Chuunin Exams
James D. Fawkes
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or his friends.

Neji stared down at the defeated Naruto, "Stay on your knees before a power that you cannot change, and recognize your worthlessness."

Naruto struggled to stand, settled with his forehead pressed to the ground and his knees dug into the dirt. He grit his teeth, eyes squeezed shut, and growled, "You can't understand."

Eyes glared at him, filled to the brim with hate and anger. Ice permeated from their stony gaze, blaming him for things he did not know or understand.

The adults turned, pulling their children along, away from the lonely blonde. Each and every person threw one last contemptuous glance back at Naruto, willing him to drop dead.

Then, he was alone. No one saw him. No one spared him a second look. No one came to pick him up from class.

He was alone.

His hands grasping his stomach, Naruto knelt on the hard earth, his back hunched.

He threw all of his pent up hatred into a glare directed at Neji, "You'll never be able to understand."

"Look at the demon…" one villager muttered. "Pretending to be normal."

Another nodded, a sneer decorating his mouth, "It's an insult to those he's killed."

"I say we show him how to behave," a third chimed in, a nasty grin on his lips.

"We can't," the first muttered, hatred plastered to his face. "You know the law. We can't touch him."

Naruto felt his smile slip off his face as the words drifted to his ears. They didn't want him. They hated him.

Why? What did he do?

Were a few pranks really all that bad?

"Stupid fox," Naruto mumbled. "Lend me your chakra."

A rush of power flooded Naruto's body, and he could feel all his wounds disappear. The throbbing ache Neji's attacks had left vanished, and Naruto felt he could take on the world.

Red chakra wrapped around his form, and his body mutated to accept the demonic energy that overflowed his system. An angry scowl stretched across his mouth.

A deep, gluttoral, animalistic growl escaped him, "You'll never understand!"



Naruto looked to the side. Hinata's test paper and answers were displayed for him to see. A blush lit up her cheeks, but she seemed determined to do whatever it was she was doing.

"You can…copy off of my test…"

Naruto looked down at his test paper, then came to a decision. "Thanks, Hinata," he grinned, "but, no thanks. I'm going to be Hokage! I can get the answers on my own."


Hinata, beaten and bruised, stared back at Neji, a determined grin pasted to her lips. "I never go back on my words…that is also…"

Her eyes hardened, "…my ninja way!"


"Naruto-kun…" Hinata smiled, a fiery blush marring her pale cheeks. "Good luck."


Naruto paused for a second, thinking.

"She…she loves me…"

Naruto's glare intensified, zoning in on the aghast Neji.

"And he almost took that away!"

Naruto dashed towards his opponent, red eyes filled with murderous intent, "BASTARD!"

There. A little One-shot twist on Naruto's battle with Neji. A little of Naru/Hina implied in the latter parts. And an open ending to let you imagine what happened to Neji.

This is just a little something to tide you all over. I'm working on the first chapter of my best story to date, "A Simple Change: The Sharingan". It should be out by next weekend.

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James Daniel Fawkes