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This is my first try on KakaSaku! I never thought it possible for me to even consider writing this, but thanks to some talented authors out there, the thought of this particular pairing didn't seem too off anymore and this idea manifested itself in my lil brain and wouldn't leave me alone.

This is the prologue to something greater, but if you all think this is a waste of time and energy, it could also stand alone as one-shot. (btw. this is the shortest story I have ever written!!)

I know I already have another story currently running on ('Bright Moon'), but I couldn't keep this from the world, ne!
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She should ignore it.

She was a konuichi for God's sake! She could ignore a lot of things: pain, torture, emotions, her inner self, Naruto. The list went on and on, so why, Oh Why! couldn't she ignore the call of nature as well?!

Inhaling (not so deeply), Sakura made a grimace when her bladder made her unmistakenly aware of its existence and the fact that it would make her squirm in discomfort if she planned to stay on her couch another second. But still she decided to take chances and challenge her body to disobey her.

A strange weight, she hadn't been aware of until then, decided to shift around her right thigh and with a frown,
Sakura cracked her eyes slightly open, reavealing a thin line of glassy green. Her blurred vision wasn't good enough yet to catch flying kunais out of midair, but it served its purpose to make out fuzzy orange somethings pressed against her lower body.

Her hand clenched into a fist and hovered dangerously near Naruto's face were it was nuzzling (deep in lala-land) her exposed leg. He had his arms wrapped around her knee like tentacles and she could actually feel him mumble something incoherently against her skin.

Her fist was still above his temple, when she got once more aware of the pressure in her full bladder. What a bitch!
She would have to punish Naruto later for that stunt, because right now, moving was equal to death and she wanted to stay dry for another few minutes.

Retracting her hand, she lay down again and breathed slowly through her nose.

It was then, that she felt a slight pounding in the bridge of her nose, which soon enough would lead to a full headache and the feeling of having boiling hot magma in her stomach.
'Oh, yeah.', she thought when she got reminded of why exactly Naruto was currently using her as his personal teddy.

She had been part of a pretty happy get together last night... well, more like a huge party actually, but in the end they had all been together! With lots of food, candy and booze.

The reason for their little fun?
Sakura had passed the jounin-exam with flying colors and had decided to start her one week vacation with the right amount of 'BANGS'. So she had invited everybody currently present in Konoha into her sweet little apartment and ignore (well, apart from her bladder, she could normally ignore anything) her bruised everythings and blue right eye.

Most of her buddies had happily volunteered to help her empty bottles of sake and plates stuffed with goodies.
With some glee, the medic was sure that those souls unfortunate enough to be on missions would later surely hear from their party and cry in frustration for having not been part of it! Inner Sakura was laughing evilly!

The noise of somebody male grunting in his sleep got her attention next and with a sigh, the pink haired medic decided to finally open her eyes completely and take stock of her surroundings.

What greeted her over-sensitive sight first was again Naruto and his obsessive grip on her leg. As her eyes began to travel, she started wondering just how much alcohol had been involved exactly last night, because she couldn't remember having seen anybody break down on her coffee table.

But here he was, one drooling Kiba. He still had his hand wrapped around an empty bottle and was snoring happily away.

Next came the male slaves Tsunade kept for entertainment purposes only (some bad tongues mumbled secretly.
Izumo and Kotetsu lay sprawled out on the carpet just beside a (not right now) senbon-sucking ninja.

If Genma had only been missing his trademark chewing stick, the world in, Sakura's opinion, still would have had a chance to continue spinning unfazed, but what made the scene unfolded in front of her the most surreal thing ever was the fact he had his pants half way down his legs. She just hoped for her own mind's sake that she wouldn't remember the actual circumstances that had led to his partly undressed state.

It was one thing dealing with Genma when he was sober and still able to be a tiny little bit charming towards the female gender, but she was just sure that this time, this hadn't been the case. The fact that he was lying alone there with his metal senbon discarded somewhere in her living room (Irks!) was naturally contributing to her assumption.

