Summary: After a run in on an alien planet, Rose is transformed into a toddler leaving The Doctor in an awkward situation.

A/N: And here it is! The very last chapter. Thanks for all the amazing and wonderful reviews, I didn't think the story would catch on but it certainly did. I'm so very glad you all enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for me! I have ideas for more stories and some one shots! Thanks again for all the support; you really did help me to keep the story going.

The Doctor carried Rose back to the TARDIS and gently laid her on the table in the infirmary. He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. "Welcome back Rose…I've missed you." He whispered in her ear. He left the room, returned moments later with another blanket, and laid it on her. Rose always complained about the infirmary being too cold.

The Doctor extracted his sonic screwdriver from his pocket and scanned Rose with it. He smiled at the results; Rose was in perfect condition and should awake at any time. The Doctor pulled up a chair and sat down beside Rose once again taking her hand. He sat in silence carefully watching Rose's every breath hoping that with the next one, her eyes would open. An hour had gone by and The Doctor had rested his head on the infirmary table where Rose lay. He felt something brush against his face and without opening his eyes said "I'm right here Rosie roo, do you want some mashed 'banas?"

"Well that's a new one…" a familiar voice said. The Doctor's eyes shot open and he lifted his head, a huge grin escaping. He placed his hand on top of the one Rose had on his cheek pressing it closer to his skin.

"How do you feel?" The Doctor asked seriously, his eyes full of concern and his brow furrowed.

"A little tired and my muscles feel a little sore actually…but aside from that, never been better." Rose said with a smile.

"Do you remember what happened?" The Doctor asked. Rose nodded as she recounted the incident from the beginning.

"So wait a minute…Doctor, you had to look after a baby…me as a baby..." She said amazed.

"Let me tell you Rose, you were not a pleasant one to care for!" The Doctor said looking annoyed.

"Oh Doctor…I'm sor.." Rose began but was interrupted by a small laugh from The Doctor.

"No, I'm just joking Rose…you were a perfect angel. I think we helped each other along actually. Quite an adventure. Definitely one for the books." The Doctor told her. "But really, you're alright? Do you want to go to your room and sleep in your own bed?" Rose nodded.

"That would be lovely." She said stifling a yawn.

"Come on then" The Doctor told her. He placed a hand behind her back helping her to sit up. Rose looked down suddenly becoming self conscious realizing she was only wearing a blanket.

"What? Where are my clothes?...You didn't take them off…did you?" Rose asked embarrassed.

"Me? Oh no, but really Rose. You shouldn't feel embarrassed, I did change your nappies you know." The Doctor said absently while supporting Rose out of the infirmary. Rose stopped her face going red.

"You saw me naked! Oh my God…." She squealed covering her face with her hand.

"Come on now Rose! Off to bed!" The Doctor ordered settling her into her room. He helped her lay down and covered her with her own pink blanket. "Now then, you rest and I'm going to do some work on the TARDIS!"

"Thank you Doctor…for everything" Rose said. The Doctor smiled and left the room leaving Rose to drift off to sleep.

A few hours later, The Doctor was crouched down between some panels working on the TARDIS wiring with his sonic screwdriver. He heard footsteps and looked up to see Rose, fully dressed in her regular clothing walking into the consol room.

"Well hello sleepyhead! Have a good sleep did we?" The Doctor asked walking towards her.

"Ah yes, I feel great actually." Rose replied. "How about a cuppa yeah? I could really go for one right about now."

"Yes I think that's a fantastic idea indeed!" The Doctor answered leading them into the kitchen. The pair sat down at the table with a steaming mug of tea in front of them.

"So really Doctor, was I a horrible tot?" Rose asked with a grin. The Doctor shook his head.

"Not at all, you were rather delightful actually." He replied. They sat in silence for a few moments before Rose spoke up.

"Doctor, are you alright?" She asked concerned. The Doctor cleared his throat.

"Ah, yes. I couldn't be better actually. Rose, how would you like to go somewhere? Are you feeling up to taking a little trip?" He asked. Rose grinned.

"If it's with you, always." She answered. The Doctor stood up and extended his hand for Rose to take.

"Come along then, I'm taking you somewhere." Rose took his hand and she noticed how he held it slightly tighter than he normally did. He led her to the consol room and pressed some buttons. "Ready then? Because he were go!" and with a final pull of a lever the TARDIS shook and a few seconds later landed with a soft thump.

The Doctor and Rose walked to the door. "Ladies first" he said as Rose smiled and walked outside. She stopped, her mouth open and her eyes wide with what was before her. The Doctor stepped out and once again took her hand.

"Rose, welcome to the most beautiful place in the entire universe." He whispered. The scene before them was astoundingly gorgeous with rolling green hills in the distance and a sky that held a thousand colours in the sunset. Rose took another step and looked down. The TARDIS had landed on a small clip overlooking the land and the Doctor offered a silent thank you to his ship for picking such an immaculate spot.

"Oh Doctor…this is beautiful!...Wait…why are we here? Is there something weird and unusual about this place? Are there aliens or something we have to find?" she asked looking at him.

"No Rose, we're here because…well, I just wanted to take you somewhere nice." He said quietly. "Look, Rose…I need…I need to say something." Rose turned to face him and she took his hand offering him silent support. "When you were transformed…I know you weren't gone but you were. You were still here but you weren't…"

Rose looked at him slightly confused. "I know, I'm not making sense but I promised myself and I promised you that I would say it once you were back to yourself. I know that sometimes you might feel as though I don't appreciate you. I also know that you still miss the old me even though you don't say it. I can see it in your eyes and yet here you are…still accepting and love as always." He continued. Rose squeezed his hand in reassurance.

"Rose, when you had been changed, I realized that I don't tell you enough how fantastic and remarkable you really are. I missed you…and I've been such an idiot to not tell you before. It took something like this for me to get the courage to say this to you and I promise that I'll tell you and show you everyday. Rose Tyler…I…" The Doctor looked down at his shoes. "I…I love you." He finished in a whisper.

They stood in silence for what seemed like forever to the Doctor. He was afraid she didn't return his feelings. He took a breath in and looked at Rose who had a tear running down her cheek. "Hey now, none of that…" The Doctor said softly wiping it away with his thumb. "Rose..I'm sorry. If you want to go home, just tell me." Rose quickly reached up and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and he returned the embrace.

"How could I ever want to leave you Doctor? You've shown me so much. When I was at home, I always felt so lost…and here I am traveling with you all around the universe, never knowing where we're going and I've never felt more complete." She pulled back from their hug and The Doctor leaned in, their foreheads resting against the other. "Doctor, I love you too…" Rose said. The Doctor smiled and slowly leaned in closing the small gap that remained between them with his lips softly meeting hers. He pulled back and took her hand in his smiling broadly, his two hearts feelings as though they might burst.

"Doctor, can I ask you one thing?" Rose asked as they walked hand in hand back to the TARDIS.

"Anything Rose." He replied seriously.

"Where did you get that pink duck that was sitting in the consol room?" She asked. The Doctor gave a laugh.

"Well Rose, you see…it's a rather long story…I met this beautiful and charming blonde haired child…." The Doctor started as the pair walked into the TARDIS, which disappeared off to another adventure.