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By: Rikotsu-sama

o0 Prologue 0o

Crunch. Crunch. The weathering leaves dance across the darkening sky and into the shadows of the incandescent mountains. The Air is painted with golden light, the clouds wisp across the sky, their pigment of the softest lavenders.

He had never liked him. Neither of them liked the other. Both of them couldn't quite remember when it started: their hatred for each other. It had just always been.

As it turns out, it was over sixteen years ago; June the fourth. Their last day of Kindergarden.

o0 Flashback 0o

Her hair danced in the wind, whipping her face lightly as she swung on the yellow swing. Her lightly tanned arms and legs pumped up and down, urging the swing to go higher. Suddenly, as she swung backwards she received a push from a little boy in blue.

"Thank you!" She called out cheerfully, smiling, even though she knew the little boy behind her could not see her face.

"You're welcome!" He smiled as well, brushing a soft spike of his blonde hair

away from his eyes as he watched her pink dress flare forward as she began to swing backwards again.

"Hey, Cloud, what do you think you're doing?!" A shout came from the right, on the grassy hill leading down to the elementary school parking lot.

"I was... uh... pushing Jade on the swing?" The boy in blue mumbled sheepishly, looking at the brunette with fear-stricken eyes.

"But I always push Jade on the swing!" The brunette boy growled, clenching his tiny fists.

"Wh-who s-says y-you always get to push her, Squall?" retorted the blonde, with every ounce of courage he could muster.

By this time, Jade had stopped swinging to turn and watch the fight, her long amber hair dangled in her face and her aquamarine eyes entranced by the sight of two boys fighting over who gets to push her on the swing.

"I do!" Squall screamed, tackling his opponent into the playground gravel.

Kicking and screaming, name-calling and flailing, yelling and clawing, the boys utilized everything around them to their advantage. Soon, the blonde found and picked up a sharp rock. He turned around quickly enough that the sharp edge of the stone cut Squall's face, right from the top of his left eyebrow, across his nose, and down to his right cheek.

Squall screamed, as crystalline tears ran down his cheeks, stinging in the new cut. A teacher had appeared on the scene a few moments before, and now comforted the crying boy, carrying him off to the nurse's office and demanding that Cloud follow.

Jade watched as the two boys were escorted or carried away, her eyes emotionless.

o0 End Flashback 0o

Jade moved away that summer, never to be heard from again.

Squall-- erm, Leon hasn't cried since that day, even when his first love (and fiancé), Rinoa had died two years back.

It's 16 years later, and both Cloud and Leon are twenty-one years of age, both going to the same college, and, as fate would have it, in the same Biology class. Now this is no ordinary Biology class: this is Mr.Lowenthal's Biology class.

Barely anything gets done, but things are learned. To each other, the other does not exist when it comes to Cloud and Leon. But, it's unavoidable for them: they're lab partners.

As Mr.Lowenthal trooped into class like a foot soldier for that day's class the girls in the class (mainly Yuffie, Cloud's best friend) giggled. Mr.Lowenthal, or as the class calls him, James (or Mr.L), started off class with an announcement that almost everyone in the class was happy (and some astonished enough to faint) about.

"Class, we're going to go on a three-week camp!" As the class giggled, chattered and talked about this up-coming "camp" Mr.L went on about how there would be classes, they would learn all their material they would miss here at school, but there'd be plenty of off time.

Nothing got done for the rest of the day...