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Owner's Manual


Chapter Three: May Lead to an Off-Topic!


In other places away from the scheming Leon, specifically back at Cid's shop. Cid himself was currently choking and pounding on his chest to dislodge something caught in his throat. With a loud hack of a cough, flecks of an unknown substance flew through the air and onto the floor. Through a breaking voice he cursed a question at a serene Aerith, "GODDAMMIT WOMAN WHAT WERE IN THOSE COOKIES?"

Aerith would visit several of her friends weekly with gifts of various baked goods. She thought of it as a way to hone her culinary skills as well as fulfill the role of the 'good neighbor'. Cid however, saw it more as a chance for a free meal, at least that's what he told the others. Secretly he loved the cookies, but he had the image of a grumpy older man to keep up; but today was different.

The official-unofficial 'cook lady' smiled softly at him, "It's made of the best ingredients in all of Radiant Garden Cid. You probably won't listen to me, but you shouldn't smoke when you're trying to eat cookies." She folded her hands in front of her and the tray of oatmeal cookies sitting on the table to signal the conclusion of her statement.

He scowled at her as best as he could, "What else is in there?" Unfortunately for Cid, Aerith had a special talent of dissipating people's anger with her overly-sweet and motherly smile, so his "yelling in traffic" volume had been reduced to a "polite student" voice. With another smile, Aerith daintily picked up a cookie and took a bite out of it. She slowly chewed and swallowed it before answering; she was one of the few people who still believed in the folklore of proper manners.

"Oh, I almost forgot to mention the most important ingredient of all, Love. It's the magical sweetener that makes everything taste better." She gave a small laugh. Cid grumbled to himself as he lifted a cup of newly poured tea to his lips, "And I thought I was tripping out..." He took a sip of the liquid only to choke and spit it out a second later. He looked accusingly at the still-smiling Aerith.

"I make everything with love Cid, including your tea." She motioned to a pink teapot covered in flowery designs that was sitting on the table.

With hands shaking and sputtered speech, "You're trying to kill me or something aren't you?"

"Silly Cid, love can't kill anyone, that's what cyanide is for!" The flower girl laughed again, Cid couldn't help but shrink away from her with growing fear. "More tea?" She raised the teapot up and tilted it eagerly towards his now empty cup.

"Uhhh, been switching to coffee lately. Didn't ya hear about what scientists have discovered about tea? It can give you freaking cancer!"

Aerith never was one to ever stop smiling, and it was that part of her that always creeped the hell out of Cid. "Really? This is the first I've heard about it." The pink teapot was still poised in her hands, ready to pour him another cup of her "Love Tea".

"Uh yeah...uh, why lookit that! Thecoffeemaker'sbrokengottagofixitlaterAerith!" He ripped the perfectly functioning machine out of the wall and ran back into the garage. The door slammed shut and Aerith was left to herself along with the awkward silence of the room.

She remained perfectly still as if nothing out of the ordinary happened, then blinked as if suddenly recalling a memo. "Oh, that reminds me, he still hasn't gotten cookies yet!" She hastily picked up her tray of cookies and began walking towards Cloud's house.


All KH Character Units come with basic knowledge and to an extent a conscience as well as an idea of self-worth. Much like humans, the KH Character Units still have the basic needs of a human. They require food, water, a place to live, attention and love. They must be treated properly, not as tools; they will react accordingly if abused, regardless of their Mods.


clack. "Your move." Cloud folded his arms triumphantly at the quadruple jump his checker had just made over his opponent's. It was his opponent's last red, circular soldier backed into a corner against his black army of six. He couldn't help the smug grin creeping onto his face, he rarely won at games such as checkers despite his strategic strengths. Unlike the real battlefield, all the 'soldiers' were created equal on the board.

His opponent frowned and looked intensely on the lone red chip on the squares as if he could somehow telepathically give it enough power to destroy Cloud's six pieces. He spared a glance at Cloud. It was bizarre to see the smirking expression given that the blond never really smiled. With an agitated sigh and fingers briefly pressed to his temple he wished he was playing scrabble instead. At least then he could get away with one or three obscure words.

Unfortunately, their game never came to an official end as a series of knocks came from Cloud's front door. The non-SOLDIER bolted from his seat and roughly pulled his opponent out of his own. The checkerboard itself was tossed to the side. The opponent wanted to object but Cloud's interjection wouldn't allow the sentence to form, "It's Aerith. I've got to hide you."

The opponent let himself be dragged along up the stairs and into the study. He still felt bitter about the whole situation despite how he understood the reasons. Cloud was frantically searching through the room for a suitable place for the opponent to hide. The opponent himself stood by the door and was starting to mull over possible subjects to brood over while he was hiding from Aerith.

Cloud finally settled on a location as he pulled open a door and motioned for the opponent to walk in.

"A closet? You can't be serious Cloud." A disbelieving scoff preceded the deadpan remark.

"Yeah...well, it can't be helped-" He quickly shoved the opponent into the deathtrap of coats and spare boots. "Just stay here and don't make a sound." Cloud started to close the door but stopped as the opponent spoke in an annoyed tone, "Can I at least get something to eat?"

The blond sighed and threw the opponent a small package from off a nearby desktop. The opponent eyed the package skeptically. "Uncooked Cinnamon Poptarts?"

"It could have always been pocket lint you know." The opponent looked miserably at the measly plastic bag in his hands.

