. Or ten more years as he always said, after that one year didn't count for much. Not when the last seventeen had be met with the darkness and the effort to remain in the light.

Yet, with her by his side, it did not take so much effort anymore to keep the darkness at bay. Now he only needed to look her way, her eyes always told him of happiness, and her arms never failed to open to him.

Licking his lips he rolled her closer to his body, nestling his head in to the hallow of her throat. The darkness, the evil surged to life inside his soul; begging for a meal that ran from a warm, pulsing vein. Carefully he traced his elongated fangs across the old scar on her ivory neck.

Tempting his own sanity, and will power.

Softly she groaned, and his ears pricked up at the memorizing sound. Tracing her body line, his large hand came to rest on her swollen stomach.

"Morning," Serenity smiled, turning over to face her husband.

He grinned back, sliding his hand beneath her nightgown, "Morning. How are you feeling? Still sick?"

"No. It comes and goes. I was the same when I was pregnant with Thane."

Endymion frowned, "So you've told me, but I still worry. I love you."

She caressed his face, "I know. But don't worry the illness will pass in a bit and then we will have a healthy baby."

"A healthy miracle."


He kissed her brow, "Thane I understand. He came from forgiveness. But this child…well I'm not sure how we have been blessed twice."

"Thane came from love, and this baby is no different. The fruit of love, and trust. Of a union," she sighed into his lips. Kissing him back with equal passion.

- - -- - -- - - -

Five Years Later

"Mama! Here I found the ribbon," Rini bounced her way over to her mother, clutching a long white ribbon in her small pudgy hand.

"Slow down my angel," Serenity smiled, taking the ribbon from her daughter she pinned the bow in to Rini's pink curls. Brushing the long strands across the small girls back Serenity sighed and tried to keep the tears from her eyes. Today was a happy day, one of love and joy and get when ever she had to fuss with her daughters hair she was over come with joy and humility.

Humility that the gods and saw it fit to allow her to keep her child. The birth had been hard on her body, and even harder on her infant daughter. Serenity's memories of the night were hazy and stormy at best, glazed with pain, exhaustion, and fear. Yet, through the haze she remembered Endymion leaning towards her begging for her to survive, clutching her hand, and kissing her brow softly. She had seen the tears in his eyes, and pain of what might happen.

She had pulled through the birthing, but only just barely. For nearly two weeks she had lain in bed moving in and out of the illness and fire that had taken over her body. Ami had been afraid to attempt any treatment, concerned that anymore pressure on her body would only shut her down.

When she had finally awakened from her sleep, Endymion had placed a small bundle in her arms. A baby girl with luscious pink curls and eyes as bright as the deepest flame. Huddled together on the bed Endymion had told her the truth, "You saved Ethan when Rei could not. Forever binding him with the moon. Rei saved our daughter when you could not, forever blinding her to the flame. Our daughters silver eyes and hair has taken on the hue of the flame, the hue of life." he kissed her, and gently placed his palm against the little girl's cheek.

"Have you named her?" she was barely able to croak out.

"Serenity. I was afraid that you would die. I…I wanted her to carry your name," he answered, tears showing.

"A family name, and I believe it suits her."

"Mama." Rini called, shaking her out of her memories.


"Are you ready to go? Papa and Thane are asking?"

"Oh…of course," taking her daughters' hand they walked out of the together. Dressed elegantly on the warm summer night, they softly walked across the marble flooring out in to the green gardens. Music hummed in the background, adding to the mysticism of the night. "Remember," she told Rini, "You start walking only when Aretimis tells you too?"

Rini nodded, grasped her bouquet of flowers and went to stand next to her brother.

"They grow up so fast don't they?" Rei asked, her traditional ceremonial robes floating around her.

Serenity smiled, "Yes, it seems like only yesterday Thane was a child. Now," she shook her head, "He has just got his spurs, a warrior, a knight, a man. Still, Rei, when I look at him I see my little boy."

"I understand. Ethan is getting married and though I love Mara I feel as though I'm letting go to soon."

Serenity laughed, "They've been in love since Mara could barely toddle around, and lovers far long than Malchite wants to admit. Your not letting go of your son, rather gaining the daughter you always knew you would have."

Rei laughed along with her, "Speaking of Malachite, I'd better go check on those two. For such a large man he looked near tears at the prospect of giving Mara away. Something about his first born, and now only having one baby girl. Poor Heloise! She looked ready to bolt when Malachite wrapped her in a bear hug."

Serenity grinned, watching Rei walk away. It was so nice to see everyone happy, to feel part of such a big family.

"What amuses you my love?" Endymion asked, coming to stand beside her. She thought he looked rather uncomfortable in his royal garb.

"Nothing, I just can't imagine that the years have come so quick. Before you know it, we'll be giving our little girl away in marriage."

Endymion rolled his eyes, leaned down to thread his fingers through her loose hair, "Have I ever told you I love you?"

She nodded, tip toeing further for a kiss.

"Then I forgot to say thank you for your gift of this family," he kissed her.

Pulling back she studied his face, taking in the deep blue eyes and elongated canines. "Did you know," she teased, "that only Gypsies offer such rare gifts."

His eyes darkened just before he kissed her again. Right there in the dead of night, underneath the moonbeams where they always had known they belonged.



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Dare to Gamble in Sin: With the last of her family gone from this world, Serena Wilson has no choice but to call on the good will of a old family friend. She sold everything she owned, only to scrap up a enough money for one train ticket west. Now poor, taken, and set on the auction block for the highest bidder her fate rests on a card game and a man with unforgiving eyes by the name of Darien Darling.

Yue's Song: Sequel to A Gypsy's Gift A granddaughter of a great romance, and a daughter of a tragedy, Yue is the only heir to the throne. She was cursed by the gods for her mother's foolishness, and gifted by the love of the moon. With eyes that see the truth in the souls of mortal men, and a heart that harnesses the light of moon she is an enigma that man dare not to tangle with. Therefore it was quite a surprise to find herself captured by the night, and falling in love with a monster know as 'Great Warrior of power' that called himself Gideon la Reign.