Disclaimer and Such:

Disclaimer Stuff:

- I do not own RuneScape or any of its related aspects.

Character Suggestion Guidelines:

Starting chapter 6, I will be taking character suggestions. Here are the guidelines:

- No really super powerful invincible unflawed people. Make them realistic.

- List their weapons, equipment, description, and a short background to them. Tell me stuff like if they like battle or are pacifists, if they are good or evil, etc.

- Names. If they have a name like Sup3rm4nki11er2654, please give them a normal name for use in the story. If you don't, I shall assign them one. Nicknames are okay.

- Please note that any info you don't provide I will create.

- Understand that any characters you send in are liable to die without warning or notice. I won't make them die whimpy, though. (Unless you want me to.)

- Also understand that characters sent in are not the main characters, so don't complain if they aren't seen a lot. A character may be acknowledged several times in the story, or they may be only seen in one chapter.

Sorry about all the rules, but I've seen what can happen with character suggestions when they go bad.

Characters Used so Far:

- Crazer, property of Crazer999. Seen in The Siege of Varrock and Sins of our Past

- Jen, property of Jenjen92. Seen in The Immortals

- Link, property of Link N Ivy. Seen in The Immortals

- Xander, property of near-sighted jedi. Seen in Redemption

- Prof, property of CrazyEmoDude. Seen in Redemption

- Orion, property of Sir Loin The First. Seen in Redemption

The Noobs:

- The only way to be infected is to have noob blood enter your body in some way, shape, or form.

- Noobs have some intelligence, and can use machines to a degree. (And also through a lot of trial and error.)


- Food does not cure people. Bandages and whatnot will be used instead.

Thanks To:

- Lord Paladas, my co-author and editor, and owner of the character Paladas Dragonbane and Herinion Cairon

- The fans and their characters they let me use

- The Persian Immortals for giving me the idea of Immortals

- The staff for making a kick-ass website

That's enough of all the technical/legality paperwork, so read on and enjoy the story.