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Rain drizzled down on the city of Tokyo, enough for the people of the city to bring their umbrellas with them and to turn on their windshield wipers on their cars. It drizzled and brought light fog with it. It was getting colder outside from the rain.

In a graveyard, a figure stood at a gravesite. He exhaled, his breath showing from the cold. Rain dripped off the tips of his bangs, but he didn't notice. He clenched his fists and shuddered.

"I'm…so…sorry…" he whispered to the grave. "I'm sorry…Forgive me…"

The wind started to pick up, the rain drizzling harder. The figure stood there, not noticing the change in weather as he stood over the grave.

"Man! I can't believe I'm running late again! Ms. Nokimura is going to kill me!"

A young teen ran through a shortcut in Shinjuku Park, his short red-brown hair pulled back against the wind. He finally ran out of the trees and stopped to catch his breath. He then looked at his watch that read 7:55.

"Good. I still have enough time to make it."

He started to walk towards the stone steps when he noticed an old cement shrine.

"Huh? That must be the place Rika told me about."

He looked at his watch as it changed another minute. After that, he looked at the shrine again. Shrugging, he walked toward it.

"Wouldn't hurt to look, I guess."

Opening the rusty gate, he stepped inside where there was a huge hole at the back and some of the wall taken away. Curious, he peered inside the hole and saw nothing.

Sighing, he walked out. "Guess not."

His watch suddenly started to beep at him. He looked at it and yelped.

"8:00? I'm gonna be late!"

He ran as fast as he could out of there, hoping to beat the clock to school. After he left, a small light appeared in the hole, but disappeared once again as the wind started to pick up and blowing leaves from the trees.

Wanna be the biggest dreamer

Zensokuryoku de mirai mo

ima mo kake nukero




Chiheisen made tonde yuke

hane wo moratta yuukitachi

Tsuyoku ookiku naru tame ni

boku mo hashiridasou

Kikoete ita yo

KAUNTO DAUN zutto mae kara

Junbi wa dekiteru sa

ima sugu hajimeyou ZERO ni kaware!

Big and bigger, biggest dreamer!


mabataki shiteru setsuna ni kieru yo

Kokoro no hyouteki sorasazu hashire

subete no asu wo tsuranuite

Big and bigger, biggest dreamer!

Yume miru koto ga subete hajimari

sore ga kotae daro

Wanna be the biggest dreamer

Zensokuryoku de

mirai mo ima mo kake nukero

Chapter 01:

The Light Shines Again!

The Gate Reopens!

The 10-minute warning bell rang at the high school as students slowly filed in the Shinjuku Yamabuki High School gates. The young teen ran beside the gates and stopped to catch his breath.

"I made it," he sighed. Then he went in the gates and started to look around. "Now, where's…" He then spotted who he was looking for. "Hey! Rika!"

A girl with red hair in a ponytail turned around. She was wearing dark jeans with a blue v-neck top. "You're late."

He rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Sorry. I got caught up."

"Mmmhmmm…" She already knew what it was that got him so late. "As long as you don't get in trouble with Ms. Nokimura again."

"Yeah. That woman drives me nuts sometimes."

Rika was about to say something when someone tackled him behind. He already knew who it was.

"Come on, Shinichiro. I hate it when you do that."

The dark brunette got off of him and chuckled. "Sorry. Buy hey, you ready for that football game this Saturday?"

"You bet. I'm ready to go."

"You better be. See ya around, Mako!"

Mako waved back and sighed. "Sometimes, Shin scares me."

Rika looked at him. "Oh, and I don't scare you?"

Mako smiled. "Nope."

The second warning bell rang and everyone started to go to class.

"Well, see you later, Rika."

"See ya."

As Mako entered Ms. Nokimura's class, his fellow football players and some people who knew him greeted him. He set his stuff down next to a light brown-haired kid that had a orange shirt with a brown shirt over it.

"Hey, Masahiko. What's up?"

Masahiko looked up at Mako. "Not much. I just hope Ms. Nokimura goes easy on us today."

"Me too. I've got to practice almost all this week for the big game on Saturday."

"Oh yeah. That's right."

"Don't tell me you forgot," Mako groaned.

