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What if the Ninja Rangers were never needed…how would their lives cross path? Characters are different do to the change in story line.

Taking Bets:

It was just another typical day of school. Shane, Dustin, and Tori sat in the back of Mrs. Applebaum's class quietly chatting while Mrs. Applebaum lectured on the importance of not being late to class. Just as Mrs. Applebaum was getting into her speech a second time around a two boys walked into the classroom. One was tall, light skinned, blonde, and blue eyed and looked like he could be a basketball player. The other was shorter, darker skinned, black hair and brown eyed.

They handed Mrs. Applebaum a slip of paper and she pointed to two seats towards the back. Tori grinned, a new challenge. She thought to herself devilishly. Tori glanced over at a group of guys and they grinned back.

"Class we have two new students. Welcome Hunter and Blake Bradley." Mrs. Applebaum announced pointing to the two new students. Tori signaled something to a student across from her and she took the hint and turned back to the front.

"What's the bet?" Dustin asked Tori quietly. Dustin was taller, had curly dark brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes. He had a Brazilian tan to his skin and had a pension for yellow.

Tori shrugged. "First things first which one?" She asked.

"Short guy." Shane whispered to her looking at the two brothers who seemed to be ignoring Mrs. Applebaum all together.

"Ok so $25 bucks says I can play him like a fine tune fiddle and that he wont feel it necessary to lye." Tori bet with Shane and Dustin.

Dustin smirked. "I'll take that bet. Are we opening the pool to the entire cafeteria?"

Tori nodded. "Let's, I can cover the entire first lunch if I'm wrong."

"You know maybe we should stop scaring the new kids." Shane suggested. Tori and Dustin looked at him and all three broke out in peals of laughter.

"Ms. Hanson, Mr. Brooks, and Mr. Clarke is there something you find funny about my lecture." Mrs. Applebaum asked sternly.

They shook their heads. "No Mrs. Applebaum." They chorused.

"Than please save your laughter till lunch." Tori, Dustin, and Shane nodded in response and remained in bored silence the rest of the class.

At lunch Dustin and Shane made their way around the tables placing bets with students while Tori sat with the girl from class and looked over a copy of a student file. "I'm gonna have to frump up to get this guys attention. He's a hot shot but he wont turn away a willing sex participant." Tori remarked reading the file.

"How you gonna get him to notice you?" The girl asked.

"Lacey if I revealed my secrets I wouldn't be the best." Tori said. Lacey nodded her head.

"Right." She said acceptingly.

Tori rolled her eyes. "Look you're a junior I'm a senior I'll leave my games legacy in your hands. Deal?" She stuck out her hand. Lacey grinned and shook her hand nodding.

The Next Day:

Tori came into class and her naturally blonde tresses were trapped under a believable brown wig and her stunning blue eyes were hidden behind green contacts and fact glasses. She wore baggy loose jeans, and an oversized school sweatshirt. She took up a seat next to Blake. "Hi I'm Tori!" She said knowing full well he wouldn't know her first name from the first day.

"Blake." He said shortly.

Tori smiled to herself. "You new?"


Tori looked at Eric and mouthed 'Let the games begin.' Eric had befriended the Bradley brothers the day before and pulled out his cell to text Blake. Tori noticed Blake check and reply to the text. After a while the class broke into groups and Tori was just about to get up and move when Blake caught her attention. "Wanna help me?" He asked.

"Sure." Tori said sitting back down. "What do you need help with?"

"Well actually I've never really been all that good with math. I could use help on all of it." He said with a small smile and a look back at his brother who was working with Eric and occasionally glancing at Tori and Blake.

Tori giggled in a strange way. "It sounds more like you need a tutor not my help."

"Do you do that?"



"Actually yeah I do. When I'm not in school productions or a student assistant." Tori wanted to beat herself in the head putting this act on but knew the end result would be worth it.

Blake smirked at her. "Maybe you could offer your services? At least until I understand this stuff." Blake asked with a sincere smile. The bet has been placed. Tori told herself.

