Aubrey's 5th birthday:

"Blow 'em out!" Blake coaxed his daughter as Tori set the birthday cake on the table in front of Aubrey. Aubrey blew out the five blue candles on the cake and the parents and kids gathered around clapped and cheered.

Over the last four years or so everyone who was getting married did so and started families. After Whitney and Derrick married in Vegas and returned from their honeymoon Whitney found out she was pregnant with her first child. Very unexpected but not unwanted, Whitney always wanted kids and a little less then eight months later Aundrea Maree Cole was born. Two years later they had another little girl they named Brook Chase.

About a year and a half after Samantha Jane was born Hayden Isabella Bradley was born and there brother Austin Owen came a year later. Hunter and Peyton after finding out about her third pregnancy also decided that adoption should be left for those who wanted kids but could not have them on their own.

Just after Brook Chase was born Shane and Kapri welcomed a little boy they named David Michael Clarke. A few short days after Kapri gave birth to her son DeLinda Anna and Charlene ( Charlie ) Elizabeth Brooks were born. Marah and Dustin had been shocked by the initial thought of twins but the moment they held them they were ok. More good news Marah is expecting at this point in time. Tori and Blake had decided two kids was enough and Blake had been taken care of sometime after Adam was born.

Adam grabbed the toy dirt bike off the cake. "Hey!" Aubrey protested taking it from him. "Dodo head." She muttered to herself. Blake turned to Tori and grinned. Tori smiled innocently and shrugged.

"What it slipped out the other day." Tori remarked innocently. Blake stood from where he was kneeled next to his daughter and put his arm around Tori's waist.

"What'd you say about me this time?" Blake asked with a smug grin.

Tori smirked. "Nothing I just commented that you were a dodo head for leaving your dirt bike on that back porch yesterday." She said honestly.

Blake rolled his eyes. "You know she picks up on those things like crazy."

"Well then maybe you should stop taking her to the track where they speak like pirates and sailors." Tori countered with a playful smirk.

Blake laughed lightly. "Hey is it my fault that the guys don't know what to say in front of a five year old."

Tori rolled her eyes. "Aw mom I like going to the track." Aubrey said after over hearing their conversation somewhat.

"I know you do, but how many times have we told you not to repeat the words the riders say?" Tori asked looking intently at her daughter while the rest of the guests mingled and waited for the cake to get served.

"I heard that one from you." Aubrey said sweetly with a small smile.

Tori put her hand over Blake's mouth to keep him from saying anything. "I know and I shouldn't have said it. Promise mommy you wont repeat it?"

Aubrey grinned her holey grin and nodded. "Yes mommy I promise."

"Well in that case…" Blake moved Tori's hand away from his house. "You can go with me, uncle Hunter, and uncle Dustin to the track tomorrow?" Blake asked.

"Can I ride my bike in the field?" Aubrey asked excitedly. Tori and Blake had gotten her a little kid's dirt bike for her birthday. She loved riding with Blake when he would do simple trail riding. Not going to fast and being extra careful not to hit anything.

Aubrey got a helmet for her forth birthday and gloves to go with it. She absolutely love everything about Motocross. "Yeah I don't see why not." Blake commented. Tori grabbed a knife from the block on the counter and handed it to Blake. He cut up and distributed the pieces amongst the kids and adults.

"Hey Tor." Peyton said walking over.

Tori looked over and smiled at Peyton. Kapri, Marah and Whitney joined them as well as they watched the men interact with their children. "You know I find it funny that after all these years this is what we have." Marah commented.

"Ten kids between the five of us." Peyton remarked.

Tori smiled. "I think our little family is great."

"I agree with her." Kapri said.

"What are you ladies over here talking about?" Hunter question walking over with his two-year-old son in his arms.

"Nothing." They sighed contently.

"It's never nothing with you guys." Blake said coming over to hand Tori a plate of cake. Tori shook her head.

"No thanks. I'm not very hungry." Blake set the cake on the counter and then took his wife in his arms.

"Love you." He said sweetly.

