Things Change

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Not part of my challenge and I know, it's not Lilacs Ch8 either, but I couldn't help myself. Just a cute little D/S-y one shot. Definitely rated teen for musings of a hormone-addled teenage boy.

Disclaimers: I don't own Danny Phantom. Duh. Oh, and I usually try REALLY hard not to write romance solely from a guy's perspective. It makes me feel really super pretentious, so I apologize to any guys out there that read this…

Danny stood in the doorway Sam's room for what was probably the millionth time. Hell, maybe the billionth. He'd lost track. All that mattered was that he was there.

Her room was a mess, like usual. Clothes were scattered everywhere. She didn't bother to clean up just because she knew a couple of boys were going to be coming. She knew them too well, and they her. Danny smiled as he surveyed the usual damage. "Sam?" he called warily before walking in. "Are you decent?" Well, even if she weren't, you'd still go in…his mind threw at him.

"In the closet, go ahead and make yourself comfortable," she called, her voice muffled through the door of her walk-in closet.

"Okay," Danny plopped himself comfortably on her bed and looked around the room again. He caught a glimpse of something…

Her bra. Thrown unceremoniously over the back of her mahogany desk chair. Danny gulped. Jeez, at least he bothered to throw his boxers into the dirty clothes hamper before she showed up. Of course, it wasn't like he was disgusted by it or anything…

He smiled vaguely to himself, remember the first time she'd left one lying around when they were about eleven or twelve. Tucker had been a moron and put the thing on his head, parading around until Sam came up the stairs with their snacks. He and Danny had poked a little fun at her and she blushed, then snatched it away from Tucker and punched him pretty hard.

When they were only a little older, thirteen or fourteen and Danny hadn't nearly begun to realize that he'd liked Sam that way, he'd seen the white lace (I know, surprised him too) contraption strewn over chair, it hadn't really been a big deal. He'd seen Jazz's when he'd helped change the laundry, so it was just something that was simply there. Like one of Sam's black shirts on the floor or something.

But now… they were seventeen and he was in love with her and it was a big deal. A very big deal. Of course, the lace was black now, more what he thought suited Sam's taste. It certainly did his. Danny licked his lips and stared at the undergarment. When had things changed? When had seeing Sam's bra draped over the back of her chair become such a turn on? He shook his head. There was no way he could go on like this. There was no way he could go on with her not knowing just exactly what she did to him.

At that moment, Sam waltzed out of her closet, in a pair of black pants and a dark violet tank top. "Ready to study?" She asked innocently.

Danny somehow managed to tear his gaze away from her chair and that lace and looked at her. "N-no… actually, Sam, there's something I have to tell you." He stood up and moved toward her until she was just close enough that he could nearly taste her.

"What?" Sam asked curiously. He'd been behaving really strangely lately and she wondered if maybe now she would know why.

The words got stuck in the back of his throat, so he did the only thing that seemed logical to him. He kissed her. Softly and tentatively, but trying really hard to tell her what the words in his throat were supposed to have told her.

When he pulled away, Sam smiled absentmindedly, yet curiously at him. "But I thought you liked-"

He silenced her with another soft kiss, this one not so tentative. "Things change."

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