She nodded. "Sure. When would you like to do it?" She asked knowing that the question could be taken a couple different ways.

"After school my place?" Blake asked.

Tori bit her lip to add effect. "You're parents wont mind you bringing home a strange girl."

"Nah they aren't even in town. They left to finish packing up or old place till the week end." He said nonchalantly.

"Perfect I guess." Tori said kindly. As Blake looked down to his textbook Tori looked back at her two friends and nodded casually and grinned.


-Dude I bet u can't tap that? Eric (nodded in Tori's direction)

-How much? Blake

-$50 says u cant by the end of the week. Eric

-Ur on. Blake

-Bro Wut's up? Hunter

-$50 bet can't get with that, by the end of the week. Blake (motioned to Tori slightly)

-I'm In. Hunter


"So we've been working on the same thing the last three days." Tori said. "Are you sure you don't want a different tutor?" Tori asked looking at Blake sitting on his bed.

Blake shrugged. "I guess it's just hard for me to concentrate when there's a beautiful girl around."

Tori wanted to laugh cause she felt like she looked anything but beautiful in that get up, but she refrained herself. How corny? Must say that's a first. "Umm…anyways maybe I should go. It's getting late." Tori got up to head for the door of his room.

Blake gently grabbed her wrist. "Or you could stay and we could study some more." He emphasized with a hint of mischievousness in his voice. "Maybe I just need a little…motivation."

Oh he's good. Tori thought to herself amused knowing what he was trying to do. "Exactly what kind of motivation do you need?" Tori asked sitting back down. Blake leaned in and kissed her out right. Tori saw his eyes close and decided not to fight it.

Soon things seem to escalate. Oh I am so making bank on this. Tori thought to herself as Blake lowered her down on his bed and began fondling her body and his lips trailed kisses over the exposed skin, though there wasn't much of it, it being hidden under a oversized sweatshirt.

Blake started stripping off her clothes as well as his own. Oh I am so going to make bank on this. Blake thought. Once they were both naked and under the covers of his bed they danced rapidly as Blake thrust into her repetitively getting harder and faster. Tori cried out after a while.

I better make this sound convincing. Tori thought. And she did, Tori faked her climax and soon felt Blake release and collapsed on top of her. "What good did that do?" Tori asked randomly unsure of how to end this particular session.

"None but thanks anyway." Blake said. Tori recovered after a few minutes and began dressing. He really knows how to make a girl feel wanted. Tori thought sarcastically to herself. "See you in school?" Blake asked putting on his boxers and kissing her cheek before she headed for the door.

"Sure. School." Tori said leaving his room and heading out of the house. On the way to her sisters blue Volkswagen hippie van she smiled to herself. He hadn't been so bad, but she still faked everything.

The Truth:

The next day at lunch Tori went over and sat next to Blake. "Hi!" She said brightly. She heard his brother muffle snickers.

"Look Tori just cause of yesterday doesn't mean we're…like together or anything." He said straight-faced to her.

Tori frowned and tried desperately not to smirk like she felt her lips tempted to do. "So…it's ok to make love and fool around behind closed doors but in public there's no us?" Tori asked faking bitterness.

Blake shrugged slightly. "Well…yeah."

Tori stood for the bench seat. "Annie up guys…" She shouted. Half the cafeteria groaned and she saw Shane and Dustin rise from their seats and head to the tables of teens holding up bills. Tori turned to Blake. "I got you this." She handed him a little spiral journal. "Read the first page." Blake looked at her oddly and then at Hunter who just shrugged.

He opened it and read the first page. All it said was: 'How easy is it for a girl to fake pleasure?' After reading it to himself silently he was thoroughly confused. "What?" He asked out loud aimlessly.

"Oh…God…Oh…oh…Blake…Ohh…" She moaned faking bliss. "And then Bam!" She yelled as she smacked the table hard. "It's over!" She said softer. Blake looked at her funny. Tori smirked and took off the glasses and the wig and removed the green contacts on her eyes. She leaned into his ear as she noticed Hunter was speechless.

