"So why are all the guys in this damned place stupid or evil?"

"They aren't all that way," Kikyo retorted hotly, clinging onto her guy of the week, "Inuyasha here is as darling as they come! Not only that, he's very intelligent."

The mentioned Inuyasha was standing rather smugly with a loose arm around Kikyo's waist; he didn't look anything special... at least, not to her, "So what happened to Miroku, then, Kikyo? You two had sex on my bed just last week!"

Kikyo scoffed, "We did not! I told you we were playing twister."

"I'm supposed to believe that? Inuyasha I'll warn you now, Kikyo's a player so prepare yourself for a painful let down."

Kagome stormed off, she could never talk to her sister about anything, especially guys. She was far too shallow, immature, and not only that she felt as if Kikyo didn't even like her at all. She was constantly spreading rumors that Kagome was either born with a 'tail', stuffed her bra, or wore padded underwear so her ass would be defined, etcetera.

Sadly, Kikyo had the whole school wrapped around the tip of her delicate finger so they believed everything that she'd say. For a couple weeks people would even call her "diaper butt" because of the underwear rumor. She was starting to get sick of it.

Sitting down at her desk, Kagome pulled the key that was hanging from a chain out from her blouse. Picking up her diary, she unlocked it and began to write.

Dear diary,

Kikyo's at it again. She's with another guy, his name is Inuyasha. I've told you about him before, I had a huge crush on him last year... but that was destroyed when he joined in on the Diaper Butt rumor. He's running at her beck and call, just like every other guy. He didn't even turn his head when I mentioned Kikyo sleeping with Miroku on my bed just last week. He's so blinded by her good looks that he doesn't even care!

I find it hard to believe that Kikyo is my twin, or my sister. We're supposed to look exactly alike, but she cakes on so much make-up that it's hard to tell. Not only that, but we're so different inside as people. She's cruel, cold, and she sleeps with anything that breathes... meanwhile, I pride myself on compassion and intelligence. I am loyal to my friends, and I'm not prejudiced towards anyone. I contribute to our community by participating in school sports and fundraisers, and donating part of my measly paycheck every other week to some charity or the school.

Why did this family have to be mine? I feel like the black sheep, the outcast. I don't have guys worshipping the ground I walk on, and I'm not the most beautiful or shapely, but I have good grades and I do wonderful things for other people. I'm a compassionate girl, a community girl, while my sister is failing half her classes and sleeping with a new guy each week...

I'm just repeating myself now, but I feel like no matter how many times I say it the feelings won't come out. In the end, I guess I just wish I had a sister I found myself having some sort of caring feeling for. I just hope that when we're sophomores next year, Kikyo will have matured a little; Even if it is a long-shot...

Closing her diary, Kagome flopped onto her bed. Grasping a pillow she curled up with it and cuddled her cheek into one of its corners. Her yellow sweater with the black puppy-print pattern around the sleeves and chest felt sung and warm against her body, and she was grateful. It was the winter season after all and she had the coldest room in the whole house. Hearing a bell ring from the kitchen, she sat up and scampered out of her room; it was dinner time!

Jumping the last three stairs and sliding across the landing into the dining room, Kagome turned mid-slide and landed perfectly in her chair. Righting herself and looking up she saw that Inuyasha was staying for dinner… lovely. Hopefully he wouldn't be speaking at all. Kikyo could find ways to keep his mouth busy, anyway…

Blushing at her snide thoughts, Kagome gently lifted her plate to help herself but remembered her manners. Setting it down she looked up at Inuyasha and gently stated, "Guests serve themselves first."

He quietly stared back at her, before picking up his plate and loading it up with food. She watched in quiet discontent, rather impressed with how he didn't take half of what was sitting out. Once he'd finished, she gently picked up her own plate and, reaching for the serving spoon received a healthy whack on the back of her hand. It was the work of the chop-stick bearing Kikyo, "Now, now, Kagome, you know that after guests it goes oldest to youngest!"

Kagome had already embarrassed herself after making a good first impression, and returning her welted hand to her lap she could feel some tears gently pricking at her eyes. She felt bad enough about herself as it was, why did Kikyo always have to make it worse? She watched from the edges of her vision as her father, then her mother, then her sister all placed food on their plates.

Picking up her own, she leaned over to see what was left, to find nothing. Kikyo had two times her serving on her place, "Kikyo, would you please share? You have twice your serving and you've left me with nothing."

"Sorry honey, you lose out I guess."

That false, bitter kindness that she was using to impress her new boy-toy, it made Kagome sick, 'Two can play at this game.'

"I have a big archery competition in the morning, Kikyo, and I need to eat good meals in order to keep up my strength. Please, can you spare just a little of what you have?"

Kagome still couldn't stand to look up, that is until she heard her name. This time though it was a male voice…

"Hey, Kagome."