"Look, I'll make it up at dinner, alright?"

The opponent pouted dejectedly. "Fine." With that Cloud shut the closet door and ran down to the poor, unanswered door Aerith was still knocking on. Cloud hated keeping the Leon Unit a secret from everyone; but it was secret that everyone- especially the real Leon could live without.


As a safety measure on all of SEDFEE's KH Character Units, an order filter has been created so that KH Units CANNOT order other KH Units. This precaution is in accordance to several codes that correspond to the preservation of a world's peace; the operation was created to prevent ANY antagonistic Units from ordering Companion/Minion Units that may cause repeats of events that occurred in KH1, KH:CoM and KH2.


In the tallest and newly restored tower of Radiant Garden's castle, the Gullwings leader had called for an ultra-secret-super-important-emergency-meeting. Yuna was float pacing wondering where Rikku was, and Paine was daydreaming from her lonesome corner in the room. The meeting so important! How could Rikku be late for that one meeting out of all the meetings?

They had to discuss their plans about their hot new honorary member! Yuna stopped her worried pacing and looked at the freshly-opened box sitting in the room; a seemingly unconscious hooded figure was sitting next to it. The little hunter tapped her foot impatiently in the air and then threw her hands out to her sides.

She and Paine were going to program the Axel Unit without Rikku. She told her about the meeting six hours ago and she was late, therefore it was her loss!


All Hero/Light class KH Character Units are all naturally inclined to play games and cheer up normally depressed/introverted/shy/reclusive individuals. This feature is even incorporated in some of the more 'serious' KH Units such as the Leon Unit (KH1, KH2) and Cloud Unit (KH1, KH2). We at SEDFEE believe that even the more melancholy character Units have the capacity to have expressions other then 'brood' and 'angst'; even if their real counterparts may not openly express it.


Yuffie had just hung up her nun-chuck-shaped portable phone. She had just finished a rather...important call to a certain shop. She leaned back in her wheelie chair comfortably and slung her feet on top of her desk. Plans were going...swimmingly? She frowned to herself, what exactly did that mean? She knew fish swam...like trout...but those swam upstream...and were viciously eaten by happy grizzly bears...or caught by old fishermen...and then viciously eaten. Sayings from the old days were stupid now that she thought about it-

A large cloud of grey alerted her of the arrival of a new visitor. "Hey Yuffieeee! I just told Squally about the Sora Unit, oh if only you were there to see his face!"

She regarded her doppelganger cheerfully, her previous thoughts of trout and Cid-aged fisherman forsaken, "No worries Yuffie, I just finished ordering...the package." She flashed Cloud's credit card and grinned impishly.

The two Yuffies shared a laugh in their ninja hideout that was located in Aerith's attic. The passing Aerith smiled and regarded the cackling Yuffies with "ah, young girls and childhood". Yuffie was a growing girl after all; she deserved to have a little fun every now and then.


Additional accessories can be ordered through Moogle-LiveCom or Moogle-Mail, however, you must be able to supply the corresponding Unit's Character ID number if so required. A reason why would be to avoid unnecessary harm that may result from the KH Character Unit using another KH Character Unit's item incorrectly. A good example of this would be the KH1 Riku Unit's (dark version) heart-unlocking keyblade if it were to fall into a clumsy KH1 Sora Unit's hands; the possibilities would all end badly for both the owner and the Unit. However, not all additional orders will require an ID number; such as items like the Thalassa good luck charm (if not a resident of Destiny Islands), blitzball (if not a resident of Destiny Islands), struggle weapon (if not a resident of Twilight Town), etc.


Aerith had been making the return journey back to her own home. After having the usual few-worded conversations with Cloud, she decided to call it a day from her daily-neighbor visits.

She was slightly surprised when she saw a small messenger Moogle trying to futilely press the tiny doorbell on her doorframe with its large nub. That's when she caught sight of the large box sitting next to the distracted Moogle and understood why it was there. With a light tap, she got the little Moogle's attention.

"Kupo?" The Moogle looked up at her questionably.

"Yes, I'm the one who ordered it."

"Kupopopo." It handed her a pad.

"So I sign here? Oh, and here? Ok. There you are."

"Kuokupo." It took the pad, saluted her and waddled off.

"Thanks so much, you have a nice day too!"

How anyone ever understood the language of Moggles was a mystery but it was of little importance considering the impressive squeal of happiness Aerith let out over the newly arrived box. Tossing her tray of now-cold cookies to the side she threw the box into her home and slammed the door shut. She let out another anticipating squeal and tenderly ripped open the wooden box.

She looked over the Unit in the box and bounced giddily with joy.

"Cooking is going to be so much more fun now. Isn't that right my little Riku Unit?"


A/N: Well, I believe that was longer then usual. New Units that arrived were the Sora Unit (with Leon), Axel Unit (with the Gullwings) and Riku Unit (with Aerith). You may also notice the two other Units 'already' there. The Leon Unit (with Cloud) and Yuffie Unit (with Yuffie). More Units will arrive, but we'll start off with these...for now. There are so many good ideas and scenarios! I only wish I could type them out faster and better! Sorry for posting late, it's a bit weird changing gears between OM which is light-hearted, and TTR which is...emo-laden? I think I'm spending too much time on OM. Poor, neglected TTR. Reactions and suggestions are greatly appreciated! ...I just realized psycho Leon's progress was not mentioned, oops.