"No, I didn't forget. I knew there was a game coming up soon. We're going against Shinjuku High, aren't we?"

Mako nodded. "Yeah. I get to relax today and tomorrow, but after that it's practice, practice, practice."

"Gee, that sounds fun," Masahiko said sarcastically.

"Oh yea. Tons," Mako responded.

A young woman entered the classroom and stood at the front of the class. "All right, class. Sit down and get out your notebooks, so you can start copying the notes on the board," she said pointing to the text on the board.

As everyone wrote it all down, Masahiko leaned toward Mako. "Hey, aren't you taking Rika somewhere later on?" he whispered.

"Yeah, but it's a surprise…"

"Mr. Katou and Mr. Shimamoto. Is there something more interesting that you could tell the class?"

"No Ms. Nokimura," they both said.

"Good. I'll let you off easy today, but if I catch you doing it again, I will not hesitate to put you in detention."

As she walked toward the front of the room again, Mako gave Masahiko a look that said 'I'll tell you later'.

At lunch, Mako and Masahiko were sitting outside at one of the lunch tables, talking and eating about Mako's 'surprise'.

"I don't know, Mako. You think she'll go for it?" Masahiko asked as he popped a grape in his mouth.

Mako stared at his half-eaten food. "I hope so. I mean…she is one of my friends."

Masahiko raised an eyebrow at him. "Uh-huh."

"What kind of tone is that?"

He shrugged. "I was just thinking…you sure you don't like her?"

Mako looked at him puzzled. "Of course I like her, otherwise we wouldn't be friends."

"That's not what I meant," he groaned. He then flashed a smirk at Mako. "I mean…like her." When Mako still gave him a blank stare, he sighed. "As a girlfriend?"

Mako's face started to turn red and then……he started to laugh! Masahiko stared at his friend in disbelief.

"Hahaha…Ma…Masahiko. I don't like her that way. I on."

"But…why are you doing this for her then?"

Mako smirked and then got up from his seat with his tray. "I dunno. I just want to do something nice for her." As he walked away, he shouted back, "And maybe get a date! Hahahahaha!"

Masahiko shook his head. "Sometimes I will never understand him."

A teen with shaggy brown hair in a white football uniform was panting from running so much.

Man, can't Coach give us a break?

As soon as he got his breath back, he straightened his posture and joined everyone else in the field. The football coach then came out to the out of breath group.

"Coach? Why are we working so hard?" one of the players asked.

The coach looked at a sheet of paper on his clipboard. "Because we are going to be going against Yamabuki High this weekend. It's the biggest game of the year."

"But why?" he asked. He immediately regretted it from the look of the coach.

"Matsuki! Have you been around this past year? Shinjuku Yamabuki High School has a star football player that is the best Japan has ever seen! They've crushed every school that competes and not only that…but they call him…"

"The Rocket?" Kazu interrupted.

Everyone laughed, except the ones who didn't get the joke. After all, most of the players remember the Digimon shows, so it was obvious Kazu would say something like that. The coach's face turned red.

"No, Shiota! They call him… 'The Terminator' or at least I think so anyway."

Kazu pulled back his bangs from his sweaty forehead and grinned. "I don't know Coach. I haven't heard too many impressive things about him."

"Hmph. Well, he's impressive all right. I've seen him play and he's better than good…he's great! I wouldn't be surprised if he went to being a professional. But that's why we have to beat them! So we can show everyone in Tokyo who the real champions are!" He laughed and grinned, making his whole team stare at their coach nervously. "Now everyone….do five laps around the track."

Everyone groaned and slowly got up.

The coach blew his whistle. "Come on! Hustle, hustle, hustle!"

Takato went at a slow, but good pace as he went around the track. Kazu started to jog beside him. "So…Takato. What do you think of this guy?"

"I'm…not sure. But he must be good if the coach is determined to beat the team."

"Well, if I was leading this team I would squash that team like a bug. But you do whatever you want."

"Gee…thanks…" Takato knew everyone was depending on him. After all, he was one of the better players on this team and the coach said he had some talent.

After everyone did five laps, the coach blew his whistle. "Ok, everyone. I'll see you tomorrow after school for practice!"

