When Love Isn't Enough

Chapter 1-

(A/N– This story takes place in the future. Seth and Summer are married with two kids. Seth is always caught up with his job, causing him to never be home.)

"What time is it?" Summer Cohen asked half asleep, as she woke up to the annoying sound of the alarm clock.

"5:30" replied Seth, already up and out of bed.

"5:30? You don't need to be in work until 9."

"Sorry, I came home late yesterday and I didn't want to wake you. My boss changed my hours. I now work from 7 until 6."

"6? I highly doubt that. You were supposed to get home at 8 this week, but you got home much later." Summer replied, emphasizing the word much.

"Yeah, sorry about that."

"You should say sorry to your daughter. She was so upset that you missed her birthday party."

"I thought we got over this." Seth said, obviously not wanting to go into this discussion.

"I know. It's just, she is really hurt Seth."

Seth nodded his head slowly, ashamed.

"Just make sure you're home early tomorrow, for her actual birthday."

Seth and Summer had two kids. Katie and Jessica. Katie, turning 7, was their first child. She has Seth wrapped around her finger, just like Summer. Jessica, 4, is brought up the same way, spoiled. They both have Summer written all over them. Not only appearance wise, but personality too. There are a few things though, that they definitely get from Seth. His huge dimples and the ability to ramble on for hours.

"I'll try." Seth responded to what Summer had said.

"Try? That's not the answer I expected."

Seth looked at the clock.

"I've got to get ready." He said, walking into the bathroom.

Summer was so disappointed in Seth. Katie was going to be devastated once she found Seth might not be home early for her birthday. Summer really loved that Seth is so fascinated with his job, but family is supposed to come first no matter what. Seth's job was creating comic books, so as you can guess, he is well known. Ever since highschool, it seemed to Summer comic books always got in the way. Though, she supported him when he went into the business.

For the next 20 minutes, Summer tried going back to sleep, but she couldn't. She decided to get out of bed and start her day.

Summer was in the bathroom when a knock came upon her door.


"I gotta go to work, so, I'll see you later."

"Okay bye."

"Love you."

But Summer didn't respond. She loves Seth to death, but sometimes he has to wake up and realize he has a family to take care of. Summer was not looking forward to waking up her two cranky kids, and on top of that have to deal with them asking where there daddy was.

"Hey sweetie." Summer said softly, waking up Katie.

Katie yawned and then responded.

"Where's daddy?"

"What? Your mommy isn't good enough." Summer said, joking around.

Katie giggled. "I'm sorry mommy, it's just, daddy usually wakes me up."

"I know. He had to go to work early. Why don't you get dressed while I wake up Jessie."

"Sure." She replied with a huge grin.

With in no time the three girls were down stairs eating their breakfast.

"Mommy?" asked Jessica, while stuffing a spoonful of Frosted Flakes into her mouth.


"I miss daddy."

"I know, we all do. But he will be home tonight and you'll see him then."

"Are you sure?" Jessica questioned her mother.

"Yeah of course." she replied, not too sure of herself.

"And, he'll be home early tomorrow for my birthday, right?" Katie then asked, hoping the answer would be yes.

"He wouldn't miss it for the world." Summer said again, not to sure of herself.

"Good. I can't wait to see all of the presents I get!." Katie said smiling, showing off her dimples.

Summer laughed to her self and thought 'she's definitely my daughter'.

A few minutes passed. Jessica was mumbling to herself when Summer had to interrupt. "Girls, hurry up. It's getting late and I have to get you two to school."

"Ew, I hate school." Katie complained.

"Me too." agreed Jessica.

"Please, pre school is easy, wait until you actually get to elementary school. It's much harder." Katie said with an attitude she definitely got from her mother.

"No" stated Jessica.






"Girls enough! Stop fighting over... school?" Summer said, annoyed, but slightly confused as to why her children would be fighting over school.

"Sorry mommy." Both girls said with innocent looks on the faces.

"Whatever, lets just go."

"Will this day ever end?" Summer then muttered under her breath so that not one of the girls heard.

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