Yawning, Sakura allowed her gaze to travel and was surprised to find one third of team 10 half lying, half sitting against her radiator, his ponytaled black hair in the most perfect state possible (did he actually ever had a bad hair day?). Where Shikamaru's companions were, she didn't know. Ino and Chouji had probably gone home last night (and why hadn't they just dragged some guests along? Dammit...).

Her arms rose above her head as she decided to stretch her sleepy limbs. Some ribs (still bruised from her fight the day before) protested vehemently against the movement, but she decided to heal them later before she would start cleaning the mess the party had left behind (no she would not think about the litter worth a day's work lying around her apartment).

"Naruto." Sakura mumbled with a slightly slurred voice, patting her friend's head clumsily.

Gaining no reaction whatsoever, she pushed his shoulders away from her and wriggled her leg carefully free of his embrace.
Pleased that he was actually working with her, she watched as he suddenly threw his arms above his form and groped the poor air for something else to hug.

When they came across (literally) nothing, Naruto suddenly sat up, alcohol-lidded eyes slightly open. They flickered across his immediate surroundings and finally settled on Kiba lying peacefully on the coffee table.
"S'kura..." Was all he blurted almost unintelligibly, before he fell over and landed partly on the Inuzuka heir, who in return, protested slightly under the new weight on his chest. But instead of waking, he merely grunted his disapproval and slept on.

Features blank, Sakura watched the couple for another few seconds, barely believing that the two dumbies were that drunk!
But before she could plan any blackmail actions, her bladder of doooooom announced its instabile status and demanded release.

Getting up carefully from her couch, Sakura waded slowly on wobbly legs towards the bathroom door. Mildly surprised,
she found it closed and the light button switched on. Somebody was inside? Se couldn't remember anyone staying as well.
maybe Ino hadn't gone home after all? And what about Neji and Lee? No, she was pretty sure that Gai had left with the two men in tow somewhere before one in the morning. But only after she had threatened Lee with physical violence if he dared to drink anything even pseudo-alcoholic! (And everybody in and around Konoha was aware of Sakura's violent antics after the consumption of booze.)

That only left Kakashi, but well, Kakashi was Kakashi (self explanatory; Duh!). He never got drunk enough that he'd actually have to stay at somebody's house. Sakura couldn't even remember having ever heard him drawl drunkenly or do stupid stuff like certain other male (or female) friend's of hers did after two cups of sake.

Hell, that damn man even remembered to keep his mask on, no matter how much sake and whining ex-students were involved!

So well... maybe one of the guys over there had forgotten to switch it off. Happened all the time.

Pressing down the handle, she opened the door and stepped inside. As she closed it behind her again, she found the toilet seat open and the mirror glass slightly fogged. But to her dismay, her brain was unable to formulate a clear thought and the need to pee was almost overwhelming (and suppressing all senses and coherent thoughts).

Opening the zipper of her dress, Sakura started unwrapping the bindings from around her upper thighs, ready to let the dam break, when suddenly:



The sentence hung unfinished in mid-air and with a very unlady-like and unninja-ish squeak of shock and terror, the pinkette jolted into awareness and turned around awkwardly. "Kakashi!" She yelped, wishing she had been that lucid when she had entered three seconds ago.

But noooooo!

A blinking-fit overcame her as she found her former sensei (yeah, always keep that in mind!) standing naked in front of the shower cubicle (well, almost naked... he still had a towel around his face and one wrapped around his lower mid-section with his hands holding both inadequate items in place).

"Wh-what the hell are you doing here?!" She demanded (stuttering) to know, her bladder totally forgotten - she just hoped secretly that she hadn't emptied it from the initial surprise/shock-moment.
"Showering, I guess." He answered nonchalantly and shrugged. Sakura's cheeks turned a lovely shade of red at the realization. The signs had been there, her brain had been just to dumb to analyze them properly.

It was then, that she became even 'awarer' of all the things that came along with the act of Hatake Kakashi showering. For example his wonderful six-pack. 'Hell, yeah!!', Inner Sakura gave him a ten, five stars and thumbs up for the sight he presented.
A shinobi's flat, trained stomach was just about the most bite-able thing ever in Sakura's mind and even though she was trying to beat her inner self senseless for pointing it out so blatantly to her, Kakashi had the most wonderful one she had ever happened to stumble across.

