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The Sun Will Still Be There

She wasn't sure when it started, but Neji was a subject she liked to observe. Tenten sat as she whatched her raven-haired teammate sparring with her bowl-cut-haired other teammate. Lee was as easy to read as a colourful children's book, with his extravagant and extraverted personality. While Neji was like a complicated book written in a foreign language with absolutely no pictures. That's why she took interest in him. She wanted to know him more and understand him. The girl knew that was quite a challenge, but she liked challenges.

Neji did not talk unnecessarily. When he did talk, it was never about himself. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking because he always had that same stoic expression on. He kept calm, barely smiled, was always serious and minded his own business. In other words, he was boring.

Or so Tenten thought at first. By observing him every day, she started to notice those little things about him. Little habits a person has without even realizing. How his back stood straighter than usual whenever he was in the presence of someone he considered a worthy opponent. How he would look away whenever Gai-sensei went on about the "springtime of youth". How he would lick his fingers after eating something good, when he thought no one was looking.

Of course, he was also very handsome. She had known this for a long time, but only recently had she stopped to admire every feature of his body. His hair. All the other boys had scruffy messy hair, but he actually knew what a hairbrush was. His legs. He was one of the few boys wearing shorts, it was hard not to notice them. Tenten thought it was a shame he wore those bandages over his right leg and arm. Speaking of arms, his were strong and capable. The kind you'd feel safe in. His chest, (Tenten was lucky enough to catch a glimpse on few select occasions), was athletic-looking and would make all those Sasuke-fangirls drool if only they knew what they were missing.

Finally, as with any Hyuuga, Neji's most notable feature were those beautiful pearly-white eyes of his. Rare, special, coveted, practical. Eyes of mystery. She found herself looking at them quite often, at least until Neji would turn his gaze to her and she'd look away. She'd look away because she knew she had fallen for him, as a result of her observations. She saw all those things in him she couldn't see before. She wanted to know him deep inside, to be the only one he'd open to. To be the only one to accomplish this difficult mission.


Of course she knew getting feelings out of Neji was no easy task, so she did not have high hopes when she asked him to join her by the ocean, one moonlit night. But at least the secret would be out.

Both of them sat on a small wooden pier, surrounded by rocks, boats and the nothingness of the sea in front of them. The stars did not shine, the wind did not blow. Only the moon stood high in that other nothingness called sky and sent highlights on the non-shifting water.

Neji stared blankly at the horizon line seperating the two worlds, and Tenten was looking at him, but she'd liked to look at him. The silence was so tasteful that she felt bad breaking it.

" Do you like it here?" she asked innocently.

"Hn." That was neither a yes or a no, but she did not care.

"I've wanted to know you more."

"More?" he echoed. "What more is there to know. Why did you bring me here?"

She looked down at the water, smiled weakly, gathering her courage. " I thought you knew. About me. That I love you…"

The boy paused for a moment, turned his gaze to the moon. " I knew. I've known for a long time." He paused again.

The young girl looked at him, with puzzled eyes. He saw this, and he understood that she was expecting him to tell her more, to speak his feelings. A thing he'd rather not do.

She wanted him to say it. " Neji, do you love me? Or not?" She said it casually, but Neji knew her heart was beating for the answer.

He closed his eyes. " Will it make a difference whether I say yes or no? Will something change? The sun will be there tomorrow and the day after, won't it?" Tenten did not understand. He continued, " We're always together. My feelings don't matter."

She was starting to get where he was getting at. If he said " No, I don't feel the same way", she'd still see him everyday on the team and she'd feel uncomfortable. She wouldn't be able to act the same way around him if he turned her down, and being unable to cooperate properly could hurt the team. On the other hand, if he said yes, nothing would change. Neji wasn't exactly the kind of guy who would hold your hand, bring you gifts or whisper sweet nothings in your ear. He had no interest in that. He'd need a person who would always be by his side, would always believe in him and let him be himself. He always have had this in Tenten from the very start. He'd still act the same casual way around her.

" I see…" she whispered. It hurt a little not earing the words you wanted, but at the same time, not earing the words you were afraid of was relieving. "But for now… can we stay like this just a while longer?" Her voice was almost inaudible.


The two remained on the pier for several minutes, not touching, not saying a word, listening to silence. She looked at the eternal sea while he watched the infinite sky. The sea and the sky were so far apart, yet they were always together at the horizon.

Not knowing how long it had been, Tenten got up. "I'll go home now."

" Hn."

Without another word, she left, not turning back, not crying nor smiling. She'd see him tomorrow by the training grounds.

Neji remained alone there for a moment. The sun had been there today, and would be there tomorrow, even if hidden by clouds. He had seen Tenten yesterday, and the day before. And he'd see her tomorrow, as well as every other day after that.


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