Just a little something for fun; the idea has been done before in different series for sure, but I've always wanted to try doing one of these...

Owner's Manual


Chapter One: Welcome to the SEDFEE Shop!


Congratulations and thank you for doing business with the SquareEnix-Disney Extra-Extraordinary (SEDFEE) Shop! SEDFEE works day and night to provide the most enjoyable and up-to-date products for our loyal fans and customers. We at SEDFEE Shop hope you will fully enjoy your recent purchase! If for any reason you are not satisfied come back to SEDFEE Shop and we'll double your satisfaction or your money back!

Remember the SEDFEE Shop motto, "If its extra-extraordinary and full of fun it most likely came from the SEDFEE Shop who's #1!"


It was yet another pleasant day in the newly restored Radiant Garden. With the heartless and nobodies sealed from the world, peace seemed to have finally returned to the shining land. Birds were flying, children were laughing in the streets-


-and Leon was pissed off.

The bubbly self-proclaimed great ninja skipped to where Leon was seething in front of Cid's shop. "Yes Squaaaaaall?"

"It's LEON- and what the HELL IS THIS?" Leon jabbed a hand out and spastically motioned to the box in front of him. It was a simple wooden box covered in a plethora of stamps, packaging tape and several obnoxiously colored logos that read "SEDFEE Shop". But with the way the fighter was pointing an accusing finger at it, one would have thought it was some sort of affront to all that was sane and holy.

Yuffie wisely chose to overlook his drama, "Oh, it's the order from SEDFEE Shop, I thought you would like it." She reached up and gave the box a proud pat on its' wooden top. The box was as tall as her but forebode something more terrible then any of her pranks...even more then the time she had stolen all of his pants and hung them all over town-

"Wait, what do you mean 'something I would like'?" He raised an eyebrow. Yuffie was not meant to be trusted with any ideas, any more then Cid was to be trusted with cooking...Leon mentally scrunched up his nose as he recalled the time he discovered that a cigarette had magically found its way into his toast.

The plucky girl rocked back and forth on her heels and spoke playfully, "Weeeeell, you know how its been really quiet all around Radiant Garden riiiiight?" He slowly nodded even though he truly did not like where any part of the conversation was possibly going. "Especially since Sora, Donald and Goofy left riiiight?"

The color drained from his face. Leon's eye gave an involuntary twitch as he cast a horrific glance at the box next to the perky ninja. With a terrified look he quickly closed the distance between himself and Yuffie and placed his hands on her shoulders. "YOU PUT THEM INTO A BOX AND FED-EX'D THEM HERE?!" He was now madly shaking her at this point. Maybe if he shook her hard enough the box would cease existing.

She pried herself out of his grasp before giving him a look of bewilderment. She dusted herself off and placed her hands on her hips indignantly. "OF COURSE NOT!" she pouted angrily and gave a vexed 'hmph!'.

A flabbergasted Leon looked back at her. Her infectious smile crept back onto her face.

"I got something much better!" She flashed him the victory sign and gave him a wink. All logic seemed to collapse in on itself in Leon's poor mind.


Thank you for purchasing a Kingdom Hearts Franchise Character! We hope you will thoroughly enjoy the Character Unit and its' Various Features. Any questions you may have about the unit can be answered in the included Owner's Manual. Any problems you may have can be addressed and solved at "Customer Service" which can be contacted via Moogle-LiveCom or Moogle-Mail. Once again, thank you for your purchase and we at SEDFEE wish you an Extra-Extraordinary Day!


The four sides of the box dramatically fell down to the ground as if they were programmed to do so once the top had been removed. Yuffie hopped up and down on the ground at seeing what was inside. Leon stared at it dumbfounded.

"It's...it's..." It was the only word Leon seemed to be able to form at the moment. Personally he believed whatever was left of his already traumatized mind had just died.

"It's great isn't it Squall? See I told you it was much better!" Yuffie grinned madly and patted him heartily on the back. Leon continued to gawk at what was in front of him.

"It's a...Sora clone..." His jaw would have broken off and skittered across the ground if the action was physically possible from being surprised. If there was any moment in his life that he wished he was having some sort of freakish nightmare, now would have been the best of times.

"Noooo! It's a Sora UNIT! It's like a pet only more human-y!" She gave a defiant stomp on the ground as if it would suddenly justify her words.

"..." Leon tried to console himself with silence. Maybe if he ignored her and the thing that was in front of him long enough, they would both spontaneously implode from the lack of attention.

"Anyway, here's the instruction booklet. Have fun Squaaaaaaaaaaall!" She tossed him a small tome of a book before disappearing in a cloud of grey smoke. The book lifelessly hit Leon's shoulder before it sadly flopped facedown onto the cobbled street.

"Why me?" He gave the sky a mournful look and quietly begged for whatever higher power that existed to smite him out of his horrible misery.

Much to Leon's dismay, no such divine force struck him.


A/N: Wrote this up because the TTR chapters are being fickle. Poor Leon, he seems so OOC! Aw, Yuffie's so...Yuffie. And Cid, well Cid is an honorable mention. This is a blank slate of a story that will be dictated by suggestions from the reviewers, if no such suggestions come by, it will follow a bizarre string of events for a 'story'. So feel free to suggest scenarios and/or other KH Units! The SEDFEE (said-fee) motto is damn cheesy.