Authors Note: My first Sailor Moon story which is a surprise because I've liked this anime since 5th grade and now I'm 18. So anyway, I know some of you hate the dub Zoisite and some don't care much for the original. I personally like both of them, but of course being American I am more familiar with the dubbed Zoi. That should of course make me the perfect candidate to write a girl Zoi story, but no! I decided to do BOTH! I'll post two of these stories. Same story different gender. For fans of both. If I somehow get in trouble with Fanfiction Dot Net for it, I'll just combine them in one story. Or choose one... Well I hope it's okay. Read and Review!

Howls of excitement could be heard through out the Dark Kingdom as two men went at it. Crowds of youma held their supportive posters and banners high. A few of them had even dared to sell hot dogs and popcorn in the stands. Choruses of "ooooh!"s and "ahhhh!"s erupted from the audience as a tall, silvery blonde man sent a bolt of dark energy raging across the room. A shorter man barely dodged it and staggered back into an unfortunate hot dog vendor, who was immediately blasted into oblivion.




Scores of praise for the silver man filled the large, stony dungeon. Several female youma blew him kisses and flashed their goods at him, but he paid no attention. His icy, light blue eyes were fixed on his opponent.

"He's so dreamy!" an orange youma with violet hair giggled as she jumped excitedly over the thousands of heads to get another glimpse of him.

"I know!" agreed another youma, this one purple with eight spidery legs. "Do you think he has a girlfriend?"

"Why?" A low, whispery voice entered the conversation. "It's not as if he'd ever go out with you, Arachna".

Arachna's usually black eyes shone bright red as a pale youma in a blue body suit waved tauntingly at her.

"Oh", she sneered, ducking as an energy bolt flew past her head. "And you think you'd have a better chance, Titus? You don't even have a mouth!"

Titus smirked. "At least I don't have six extra legs to carry around".

The two stepped forward, looking as if they were going to rip each other apart. Some of the crowd had stopped watching the battle to concentrate on their dispute. Arachna grimaced. Great. Now she had to fight. The last thing she wanted to do was come off as weak to the others. Only the strong survived in her world.

"Come on then!" Titus growled impatiently.

"Don't rush me- huh?"

They both leapt back as someone parted the surrounding crowd and stepped in between them. Usually, this would mean instant death, but this was no ordinary youma. A rather wiry looking young woman stood there, dripping with rain. The hems of her long, hooded black coat were covered in muck, and her skin looked as if it had been immersed in ice. One of those ghostly pale hands shoved itself into her coat to retrieve a piece of parchment. The girl used her long, slim fingers to unravel it and tossed her hood back to reveal long coppery tresses glistening with water. Her eyebrows furrowed and she squinted her dark, piercing green eyes determinedly at the paper. This went on for a minute or so, and Arachna started to wonder why the girl hadn't acknowledged the staring crowd around her. Was she ignoring them? Did she think she was too good to mingle with youma? Arachna scowled. She'd teach her some manners... But before she could manage to touch one hair on her head, a flash of energy had shot into the crowd, piercing the parchment and then straight through a male youma's chest. The demon struggled to speak before his eyes finally rolled to the back of his head and he fell in a heap at their feet. It took a few seconds for Arachna to realize that the girl had sent the blast.

"DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT!" A furious sound boomed from her throat. "DAMMIT!" She flung the parchment to the ground and stomped on it. "DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!"

Her breathing was ragged, her emerald eyes raging. Then suddenly, as if changing the channel on a television, she started to breath normally again and a scary smile curved over her lips. She turned to Arachna and the youma nearly jumped.

"Hi!" The girl beamed as if noticing her for the first time. "I'm Zoisite".

"H-hey, I'm-"

"Tell me." Zoisite cut her off as she scanned the area curiously. "Where am I?"

"M-Malachite's dungeon".

The girl cocked an eyebrow. "Who?"

Arachna was about to respond when a gasp rose from beside her. The orange youma pushed her way into the center of the group. "Who?! You mean you've never heard of Malachite?"

"No." Zoisite frowned, crossing her arms stiffly. "Should I have?"

"He's only the most powerful King in the Dark Kingdom!"

Zoisite made a tiny noise that sounded a lot like a snicker. "Is that so?" she asked in a sing song voice. If Arachna didn't know any better, she'd say she was mocking the great king. But no one dared to ask because the menacing look in Zoisite's eyes said that it was exactly what she wanted them to do.

"So" The girl had averted her attention. "What's going on over there?" She nodded toward the fight.

"That's Malachite with the silver hair!" The orange youma pointed. "And that's his student, Nephrite!"

Zoisite frowned as she examined both men. "Silver?" She curled a ringlet of dirty blonde hair about her index finger. "I was thinking more pale blue".

"I always thought it was green..."

"Purple for me!"

"Well" Zoisite started. "Why haven't you asked him?"

Derisive laughter echoed from behind her. "Ask Lord Malachite?" Titus sneered. ""You'd have better luck with the Queen. No one asks Lord Malachite anything. Not unless they have a death wish".

"Hmph." Zoisite causally moved her head to the side as a stream of purple light nearly pierced a hole in her ear. She looked up to see that Malachite had sent the blast. Nephrite had obviously ducked out of the way, and just in time too. He was on the ground now, struggling to catch his breath and stand up at the same time. Various scratches and bruises marred his tanned skin. His long, bushy, brown hair limply fell over his dark blue eyes. Malachite on the other hand seemed untouched. It looked, from his expression, as if he were watching a mildly amusing television program instead of fighting for his life. It was clear who would be the victor of this battle.

"He's going to die then?" Zoisite asked, her green eyes curious.

"Of course not!" Titus laughed. "Nephrite is a king in training. It's only a practice battle."

"Oh." Zoisite replied.

Arachna cocked an eyebrow. Was it just her or did she sound disappointed?

With a few more exchanges of dark energy, Nephrite was on his knees again, breathing roughly onto the stone floors. Malachite stood over him, the same bored expression on his face. He waited for a few minutes before sighing deeply. "Let's call it a day."

"N-no!" Nephrite stammered. "I'm not done y-"

"Don't be foolish", Malachite frowned down on him. "Anymore and I'd kill you". He started to straighten his uniform. "Besides, you'll want to look presentable when Queen Beryl summons us tonight and I won't take the blame for your haggard appearance". He stormed away, and with a toss of his cape, disappeared from the dungeon.

Arachna stared as Zoisite crossed her arms and nervously bit at her thumb.

"Come on", she called, snapping the girl out of her daze. "We don't want to be here when Malachite gets back".

Zoisite nodded absently and started to follow the mob out of the dungeon. Now that the fight was over, everyone had started to gossip about weapons, attacks, and the dead youma in the middle of the floor, but Arachna had other things on her mind. She just couldn't help wondering about this new girl. What was her purpose here and how did it involve Malachite? Surely she couldn't have any significance here in the Dark Kingdom...

Could she?