Short, fluffy pointless post game one shot featuring Lloyd, Colette and Noishe.

Dedication: for my "Lloyd" who gave me the plot bunny for this fic.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia. Namco do I believe.

Noishe yawned and rolled over onto his side, shaking his head slightly. This wasn't right, it wasn't right at all. It was around midday and Lloyd and Colette still hadn't gotten up and fetched him something to eat, that was just lazy.

He yawned again, stood up and stretched. He'd just have to go and wake them up. He'd let them sleep for a while, given them some time alone because he thought that mates should get to have time to themselves and knew that they appreciated having time to be together privately, but now it was most definitely time for lunch. He padded along the hallway to their room and paused outside their door, pressing his ear against it. He heard the peaceful noises they made when they were sleepy, moved away from the door slightly then started whining softly, gently scratching a paw against the door.

He frowned, miffed, when the door wasn't opened for him. Now this, he thought, was just rude. He could, he supposed, help himself to some of the food in the kitchen but it was nice to eat together. He pushed the door open and looked over at the bed where the couple were wrapped up in an untidy cocoon of blankets and pillows, snuggled closely together. He barked but received no reply, they were still asleep. Well, he'd soon change that. Grinning he moved over to the end of the bed and started digging around under the blankets until he found Lloyd's foot. He slowly ran his tongue over it then laughed as Lloyd leapt up with a yelp of surprise, now fully awake.

"Noishe!" Lloyd scolded, frowning as he shook his foot.

"Who needs an alarm clock with Noishe around?" Colette, who had been woken up by Lloyd's yell and sudden movement, giggled as she leant over and wiped his foot with a tissue.

"At least alarm clocks don't slobber over you if they think you've been snoozing for too long," Lloyd grumbled.

Noishe jumped up onto the bed and nuzzled him and Lloyd's expression, which hadn't been that cross to start with, softened. The large dog-like creature smiled playfully then he pushed the couple back down onto the bed and wriggled under the blankets with them. It was wonderfully warm and the fabric smelled familiar, their scents. He sighed contentedly as Colette leaned over to scritch him between the ears and his tail thumped from side to side happily.

"What's so important that you woke us up from our nice cozy sleep then eh?" Lloyd yawned. Noishe replied with a bark that he knew they understood as 'food'.

"Breakfast? You lazy mutt, you could have gotten your own breakfast," the swordsman waved a hand dismissively in the air. Noishe's reply was a gaze that, without any words, very clearly said 'who are you calling lazy?'.

Colette yawned and stretched her arms above her head.

"I suppose it must be about time for breakfast," she murmured thoughtfully then gave a little gasp of surprise as she looked at the clock on the bedside table.

"What? Did he wake us up crazily early?" Lloyd asked, rolling over onto his side.

"Never mind breakfast, it's time for lunch," Colette laughed. She hopped out of bed and began to dress as Lloyd moved over to look at the clock, blinking in surprise as he saw what time it was.

The small family was soon settled down to a very large and very late breakfast. Noishe sighed contentedly as a plate of food was placed in front of him and Colette rubbed his back with her feet. This breakfast, he decided, had been worth the wait.