Last time…

He laughed a little; it flowed from within and made her feel all warm inside. He was obviously a kind and generous man with a beautiful soul, "No need for formalities, youngin," he turned a big smile on her, "I'm a good friend of Inuyasha's here, every time he makes a reservation he's sure to request me as the chef. I know all about him, except he's never brought a lady before. Does Inuyasha have a little crushie-wushie?"

Inuyasha impersonated a tomato and mumbled something rather incoherent, only causing Kano to chortle.

'Well, this will definitely be interesting...'


Inuyasha soon relaxed again as the rice, fish, and vegetables were set out before them and the show began. Both watched intently, Kagome occasionally squealing when Kano did a trick. It wasn't long before various sushis were on plates and set out before them.

"Hai!" Kano bowed and began to clean off his work area.

Kagome immediately dug in, "Mmm… The sushi here is always the best," she covered her mouth as she spoke, as she had food in her mouth. Inuyasha on the other hand didn't have the decency. As he agreed with her, rice sprayed everywhere, causing Kagome to burst into laughter. Inuyasha realized that he'd just showered the table with grains of slightly chewed rice and slapped his hand over his mouth, making a quick apology.

"It's okay Inuyasha, that was rather funny actually," she smiled, picking up a piece of rather tantalizing looking red snapper sushi and biting into it.

"Uhm, alright then…" he said after he swallowed. Reaching down to grab another sushi he realized there was nothing there, "Er… sorry about that, I have a tendency to stuff my face when I'm really hungry. I guess I was eating faster than I thought…"

Kagome laughed and pointed at her own sushi plate, which was now empty, "I'm the same way."

Inuyasha laughed as well, and they both looked over at Kano who was grinning at them with an expression that made them both a little suspicious, "Are you two youngins all finished up with your meal? Wanna' move on to the Mongolian Grill?"

Kagome looked over at Inuyasha, who shrugged. Kagome shrugged, and they both looked at Kano who… shrugged, "I don't mind, Inuyasha do you care?"

"Nope, it actually sounds good. Sushi is a little more like an appetizer to me. Movin' on then?"

"Moving on!"

Kano left, squeezing up the stairs and out the gateway, waddling back into the hall. Soon Kuro-Gawa entered and bowed, "I've been notified that you wished to move on to the Mongolian Grill. Your room is prepared, please follow me."

They both stood and brushed off a little, bowing in return and following after the young lady. She slid open the shoji screen down and across the hall bowing to them as they entered, then closing the door once more. Kano waddled in from seemingly nowhere, again having to squeeze through the gateway and down the steps. The Mongolian grill looked exactly the same as the Sushi bar, only you got to select what you wanted in your meal from quite a variety of various foods. There was the large black Mongolian grill in the center, with the flame lit at the bottom and ready to go. Kano pulled two sheets of paper from his apron's pocket; they were checklists so you could pick out what you wanted in your dish. He also provided two pens.

The duo quickly checked down their orders and handed the slips back, watching as he got everything together.

"Y'know Inuyasha, this is really nice. Thank you so much for bringing me out here tonight."

"No problem Kagome, thank you for coming. I really didn't know if you would say yes or no to me when I asked you earlier today, I was… actually kind of nervous," he blushed slightly and tittered.

Kagome looked over at him and raised her eyebrows, "Really? Why?"

"Well… I really don't know. I guess there's always that fear of rejection when you ask someone out to a date. I was afraid you would say 'no' because I'd just broken up with Kikyo and everything, and you are so angry with her…"

"Nah. She ruins a lot of things for me successfully, but I never actually let her take things away. To tell you the truth, I probably would have never forgiven myself if I had said 'no'."

"You really think so?"

"Yup," Kagome nodded firmly, "This is my first date. It was my first chance at a date. And I like you, you've always been nice to me… except for when you tried to impress Kikyo, but you apologized for that and admitted to it. You're a nice guy; I don't know why I would've turned it down."

Inuyasha smiled and looked over just in time to see Kano set out their meals before them. Kagome grinned happily and whipped out her chop-sticks, ready to dig in.


"Oh my God, Inuyasha that was great," Kagome was in hysterics, and also in the passenger side seat of Inuyasha's Jaguar. The embarrassed driver was still a little red in the cheeks.

"It wasn't that funny…"

"Yes it was! You sneezed and the noodle came out your nose!" She gasped for breath, the laughter tears rolling down her cheeks.

Inuyasha rolled down her window a little bit, "Breathe Kagome, breathe!"

This of course only resulted in the poor teenage girl laughing harder. After a little while she calmed down and wiped the tears from her face, "Aaah, aah. That was a good laugh, I haven't laughed like that in… in… a really long time," she smiled over at him, snorting and starting to laugh again, "God the image is just stuck in my head!"

Inuyasha couldn't hold it back any longer and burst into manly giggles as well, "You know what I should've done? Held onto the noodle and slid it, making one end shorter then longer then shorter, while it was still out my mouth and through my nose at the same time!"

"And Kano's face was just absolutely priceless, you have to admit that! I can't believe he started laughing too!"

Inuyasha laughed even harder, having to pull the car over. He couldn't see straight because tears were starting to come to his eyes as well, "Kagome stop I can't drive when I'm laughing!"

Kagome's laughter dropped to a giggle as she whacked him on the arm, "You know you like it."

He paused a moment then nodded, "Yeah I suppose."

Looking over at each other they both sneered, but they'd calmed considerably in that short amount of time. Inuyasha pulled out again, and continued on the way back to Kagome's shrine. Looking at the clock he nodded, "Good, it's about ten. Your parents shouldn't get mad."

"Nah. Kikyo's come home at four in the morning drunk before and they didn't freak on her. I guess they feel like they'll pay for it if they punish her or something, she throws the worst tantrums…"

"She still throws temper tantrums?" He sounded a little shocked.

"Yeah. She's really spoiled so if she doesn't get what she wants she freaks out. My parents hate it, so they give in. She only does it because she knows that she can get her way by using it."

"Hey, that's pretty good material right there. For getting her back? Record one of her tantrums or something and go to the main office, and broadcast it throughout the school… that would be great."

Kagome snorted a little, covering a laugh, "Yeah… but I dunno'. She could get me so much worse then that, I'm afraid to really try anything."

"I could cover for you."

"But still… then she'd just treat you like a dog."

"Bah, doesn't bother me. I'm used to it with Sesshomaru…" his mood sobered a little, he frowned.

Kagome looked over at him and frowned, but saw that they were pulling up to her house. Inuyasha parallel parked and then shut off the car, getting up to let Kagome out. He held her hand and helped her up onto the sidewalk, "Thank you again for coming with me tonight, Kagome. I really enjoyed your company, and talking with you."

She smiled, "Thank you again for taking me, I had an absolutely wonderful time. I appreciate you listening to me ramble, too."

The both laughed a little, and he opened his arms to offer her a hug. Kagome felt a nervous pang in her chest, but opened her own arms to accept it. She closed her eyes as she felt him envelop her, all of a sudden all she could smell was him. It was a wonderful smell, a little spicy. The hug was warm, nice, and Inuyasha had such firm muscles… she felt safe there, in his arms. He let her go, but it felt far too soon.

"Have a good rest of the night, Kagome."

"Thanks Inuyasha, you too."


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