"Let me clue you in little boy! I own this school. You made what a hundred bucks, I made about…on you alone five hundred dollars. You're just a little pawn. I deserve an Academy award for the act I put on for you." Tori whispered in his ear with a tantalizingly tickling breath. She kissed his cheek. "Later lover." She mocked. Tori stripped off her frumpy sweatshirt to reveal a cropped button up jean halter vest that bared all of her abdomen and covered her chest. As she turned to walk away she ripped off her sweat pants to reveal tight low-rise boot cut jeans with holes in the knees and dark brown steel toed boots (meant for girls). (A/N: Think Jessica Simpson- "Dukes" Daisy distracting cops scene)

Blake sat there staring at her departing figure. She had a tattoo on her lower back. Water symbol if he remembered correctly from his Japanese textbooks. She looked amazing; nothing like the girl he had spent the last few days with. Tori flipped her hair quickly and it took Blake's breath away when she moved every inch of her was spectacular.

"Dude…" Hunter gasped staring intently at Tori as well.

Tori walked up to Shane and Dustin and they handed her the wad of cash. "Thank you." She said pleased with herself. She walked back over to the table where Eric was sitting with Hunter and Blake. "Here." She handed Eric a hundred in twenty's.

Eric grinned and accepted the cash. "Party my place Friday night."

Tori shrugged and smiled. "I wouldn't miss it for the world. Thanks friend."

Hunter and Blake were both dumbfounded and speechless. Tori headed towards the exit stopping short to switch key sets with her younger sister. As Tori exited the cafeteria Blake finally regained some ability. "What the hell just happened?" He asked shocked.

"You got played." Hunter told him. Blake got up and ran after Tori.

The Chat:

"Tori wait up!" Blake shouted at Tori who was exiting the double doors to the student parking lot.

Tori turned around and grinned. "What happened to 'in public there is no us'? Didn't think you'd want to be seen with me." Tori said a bit sarcastically.

"You played me." Blake stated looking at her intently and still a little flummoxed.

Tori smirked and nodded. "And you didn't try to play me for a little cash?"

"That's different you planned it I…was suckered into a bet." Blake said a bit sourly.

Tori rolled her eyes. "I didn't plan anything…I made an observation and acted and you fell for it hook, line, and sinker. You didn't have to take Eric's bet."

"Eric was helping you!" He exclaimed.

"So it's ok for a guy to make a little wager about sleeping with a girl, but when a girl does, it was planned and we somehow forced you into it. You're making it sound like you had to say yes to the bet. Had you not I would've dropped the act and left you alone…granted I would've been out five hundred dollars, but I still would've backed off." Tori said.

Blake sighed. "Can I at least know what the bet was on?" He asked. "I think I deserve that much."

Tori smirked and nodded. "I bet my friends twenty five bucks each that I could get you to sleep with me and then admit we weren't an us in public…me I'm old faithful for the truth, them they go with guys first gut instinct to lye…you let the men of this school down." Tori informed him. "Don't worry the others had a solution to get away from the humiliation it's called…transfer."

"Others?" Blake asked looking at her a little amused.

Tori grinned wickedly. "New students only. They've been so embarrassed in the past they just up and transfer…principal still doesn't understand why. But you don't seem like the type to shy away easy."

Blake grinned. "That's cause I'm not."

"Good we'll be seeing more of each other then. Hope you can stand it." Tori mocked as she headed out of the double doors and to the parking lot. Blake continued after her still.


Tori turned around again this time a little annoyed. "What?"

"Are you really a tutor?" He just had to know if she was lying about everything.

Tori shook her head. "Nope!" She said smiling.

"I'll admit you're good!" Blake shouted.

Tori bit her lip unintentionally. "Funny I found myself thinking the same about you yesterday." Tori waved teasingly. "Bye!"

Blake grinned and turned to walk away. As he was heading back into the building he heard speakers booming as saw a glimpse of a metallic blue mustang leaving the parking lot. She's absolutely fascinating. Blake thought.