Tori smiled as he pressed his lips upon hers. "Oh would you two get a room." Peyton remarked sarcastically.

Tori and Blake pulled away laughing. "Adam stop it." Tori and Blake turned just as Adam pushed his hand full of cake in Aubrey's face.

Tori gasped. "Oh crap." She muttered to herself. "Blake you get her I'll get Adam." Blake and Tori quickly separated the now fighting siblings just before Aubrey had a chance to throw cake back at Adam.

"I'm gonna get you! You little troll!" Aubrey yelled as Blake carried her away over his shoulder.

"Aubrey Maree Bradley!" Blake said sternly. Blake led her away and upstairs while Tori took Adam to the half bath down the hall on the first floor.

With Adam and Tori:

"Adam why did you wipe cake in your sister's face?" Tori asked as she helped him wash the mess away. Adam pouted his face and yanked his hands away from Tori and wiped them on the towel abruptly. He went to open the bathroom door and walk out but Tori shut it and sat him on the counter. "Answer me." She said firmly.

"She called me a dodo head." He said with an angry huff. Tori looked into his deep brown eyes that mirror Blake's perfectly. He was almost as tall as Aubrey and his hair was dark and short like Blake's.

Tori sighed. "Honey that's no reason to shove cake in her face."

"But she called me a dodo head and I didn't do anything." He said crossing his arms and kicking the cabinet under him.

""You're right she shouldn't have called you a dodo head, but what you did wasn't very nice either. And what have me and daddy told you?" Tori asked.

Adam sighed. "Two wongs don't make a right." He said softly.

"That's right. Daddy will talk to Aubrey, but when she gets back down here I want you to apologize." Tori said with a sincere smile.

Adam gave her a small smile and nodded. "Yes Mommy."

With Blake and Aubrey:

Blake sat Aubrey down on her bed and grabbed a washcloth from the bathroom and returned to her. He started to wipe away the cake. "Aubrey what have we told you?"

"Not to call Adam names." She answered honestly bowing her head.

"Why did he wipe that cake in your face?" Blake asked.

Aubrey sighed. "Cause I called him a dodo head."

"And what did you do?"

"I called him a name."

"And what do we say?"

"Two wrongs don't make a right, so I shouldn't have called him a little troll." Aubrey answered.

"Adam wasn't in the right either, but you both owe each other apologies." Blake said wiping away the last of the cake on her face. Aubrey smiled weakly at her father. "I know you don't like apologizing, but you really do owe him an apology. He isn't a dodo head and he isn't a little troll."

Aubrey giggled faintly. "Mommy said dodo head first."

"And mommy probably shouldn't have, but she means it more out of affection then name calling." Blake countered.

"Affection?" Aubrey asked.

Blake nodded. "Mommy and Daddy don't call each other names to be hurtful, we do it out of playful affection for one another."

"Kind of like you and mommy calling me squirt?" Aubrey asked trying to understand the difference.

Blake nodded. "Just like that." He said smiling.

"So when mommy calls you a stubborn…" Blake put his hand over Aubrey's mouth.

"That however you may not repeat for sure unlike dodo head." Blake said insistently.

Aubrey pursed her lips in thought as Blake pulled his hand away. "Why? Is it worse?" Blake didn't really know how to answer that.

"It's not worse its just vocabulary you are not aloud to use. You got me?" Blake said poking her nose playfully.

Aubrey giggled and nodded. Blake took her hand and they left her room and headed downstairs where Tori was waiting by the stairs with Adam. Tori pushed him forward gently. "I'm sorry Aubrey." Adam said softly.

"I'm sorry too." Aubrey said. Aubrey took his hand. "Come on let's go play with Rox on the beach." She pulled him towards the back.

"Wait…" Tori didn't get her last bit out before they disappeared. "It's the middle of January." She said after. Everyone was still in the kitchen and when the other kids tried to follow Aubrey and Adam out to the beach their parents stopped them. Whines of 'Oh but mom…' and 'but I want to go outside…' rang out through the kitchen.

