almost tangible
. helium lost .

Author's Notes: Written for challenge #71: tangible at Livejournal's theavatar100.

He wanders in a world of black, darker than the ink that rolls off the end of the brush announcing her death. Before him are the murky waves lapping at the dark shore, illuminated only by the light of the fading stars.

"You will never leave me," he says, playing with the matted hair, tangled with seaweed, silvery-white crabs like pearls scuttling across her face.

She takes in a shallow, shuddering breath as her eyelids flutter open.

She can't hide the fear within them.

In an instant, he is on her, and she becomes him as the ravens and crows scream in the distant, misty forest, haphazardly drawn with a shaking, trembling hand.

He rises, away from her.

He can feel her love…


Author's Notes: Well, it was meant to be Koh. XD At first, it was about Zuko, but it twisted itself… Eh, well, the girl is no one in particular, unless you want to consider the woman whose face Koh used. :)

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