Title: Dare!

Author: MyHeroRaven

Rating: All!

Summary: Raven and Beast Boy play a little game of truth or dare…in the form of chapter POEMS!!!!! R&R

Disclaimer: I do not own the MIGHTY TEEN TITANS!!!!!

Dare! Chapter 1: Truth or Dare?

Truth or dare?

Either way you lose

I say as you glare

As your eyes go to four from twos

Truth or dare?

What will it be?

I know it may SEEM unfair

And it is but not to me!

Truth or dare?

Oh come on you know you want to

This chance is rare

And I want to learn something new

Come on Raven hurry and choose before you annoy,

This awesome green dude, your friend, Beast Boy!

P.S. That was chapter 1. I hope you liked it. what will Raven do? Who knows tune in next time to find out! READ AND REVIEW…please.