Truth Or Dare

Rune Alchemist Kaori

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry or Draco or anything involving Harry Potter. It all belongs to J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers.

It was a typical Friday evening in the Gryffindor Common Rooms, everyone was putting off their homework and somehow the Gryffindor Trio had been sucked into a game of Truth or Dare. Hermione seemed fidgety, obviously wishing she were doing homework, while Ron sat next to her, bored to tears. Harry only looked mildly interested in the whole thing, but it was stupid, and girly. There were squeals and whispering when Lavender Brown admitted to thinking that Harry was cute.

Yeah, that's a real big deal Harry thought sarcastically. He wasn't very vain, but half the school seemed to be falling for him, it wasn't like what Lavender said was some huge revelation. It'd be different if she said she like Neville Longbottom, or something like that.

"Ron, Truth or Dare?" Lavender asked. The red-head blinked.

"Uh... Truth.." Ron mumbled awkwardly.

"Ok... Hmm... Are you crushing on Hermione Granger?" she asked mischievously. Ron's face began to turn red. Hermione leaned forward, homework suddenly miles away from her mind as she waited for the answer. Slowly Ron nodded, his blush spreading to his ears. Hermione blinked before she blushed as well while Harry grinned at them, hearing the whispers that went around the group. Ron calmed down. He knew exactly who to pick.

"Harry, Truth or Dare?"

"Truth," Harry replied.

"You guys are sooo boring!" Ginny yelled at them, but Ron just shrugged. He leaned over and asked more quietly so the others couldn't hear.

"Have you been cuttin' yourself mate?"

He looked at Harry, concern in his blue eyes. Harry frowned.

"Give me a dare Ron, I changed my mind," he told him, which made Ron frown.

"Fine," he said a bit bitterly, "I dare you... to kiss... Draco Malfoy!"

"WHAT?!" everyone except Harry shrieked. Harry knew he didn't mean it. He could tell Ron was actually disgusted for suggesting it, but his friend was trying to break him down so he'd take the truth question instead. That wasn't going to happen.

"Fine," the dark-haired boy replied evenly, "I'll do it at Hogsmeade tomorrow. I'm going to bed."

Ron sat there in stunned silence. Of all the reactions he could have got, he had not been expecting that.

Harry wandered through Hogsmeade the next day, searching for a certain blond. The Golden boy was alone for once, something he had insisted upon, but even without Gryffindors crowding around him to make him nervous, Harry's heart was pounding. How on earth was he going to do this? He froze suddenly, seeing Malfoy in front of him and felt a dusting of color warm his cheeks. Harry blinked, Malfoy was alone as well! There would never be a more opportune moment for him to act, but he was still completely terrified.

Draco Malfoy had finally managed to give his two shadows the slip. He felt a tap on his shoulders.

"Malfoy.." Harry said quietly.

"Potter," Draco replied cooly, his eyes narrowing a bit.

"I need to... talk to you.." Harry replied, feeling very unsure, he started to walk with Draco to... anywhere that wasn't the middle of the street!

Draco rolled his eyes. He then realized he and Potter were very alone. Potter moved closer and smokey grey eyes widened as Malfoy felt warm lips press against his own. Draco pushed him away.

"What the hell was that Potter?!"

Harry had a shy blush all over his face.

"I..." he began.

"You kissed me!"


"Why the hell did you do that?!!"

Harry thought about telling him int was dare, but... he suddenly didn't want to as much. Maybe he could just let Malfoy think over it, but he was suddenly grabbed by the blond in front of him and kissed in return. The Golden Boy's blush increased greatly. When he was released he looked away shyly as Draco's soft, slender fingers laced with his own. Harry feebly tried to get away.

"Give up Harry Potter," The Slytherin whispered with a smile, "You lost the moment your lips touched mine."

"M..Malfoy.. Stop it.." Harry said, a slight fear in his eyes.

"I knew about that dare of yours. The Weasel told me this morning."

"He what?!"

"He and I both didn't expect you to do it," Draco said with a smirk.

"I don't back down," Harry said.

"What about that other question Weasel asked you hmm? The only reason you didn't back down was because you didn't want people to know you've been cutting yourself. But I saw you..."

Harry's green eyes widened as Draco continued.

"Two night's ago alone in the hallway, blood dripping down your arm."

The blond firmly took hold of Harry's arm and pushed the sleeve up to show the scars. Harry looked away shamefully, tears in his eyes until warm slender arms came around him.

"I'll help you," Malfoy whispered, "And I won't tell. It'll be ok."

The End!