She wanted so much the forbidden fruit

The lush curves of a woman

Only one would do


She knew Casey's every curve so well

She could have drawn it from memory

The way her long neck looked from behind

The sparkle of her eyes

The fullness of her lips

She longed to press her lips against Casey's,

And for her whole body to be overwhelmed by the sensation

She tried to make do with quiet yearning

But when Casey started subtly flirting with her

She could no longer resist

She leaned her body so close to Casey's

That she could smell not only Casey's perfume,

But also the soap she used

She whispered into Casey's ear,

"I want to kiss you so badly"

She could hear Casey's soft gasp

And then her faster breathing

Before Casey replied,

"What's stopping you?"


Soft lips

Racing heart

Musky Perfume

Lips parting

Wet tongue

Tongues intertwining

Whole body throbbing