Punk on the Lose

Chapter 1 New

Kagome's POV

" " means talking

' ' means thoughts.

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"Kagome get up you lazy idiot and get dressed." yelled My mom. " What ever mom!" I yelled back. I dragged my self out of bed and got

my shampoo and soap. After I took a nice hot shower I got dressed in a Black halter top that had a angel. Underneath the angel it said "

I'm not an Angel." on the back it had a picture of her from the back she had black wings, Her mini skirt was black , Black leather Boots

that went up to her knees, and she wore a scarlet halter top. I also wore a pair of black jeans and My leather biker boots. If your

wondering what I look like im about 5 foot 4, my hair is a black with icy blue and white streaks. I have azure blue eyes, and pale pink

lips. My skin is always pale. I have a goldish pink diamond mark on my forehead and 2 gold strips on my cheeks. ( like sesshomarus.) I

have a pair of pink puppy ears on my head, and a pink tail.

After putting on my makeup which consisted of red eyeshadow and Black mascara and eyeliner I was done. Kikyo need a ride to school

I asked my twin. She has red and icy blue streaks in her hair like mine. She was wearing a red shirt that said " Hands Off!!", a Pair of

bikers boots like mine, and black jeans with rips on them. "Can I take the other bike Kaggy?" she asked. "Sure why not. But you ruin it I

hurt you." I told her. " okay. Got it." she said hurriedly.

We went in to the garage and there stood my babies. I call my Motorcycles my babies because I paid for the custom paint job and the

bike it self. I picked out my red one with black flames and in white Letters it said " Hells Angel".

Regular POV

30 min later at school

"Ahem class we have to new students. Kagome and Kikyo Higurashi. They have just moved here from L.A. and girls would you like to

tell us anything about your selves?" asked the teacher, Mr. Flete. " Hey im Kikyo i love to sing and i play the Electric guitar." Kikyo said

"Yo im Kagome i sing also and play the electric guitar. I have three motorcycles, I have a 5th degree black belt so dont piss me off and

i'm the leader of The gang Hells Angels.Also I'm a full dog demon." Kagome finished.

"What up sorry im late Mr. Flete." said a demon to kagomes left.

" Go to your seat Sesshomaru."

Mr. Flete turned his attention back to Kikyo and Kagome.

"Kagome sit next to Sesshomaru and Kikyo next to your sister."

"Okay" they awnsered (sp) at the same time.

A/n: so do you like it ? Don't know who kikyo should be partnered with help anyone but sesshomaru.