And she was an expert! Sakura had seen so many bodies in her job as head medic at the hospital, that she had at one point thought,
she had gained immunity against this particular part of the male anatomy.

She shook her head (mentally) to get the image of his abs, chest, legs (down girl!) out of her brain! This was wrong in so many ways that she could easily fill an afternoon philosophizing about it (she should found a self-help group:
'Victims of Kakashi-six-pack-induced stupidity').

Huh? Had she conked?

"Uhm... uh... " A diversion, she needed a diversion! Anything was good enough right now!... Did it smell like a rose garden in here?
"Did you use my special hair shampoo?!" Hook, line and sinker!

"He, he, he..." Like a kid caught with the hand in the cookie-jar, Kakashi chuckled nervously. His eyes creased into a smile and his hand scratched the back of his head uneasily.

Woah! Stop the tape and rewind that scene again, please!

His hand had left unconsciously the place where it had been holding the towel around his waist and had wandered instead up to his overly sexy, messy, wet, silver hair to scratch it in embarrassment. The towel slipped away into non-existence and another sight presented itself proudly to Sakura's burning eyes.

Sakura's brain malfunctioned, exploded and smoke came out of her ears. Her cheeks got tomato red and her green eyes widened in sweet realization.

The box of pandora had been opened.
And like on 'Domino Day', the events took their disastrous courses:

Shrieking, Sakura pointed an accusing finger at the man before her, yelled "Perverted ass!!" and stumbled out of the bathroom in less than a second. At the same time, her feet got tangled up in her bandages, she had so expertly unwrapped only heartbeats ago and fell head first over the back of the couch.

A glass broke and Genma jumped up sleepily, bumping his head hard on the coffee table. He swore soundly in pain and kicked the next best thing in reach: the legs of said table. An action that led to a sqeaking noise originating from the strained screws in the wood mere seconds before the table buckled under the weight of two male ninjas.

Naruto and Kiba both woke with a start, yelping and grabbing onto the thing nearest to them: Each other.
"What the fucking hell!!" The blond asked no-one in particular, pushing away an unfortunate Kiba, who landed in a heap on Tusnade's slave-guys.

Sakura (having barely seen anything of the mentioned happenings) sat up again on the couch with her legs thrown across the back of the furniture, feet sticking high into the murky air of her living room. She could barely look through the space between her thighs at the open bathroom door, where a frowning, bewildered Kakashi had decided to emerge just then.

Naruto, still swearing some curses not meant for children to hear, got up from his predicament, glaring daggers down at a totally dazzled young man.
"Kiba! Try your moves again on me and I'll rip ya apart!! Fuck!"

Suddenly the door to Sakura's room burst open and Ino appeared. She had a blanket flung around her obviously nude body and stared disbelievingly first at Sakura and then (following her friend's gaze) at Kakashi.
"Oh, my God! Sakura, you and him?!" She yelled for the whole world to hear.

Which it did.

Naruto snapped around, Kiba and the other three baffled men on the ground jumped up and Chouji (almost as equally undressed as Ino) appeared beside his comrade... lover... whatever in the door to Sakura's room. The assembled shinobis stared for the longest moment at their two friends, until Naruto came to his senses (or lost them, to be precise).

"Wh-what the..." His voice stopped working as his mouth went dry. "Kakashi-sensei, how could you?!" He asked the man standing in front of Sakura's spread legs. It must have been Naruto's hoarse voice that brought Kakashi out of his shock, but suddenly he realized just what the other men and woman were seeing right now.

A naked 35 year old, Icha Icha reading pervert standing in front of a 21 year old kunoichi with a body screaming 'Miaow', an unzipped dress and unwrapped leg-bandages.

He was a dead man.

The last thing he heard before he got tackled down by Naruto, was his ex-student's angry voice screaming at the top of lungs: "Kakashiiiiiiii!!!"



This is either a one-shot or the beginning of a small series of a story evolving around the newest couple that had been allowed through the shipper-gate in my brain: Kakashi/Sakura

Story has potential? This prologue made you curious?
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