Everyone went into the school locker room to shower off and change. Takato dipped his head under the showerhead and then rinsed his upper body. After drying himself off, he changed into his normal clothes, which were khaki pants, a red shirt, and a dark blue jacket. Since he was really hot, he just picked up the jacket and carried it out. Kazu followed him out in a black shirt with a big white dragon on it and jeans.

"Coach is pushing us harder now that we're going against that school, right Takato?" Kazu asked.

Takato nodded. "Yeah. I hope he isn't like this all this week."

"Knowing him, he probably will be."

"I don't know if I can live after this week," Takato groaned.

Kazu shrugged. "Yeah, but if he lets up on us and we lose, he'll say we didn't practice hard enough."

Takato nodded. "That's true."

"Come on Rika! We're almost there," Mako said.

Rika glared at him. "Just where are you taking me?"

He stood in front of her and smiled. "You'll see. Now come on." He grabbed her hand and led her down the sidewalk.

Blushing, she jerked her hand back and followed him. "Fine, but this better be good."

He led her through the park and they stopped at the fountain that was in the middle of it. They sat on the edge, not talking. Finally Rika broke the silence.

"Mako…what did you bring me out here for?"

Mako looked at her. He knew she was annoyed by now because he didn't say anything. Taking a deep breath, he stood up and faced her. Not knowing what he was doing, she stood up too and stayed that way since Mako didn't protest. His face started to turn a pinkish color and Rika wondered if he was ok. She had never seen him like this before.

"Ummm…Rika…" he started. "I…uhm…..was….wondering…" Then he started to mumble the words more than say them out loud.

"Mako, just tell me. If not, I'm going home," she said.

Mako looked at her and then did a deep bow. "Rika, I was wondering if you would go to the Fall Dance with me!"

Rika stared at him, her eyes wide. He stayed bowed for a bit, and when he thought it was safe, he straightened up again. Rika would laugh, if the situation wasn't so serious. Mako's face had turned a deep red color and he was beginning to shake a bit. Of course, Mako knew what Rika could do to him. It took her a while to answer.

"Mako……I…" she stammered. Then she looked up at him and smiled. "I would like to go with you."

Mako stared at her and then asked, "You…said 'yes'?"

Rika nodded, her smile frozen to her face and she didn't know why. Mako then smiled and his brown eyes shone, her knowing that he was glad she said she would go with him. After all, the fall dance is one of the major dances of the year. He then reached in his pocket and brought out a small white box.

"I was hoping…for you to wear this…if you said yes, of course."

Rika took the box from him and opened it. She gasped at the necklace that was inside. It was in the shape of a heart and the stone color was a light blue, and in the sunlight it looked beautiful.

"You…didn't have to get me anything."

Mako smiled. "Well, I know you don't dress up often and I thought this could be something to wear with your dress. And anything else, of course."

Rika smiled. "Can I put it on now?"

"Sure, if you want."

She unclasped the necklace and put it around her neck, clasping it again. She peered down at it and watched the twinkles of sunlight reflect off of it.

"It looks good on you…" Mako mumbled.


Rika looked at him and saw him smiling. She smiled back, wondering if she would ever stop smiling and she had a feeling that it was one of those goofy smiles. But it wasn't. Mako could see that she really liked it and she just wasn't saying that she did. The setting sun cast an orange-red glow on them as they stood there, enjoying the moment.

Suddenly a burst of wind came through, surprising both of them. They put their heads down and an arm across their face to protect them from the sudden change in weather. They didn't notice that a thick blanket of fog was surrounding them, until the wind died down. They blinked and looked around, wondering what happened.


Rika turned around just to see Mako fly in the air and land on the ground near the fountain. Her eyes widened but she couldn't move.


He groaned and started to get up, looking at Rika. "Rika…get out of here!"

Rika saw Mako's eyes widen to their extent and she slowly turned around to what he was staring at. Not too far from where she was standing, a wolf-like creature was standing there. It reminded her of something from a horror movie. Its fur was red with a white belly and tips of white on the ears and tail. Its body was sleek, covered in leather straps, but its mouth was huge as it showed rows of sharp teeth that drool was starting to leak out of. What was also scary was its huge purple claws and the way it was looking at Rika with its yellow silted eyes. It growled and chuckled at the same time in its throat. Rika had never seen anything like it and was frozen to the spot, her mind numb of any instincts that were warning her of danger.

