Summary: After a run in on an alien planet, Rose is transformed into a toddler leaving The Doctor in an awkward situation.

Please forgive me. I'm not exactly familiar with science terms and I'm sure this story will be filled with inaccuracies but hang in there! I'll try my best to make up for it. I got this idea while walking to my bus stop after placement, I'm a student teacher at a childcare centre so I'll have lots to work with and add it to the story!

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It had been nearly two hours since the accident and The Doctor was already exhausted and had gone through two shirts due to spit up and food. It was meant to be a quick stop on the planet Fuhlortagralop as the Doctor needed to pick something up for the TARDIS. He had told Rose it was only available on that planet and it only needs replacing everything 300 years. They had stepped out of the TARDIS and were immediately greeted by what looked like a human man who introduced himself as Biskaah. He warmly welcomed the two travellers and led them to an impressive building that Rose had described as incredible. Within it held offices for science and a hospital wing and Biskaah offered a was then that things went bad.

The Doctor had long since picked up the part he needed and was now in the hospital wing being shown around what he guessed was the maternity ward. Rose had cooed over the infants while the Doctor rolled his eyes and continued walking. Biskaah led them into a room and proudly held up an object that was extremely similar to the Doctor's sonic screwdriver. Biskaah explained it to be a new state of the art technology in which adults who had been diagnosed with a deadly or debilitating disease could be briefly transformed back into a child before the disease had developed and could be stopped by doctors. However, they had not yet developed a way to change the children back into adults and so it had yet to be tested. Rose showed an interest and asked to hold it and somewhere along the passing a button was pressed a Rose was now sitting on the floor gurgling.

And so, here they were; the Doctor sitting on the floor of the TARDIS with baby Rose sitting in front of him staring intensely at his face. Blonde curls framed her tiny round face, bright blue eyes and chubby rosey cheeks were all it took for the Doctor to feel his hearts immediately melt.

Two hours after Rose had been transformed into toddler the Doctor knew he had his hands full. He knew he lacked in experience with this particular problem and he also knew the small chirps emitting from the TARDIS was actually laughter and it was then he decided to prove he could care for a small child.

"I promise you little wee Rose that I'll get you back to the way you were before…although I quite fancy the fact that you can't yet talk! It's much quieter around here you know!" The Doctor told the tot.

It was at that exact moment that baby Rose opened her mouth and let out a piercing cry. The TARDIS chirped and beeped loudly at the Doctor who looked absolutely terrified.


Okay so I really think this story sucks. I'm really not feeling it but if you happen to like it, let me know. If I get a few reviews I might feel a bit more confident and maybe continue writing.