Magic Always Happens When it Snows- Chapter 6

A/N: This is the last chapter to this story. Sorry it's taken so long to update. School was crazy the last couple weeks. This chapter skips ahead to Christmas 2007. Rory and Logan are married and have been since September 2007.

Snow was gently falling from the sky, blanketing Stars Hollow in a layer of white for the first time this winter. It was Christmas Eve and Luke, Lorelai, Rory, and Logan had just entered Luke's Diner, where they would have Christmas dinner and exchange gifts.

"It's cold out there" Lorelai said, as she took her coat off, along with Rory, Logan, and Luke.

"Well it is winter" Rory stated.

"I'll make coffee" Luke said, heading behind the counter as the other 3 took a seat at one of the tables.

"Hey Luke I like how you decorated the diner" Rory said noticing the lights hanging from the walls and the tree in the corner of the diner. It had been a while since Rory had been to Luke's Diner. After her and Logan got married, they had moved to San Francisco, where Logan was working. Rory had a job at the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Oh thanks," Luke said. "Your mother made me put them up"

"Well sorry for wanting to make the diner look festive for once" Lorelai replied.

"I hate festive"

"Ok guys, sorry" Rory said.

Luke returned to the table carrying 3 cups of coffee, placing them on the table before sitting down next to Lorelai.

"When are we eating?" Lorelai asked, taking a sip of coffee.

"In about 20 minutes" Luke said.

"That long?" Rory complained.

"That long? 20 minutes isn't that long" Luke said.

"It is when you're starving" Lorelai added. Rory nodded her agreement.

Luke sighed, "I have muffins."

"Oh muffins!" Rory jumped out of her seat, closely followed by Lorelai. They each returned to the table with 2 muffins each.

"Can we open gifts before dinner?" Lorelai asked between bites of muffin.

"No! Gifts are always after dinner. It's tradition!" Rory said.

"Ok fine" Lorelai digressed, starting on her second muffin.


"Everything is really good Luke" Rory said, a half hour later, as the group ate dinner.

"Yeah it really is" Logan agreed, through a bite of turkey.

"Pass the corn please" Lorelai requested.

"Mom, your plate is already full" Rory observed.

"So?" Lorelai said. Rory rolled her eyes, but passed her mom the corn anyway, which she piled on top of the mashed potatoes.


The snow continued to fall outside Luke's Diner as the group finished desert, a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and began exchanging gifts.

"Ok, Rory, you're first." Lorelai said, handing her daughter a box wrapped in pink and yellow wrapping paper.

"Ok" Rory answered, ripping the wrapping paper off the box. She took the lid off the box revealing a light blue v neck sweater.

"Mom, I love it. Thank you!" Rory said, giving her mom a big hug.

"You're welcome" Lorelai returned the hug.

"So, who's next?" Rory asked, taking a sip of coffee.

"Oh me!" Lorelai exclaimed.

Luke took a deep breath and pulled a small box out of his pants pocket. Lorelai stared at it.

"Lorelai, I love you so much." He took a deep breath and got down on one knee. Tears coursed down Lorelai's face, "Will you marry me?"

Lorelai sniffed and smiled, "Yes, Luke. I'll marry you"

Luke smiled and placed the ring on Lorelai's finger. He got up off his knee and kissed Lorelai. Lorelai looked around at Rory and Logan. Rory and Logan were both smiling at them. Rory congratulated her mom and gave her a big hug while Logan shook Luke's hand.

"You guys, let's go outside in the snow!" Rory suggested.

The others didn't argue, so the four grabbed their coats and walked outside into the snow covered street. Luke put his arm around Lorelai's shoulders as they stood in the street watching the snow fall. Luke turned to face Lorelai and kissed her again.

"This time I'm going to do this right" He said.

"I know" Lorelai smiled.

And despite all the heartbreak that Luke had caused Lorelai in the past, in their previous engagement, she knew that this time, things would all work out. She didn't understand how she knew after the pain of the first failed engagement, but in this moment, standing in the snow with Luke, everything was perfect. And though she didn't have a definite answer as to why she knew that she and Luke would finally make things work, she did know that this time, things would be different. After all, he was all in.

A/N: So this is the last chapter of the story. Hope you liked it. I probably won't be writing any more Gilmore Girls fanfics in the future. Not because the show ended, just because I don't know how to write the characters. Maybe if I get a really good idea I'll write another one. Or maybe some oneshots. So hope you enjoyed it.