Looking up in the direction of the voice, it was Inuyasha. He was holding out his dinner to her, he hadn't touched any of it yet, "But… you're our guest, I can't accept that…"

"Oh please, just take it. I ate about an hour ago at a local ramen hub with Kikyo here, so I'm not hungry. You on the other hand look like you could use the food, please take it."

Smiling, Kagome reached up to accept the gift. This time she saw the chopsticks coming, and jerked her hand out of the way.

"Inuyasha, what are you doing?"

"Kikyo, what are you doing?"

Perfectly simultaneous, looking at either of her parents she could see they were just ignoring it. They always do.

"Look, Kikyo," Inuyasha stood up and walked around the table, then set his plate of food down in front of Kagome, "you and me ate just an hour ago. Your sister probably hasn't eaten since lunch at school, and she has a sport event in the morning. It's only fair that she eats, and personally I think you need to be kinder to her."

He walked back around the table again then sat back down in his chair. Kikyo instantly split her food in half and gave the other plate to Inuyasha, "Fine then, be that way. I guess you just miss out tonight."


"Hmm," Kagome sat cross-legged in front of her short desk, working away at her math homework. She was thinking about dinner, why had Inuyasha been so nice to her? Every other guy had joined in on Kikyo's abusive ways, but he stood up to her instead… it felt so weird, but it was a pleasant feeling none-the-less.

Hearing a knocking at her door Kagome called out, "Come in!" She didn't bother to look up or see who it was, because she didn't care. Hearing someone sit on her bed, "What is it?"

"Look, Kagome," it was Kikyo, "I don't know what's wrong with you, but the way you behaved at dinner tonight was unethical."

"Look who's talking."

"Excuse me, is that any way to talk to your older sister?"

"Older? By what, two minutes? Kikyo, can't you ever treat me kindly?"

"I do treat you kindly! I get you gifts on your birthday, and for Christmas, and what kind of respect to I get in return!? Nothing!"

"Leave my room Kikyo."

"I don't—"


Without even turning her head, Kagome could hear her sister rise from her bed and exit her bedroom. Moments later she could hear shouts coming from the hall way, it was Inuyasha and Kikyo probably having some sort of petty argument. About who sleeps on what side of the bed, probably? That seemed to be the most common argument between her… her whore of a sister, and her many boyfriends.

Sliding her math homework aside, she couldn't find her focus and decided to give up on it for awhile. Why bother doing something, if you can't concentrate on it and give your all? Pulling out her diary, she decided to add a second entry for the day.

Dear Diary,

Dinner was an absolute bust. Kikyo was cruel, as usual, but her new boyfriend… he's different. His name is Inuyasha; he has long silver hair and golden eyes. He offered to spare his dinner when Kikyo was a hog, and even stood up for me… I felt a little better, until Kikyo came in and decided to let me know how "unethical" my behavior at dinner was. Psh. Yeah right, they're arguing right now… lord knows what

Kagome slammed her diary shut when she heard someone enter her room. She turned an angry eye on the intruder, "Damnit, Kikyo, I told you to lea-" she stopped short when she saw that it was Inuyasha who was coming in.

"S-sorry I'll go-"

"No it's fine… I thought you were Kikyo. As you can see we don't get along well," she smiled bitterly, "have a seat. Did you need something?"

"Actually..," he walked over and sat on her bed, in the same place Kikyo had, "I wanted to apologize on behalf of your sister," he spat the last word out, "I know what it feels like to be treated harshly by an older sibling…"

He looked sadly off to the side. Kagome figured he was referring to the 'great' Sesshomaru, the school's supreme asshole. Supreme jock, supreme hottie… she cut herself off there, "I always thought you two got along, since you're brothers?"

"Like hell we do. I'm his private prank-ee, he tests all his new gigs on me before putting them into action. It really sucks," he laughed a bit, but it wasn't really a happy one, "See, check this."

He turned around and lifted up the back of his shirt. Kagome almost didn't notice the large smiley-face shaped bruise among his chiseled muscles. Blushing a bit, "Ouch… that looks like it stung."

"You bet it did. I feel bad for the next kid who has to go through it…"

"No kidding. What'd he do?"

"Gah, can't tell. He'd shove my head right up my ass if I spoiled it…"


"But yeah. Kikyo isn't really sorry, but I am that you have to deal with her every day. I know how shitty she can treat people; I watch it all the time. This might be the first time someone breaks up with her, instead of the other way around."

Kagome raised her eyebrow a little at the comment, "Really?"

"Yeah. Can you say herpe-villa? She is gross. The first time she tried to sleep with me I limped out faster than the first guy booted off Donald Trump's show, what was it called, 'The Apprentice'? He cried when he heard the words 'You're Fired!' I shit you not, it was that bad…"

"Eww, did you really have to tell me that about my sister?!"

"No..," he laughed a bit, "But it's nice material for when you get her back someday. Good luck with your… err," he leaned up and then relaxed back again, "math homework," and then quicker than she could respond he'd hopped off the bed and left.

"Huh… Something new happens every day, I guess."


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