He's digging through a chest of drawers, throwing things every which way until it's like a hurricane of things he's tossing out of his memories.

He's half buried in foreign silks and rotting misplaced tropical fruits and clinking, jingling, pretty knickknacks from here or the other place.

Axel has to laugh as he picks his way through the minefield of discards.

Graveyard of thoughts.

"Whatcha doin', Roxas?"


"That's kinda hot."

Roxas glances at him with that dazzling stormy-eyed gaze of a monsoon come yonder.

He takes a beautiful music box from the bottom of a drawer, Demyx had given it to him, brought it back from Atlantica, and it's got a pretty princess' voice trapped inside, all of her dreams are too. Roxas throws it to the floor.

"Metaphor," he snarls.

"Can I make one too?" Axel wonders, dancing in closer for the embrace of the squall.

Roxas hands him a bow, it's ancient and beautiful and painted green with burnings of rabbits and foxes living in their Eden of wood and gold leafing. The name 'Robin of Loxly' smiles out from beneath a large M peeping from within the confines of a heart.

"Torch it," Roxas smiles, ripping the drawers from the chest and flinging them, treasures and jewels and fantasies flying from within, whipping about the room to a finale of shatters and broken sighs.

"That isn't what I meant," Axel murmurs, setting the bow aside, just to have Roxas snatch it up and break it over his knee.

"Too bad."

"Metaphor, dear Roxas! Thy habitation is the heart…"

"Of which we sorely lack," Roxas quips back quickly, cruelly, delightfully, shattering Cinderella's shoes of glass, leaving her to blisters and the soot and ash.

"The heart which love of thee alone can bind."

"Oh, Axel, you might as well drink turpentine!" Gleefully dashing his palm against the magic mirror, leaving blood on memories beauty can never forget.

"One would be so badly burned after the first gulp, I doubt they would be able to fully poison themselves on turpentine, my sweet."

"I'll hurt you any way I can."

"I promise to do the same."

"I'm glad, Axel, stupid, stupid, Axel, cause I'd be disappointed if you didn't." Roxas grins, slicing open his finger on Mulan's beloved blade, and smearing all his blood all across Axel's face.

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