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Edward flipped on the light as he carried me into what was now our bedroom then shut the door behind him. He set me down on the bed and turned to remove his dress jacket and hang it over the back of his desk chair.

"I have a question.."

"What would that be? Mrs. Cullen..." he said as he turned to face me and smiled. "All the toasts everyone made, did you actually drink the wine?"

He chuckled, "I faked it, naturally." He moved over to sit by me on the bed and took my cheek into his hand. He stared into my eyes, " you look so beautiful tonight, my angel." I could feel my face turning red and he smiled. "You don't look so bad either." He pulled me close and then I felt his cool lips on mine.

I was wondering when he had decided to change me, and he had promised...

Then his arms snaked around my waist to the back of my dress where he found it's zipper and slowly pulled it down. I started to unbutton his shirt and once it was off I ran my hands over the hard muscles of his perfect chest. He was now slipping me out of my dress and soon it was on the floor next to his shirt. We stood and I pulled him close to me and unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor.

He picked me up and in a flash we were situated in the middle of the bed. His quickness still never failed to amaze me. He half laid on top of me and I could feel his hardness growing against my thigh. We started to kiss with more and more passion when an idea popped into my head and I lightly bit down on his lower lip. A low groan escaped from his throat signaling that he had enjoyed it.

He reached my breasts and quickly removed my bra. He gave them both a little kiss and it sent shivers down my spine making my nipples hard out of the sudden coldness. He proceeded to lovingly kiss a trail down my stomach but he didn't stop at my panties like I had expected, he passed right over them to my garter and started to remove it with his gleaming teeth. He pulled it down my leg and off, it was so sexy, so Edward, and now I was really getting heated up.

He tossed the garter on the floor and crawled back up to my panties, looping one perfect finger under the strap and started tugging them off. Once they were discarded with the rest of our clothes, he came back to kiss me fully on the lips while his hand lightly moved over my breasts...then stomach...between my legs...then back to my face. I felt red hot and I remembered that he still had his boxers on. I inched my fingers under his waistband and started pulling them off. It took some help from him before he was free of them.

He positioned himself on top of me and looked into my eyes. I didn't say anything, just simply smiled. He crouched down and I could feel his cool lips so close to my ear as he whispered, "I love you." Then I felt him slowly entering me. A sharp pain rocked through my body and I pulled him close to me, our bodies glued together. He stroked my hair as he waited for his cue to continue.

When the pain had subsided, I nodded and he slowly started to thrust in and out of me while we kissed with more passion than ever before. It felt so good, his coldness against my heat, a perfect balance.

He kept on going for what seemed like hours, never too fast, just slow and sweet while waves of pleasure washed over me until I felt it coming to a peak. I wanted to cry out but I bit down hard on his shoulder and he groaned. My back began to arch and he quickened the pace until we were both shuddering in pleasure, locked in each other's arms.

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