Chapter 11

Haruka, king Dolph, Setsuna, Hattori, Michiru and Usagi were all reunited in Dolph's office. Kaori was there too, but she was still asleep.

"Can anyone explain the complete story to me?" Michiru asked. "I am missing some points."

"Kaori wanted to rule the kingdom, Michiru. And she chose you to get to our father" Setsuna said.

"Uh, really?!" Michiru replied, ironically. "What about telling me something I do not know?"

"She chose you because she was jealous. She always had feelings of jealousy about you, but you fell in love with her man this time." Hattori claimed, amused.

Michiru blushed.

"And who is their man?" Dolph asked, curious.

"No one!" Setsuna informed. "It was just a passing crush."

"Ruk suspected of you, Setsuna. Why?"

"Because I did not like him, like all of you did."

"And why didn't you like him?" Michiru insisted.

Setsuna smiled.

"Kaori had been planning everything for a long time. The truth is I was meant to protect my father right when the danger was born. But the blood union would not let me see that the threat was Kaori. I saw Ruk as the... personification of my failure. And I hated him for that. And he seemed so foolish! I could not see how the Ladies could trust him so much!"

"Wait a minute. You said you "were meant to protect my father"? What do you mean?" Michiru asked.

"I am the Daughter of the Star of Time" Setsuna declared.

Michiru and Dolph opened their eyes widely. Hattori smiled, awared of how special her sister was. Usagi and Haruka laughed.

"In the name of the Ladies!..." Michiru was completely astonished. "I refuse to believe this!"

"Dear silly sister! How do you think I could have killed that demons?"

"You killed them?!" the king was far more surprised than his daughter. "My children are all crazy!"

"So I shouldn't be here?" Haruka asked. "I was only sent to help you?"

"More or less. This is mostly a mission to let you learn a few things."

"That speech again? Get over it!"

"Is that it?" Michiru said, disappointed. "And how did you find it was Kaori betraying our father?"

"Actually, it was Keisuke and Hotaru who found out. They came to me and told me Kaori was inventing some monstruous creatures. It was after Ruk's arrival. It made everything even more frustrating."

"I lost my time here" Haruka muttered. "You had everything under control."

"Not at all. Kaori found out that me and Hattori were suspecting of her and paid a few men to arrest us in the cave of the village's church. If you had not sent Usagi to follow us we would still be there by this time!" Setsuna explained. "But we had a lot of work to convince her we were the good guys!"

A little sweatdrop appeared near Usagi's head.

"So I didn't lose my time!" Haruka said, happily. "My little friend saved two wonderful people!"

Usagi blushed.

"And you saved two other wonderful people" Hattori replied.

"It's my job. You don't have to thank me."

"When will you leave?" Dolph asked.

"Tomorrow morning. My work here is done" Haruka claimed. "What will you do with Kaori?"

"I will change some of her memories. She will stay with us. This is where she belongs" Setsuna informed.

"I want to thank you, anyway!" Dolph exclaimed. "You will always have a room in this palace and a place in our hearts."

"I don't need the room, your majesty. But I'd appreciate the place in your hearts."

"Would you stop with that cheap dramatic conversation?!" Usagi demanded. "You are making me cry!"

Dolph laughed.

"Let's have dinner. Thank the Ladies you healed the cooks!"