Tori and Blake walked in. "Sorry guys." Blake said. He and Tori walked out to the back porch. "You two." He said making Aubrey and Adam look up from throwing Rox's ball. "Inside right now. You know its still winter."

"Aw but daddy…" They both whined.

"Don't but daddy me, you know if you want to be outside you need warm clothes and jackets." Blake said in that fatherly tone.

"Daddy's right. Besides Aubrey you have a birthday party going on inside." Tori proclaimed.

Aubrey and Adam moseyed up to the porch and in to the house. Tori and Blake looked out on the water. "I know what you're going to say." Tori remarked.

Blake smirked and turned his head and gave Tori a gentle loving kiss. "Then I don't need to say it. Just be careful with what you say around Aubrey."

Tori rolled her eyes. "Yes master." She remarked sarcastically.

"Tori she almost said jackass because we were talking about name calling and I had to explain the difference between that and playful affectionate name calling." Blake said smirking at her.

Tori giggled. "Well I can't help it if you are a stubborn jackass." She quipped playfully.

"Tori…" Blake said insistently.

Tori rolled her eyes. "Ok I'll keep my playful affectionate names to myself when Aubrey and Adam are around."

"Oh speaking of them being around, Hunter and Peyton offered to let them sleep over tonight and go to that new indoor water park tomorrow. It's like a two hour drive and they want to head out early." Blake told his wife. Tori wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled at him.

"Any way to have you alone for a little while is fine by me. But are they sure they wanna take five kids in a car for two hours?" Tori asked.

Blake shrugged. "Don't care, but I have to leave in a week and I want to spend some alone time with my wife. We'll send them with their leap frog hand helds or something."

Tori giggled and kissed Blake's soft lips tenderly. "I think tomorrow is going to be a day Hunter and Peyton will never forget."

Blake chuckled. "Probably. Let's go in and tell the kids." Tori and Blake walked in to the house together.

The next morning:

Tori was laying silently in bed with her eyes closed. She wore Blake's button up navy flannel pajama shirt and the sun landed on her exposed legs. "Tor…" Tori ignored her husband playfully. "Tor…" Blake whispered a second time. Tori just remained silent faking sleep. It was then that she felt Blake's hands unbuttoning the top she wore.

It wasn't that Tori didn't want to wake up, but torturing Blake was fun. They hadn't been together in a few weeks having the kids around all the time and they had spent a long night together already.

When the shirt was completely undone Tori felt Blake's soft lips graze her torso as he scattered kisses along her flat abdomen and chest. Tori tried her hardest not to squirm when Blake's tongue and mouth met her soft breast but had not luck. "Tori wake up!" Blake whispered against her skin. Tori opened her eyes and looked down and Blake looked up at her. "Morning." He said smiling brightly.

Tori rolled and lay atop Blake's somewhat toned body. "You couldn't let me sleep?" She asked playfully smirking at him as her hands traveled down his body.

Blake grinned and shook his head. "I've been awake for a few minutes and you're suppose to keep me entertained." He said, the words familiar from when they first started making love when their relationship started taking off.

Tori smirked. "Just how am I supposed to do that?"

"Well…the kids aren't here and we have the whole house to ourselves, I can think of one way." Blake said devilishly leaning up to kiss Tori's neck in the sweet spot she loved so much.

Tori moaned blissfully as her eyes closed. "I think I can handle that." Tori said softly she opened her eyes and used her hands to pushed Blake back down. Tori leaned down and captured his lips. Blake's hands slipped the top the rest of the way off Tori's body and rolled over so he was on top.

Tori giggled softly and smiled as she brought her hand up to his cheek baiting him to lean in for a searing passionate kiss. "I love you." She said sweetly as he leaned in to her lips.

Blake kissed her gently and then pulled away. "I love you to Tor. Always." Blake's hands roamed Tori's body sometimes stopping to caress and tickle the spots that drove Tori nuts.

Tori laughed out loud as her and Blake continued long into late morning and then found that they were exhausted. Life was the way it should be. They have to beautiful kids that they love and adore, and they had each other until death do they part like the vows they said the day they married.

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