Everything was still for a moment, and then suddenly the creature lunged at her, its mouth wide open as drool whipped into the wind. Rika couldn't move and she just stared at it with her lavender eyes wide.

"Rika!" Mako yelled. He jumped and grabbed her, pushing her to the ground with him just as the creature snapped its jaws and landed by the fountain.

He helped her up and saw that she was still shaky from it. Before he could do anything else, a blast of dark energy hit him and flung him into a bench. He screamed as he hit the bench and went through it onto the ground. He groaned and tried to get up. Rika looked at the creature to see it grinning and she snapped back to reality. The creature lunged at her again, but this time she ran off to one side away from it. As she ran, she looked for something, anything, to use as a weapon. She saw a tree branch nearby, so when she ran that way, she picked it up. Then the creature looked at where she was and charged. This time she stayed there and moved sideways when it came close enough. Then, she stabbed it into the side. It howled in pain, but managed to fling her away. She gasped and hit the ground hard, knocking the breath out of her.

The creature ripped out the branch and headed for her. Rika saw it coming but was still recovering from the hard landing.

I can't…move…

She suddenly heard a yell and saw Mako land on the thing's back and pull back its small ears. It yelped and started to buck, reminding her of a rodeo. Mako then got thrown off but recovered quickly this time. As he ran toward it, he grabbed the branch Rika had used earlier. As it opened its mouth, Mako used it as a shield. It bit down on the branch, but it instantly cracked under its jaws. He let go of it and stumbled back, as it spit out the broken branch.

The creature lunged again in the air at Mako, but it suddenly said in a rough voice, "Snipe Steal!"

Mako moved out of the way as its claws swiped through the air. Unfortunately, the creature had learned what Mako would do, so as Mako moved, the creature turned around and landed on Mako. Mako got the breath knocked out of him, but quickly recovered, as he started to kick and squirm underneath it. He could hear it chuckle and could feel its eyes on him.

"Leave him alone!" Rika screamed as she tried to jump at it.

It saw her and swiped its tail, making her fly back a bit but not hurt her. While it was distracted, Mako punched its face. It snarled and suddenly its huge mouth with rows of sharp teeth clamped down on Mako's arm, starting to scissor away at his skin. Mako screamed in agony as the pain ripped through his body, making him unable to do anything. Blood started to flow down his arm from where the creature's teeth were. Rika knew she had to help him and fast. Then she had an idea. Finding a good size rock, she threw it at the creature's head and it hit its mark. It dropped Mako and stared at her.

"Come and get me, you ugly faced creep!" she shouted as she ran.

The creature snarled and ran after her. She ran towards the exit, but couldn't see much because of the fog. Her feet suddenly hit the pavement of the road and she heard a blaring horn. She turned just to see the creature get hit by an oncoming cement truck. It howled in pain before it completely disintegrated into data. Rika stared at the spot.

It was…a digimon…

She got out of the street back to the park gate and looked around, making sure it was really gone. Then she turned back into the park and ran as fast as she could back to where the fight was. She saw Mako still laying there on the ground, but now she could see a thin stream of blood flow by him.

"Mako! Hang on!"

She kneeled beside him and carefully turned him onto his back. His face was a portrait of pain as his arm bled freely in all directions. He managed to open his eyes and look at her.

"Rika…" he whispered. "Is…the digimon…gone?"

"Yes, it is. It got deleted from a cement truck."

Mako smiled weakly. "Good. You ok?"

"I am, but you're not." She pulled out her cell phone and dialed 911. While she waited for it to be picked up by someone, she said, "You're an idiot……but thanks for saving me."

"Likewise…except for the… 'idiot' part, of course."

She laughed nervously and then started to talk to the person on the other line, saying that they needed an ambulance and that someone had been attacked. After she hung up and they waited, Mako said something else.

"Rika? If that was a digimon…then does this mean….the gate's been reopened?"

"I don't know. I'll check later on after I know you'll be ok. But…if it has….then we're in trouble."

Mako nodded weakly. "Yeah. Very big trouble."

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