Chapter 4: Invading Rebel Haven

Grim's POV:

I have seen many invasions during my career as a Grim Reaper. It's too much to tell about the countless souls I have reaped. Well, both Empresses-Mandy and Mindy had hoped to crush the rebel base of operations at Cuba. Their navies led by Nergel Jr. and General Skarr were parked right on the shores of Cuba. On the West was Mandy's navy and on the East was Mindy's navy. The two tyrants had set their sights on crushing the rebel forces once and for all.

I myself couldn't wait for the invasion to happen. But when I was looking to see if Mandy or Mindy were at their flagships of their personal armada, something was quite amiss. I soon found the two tyrants on a large battleship that seem like the two forces had merged as it was declared the flagship of the entire armada. The two tyrants had their armchairs right next to each other which was quite strange even for me and were quite high up in order to oversee the battle unfold.

So I decided it was time to confront both of the tyrants, consider I have to do the job of reaping their victims. As appeared before the two tyrants, it wasn't quite a shock for me to see the coziness between tyrants who have often stated they were different from one another.

"Okay Grim, what do you want?" asked Mandy as she glared at me.

"I don't know" I replied, "you two seem to be quite cozy together. Too cozy I might add. Even cozier than Hitler or Stalin ever were."

"What's your bonehead friend's point?" asked Mindy.

"Let me tell you what he's really accusing us" whispered Mandy as she leaned over to Mindy and whispered.

Suddenly I had a strange feeling shaking in my bones to which I shouldn't have provoked. I notice this through Mindy's surprise expression on her face. Then she began to laugh at whatever secret Mandy had whispered into her ears along with Mandy doing the same. This was perhaps one of the few times she would ever had laughed, except all the times she made Billy do something quite stupid that would embarrass himself. I mean, I'm not that socially conservative as I had seen this sort of behavior among both genders I have encountered. Well, I said too much information that is best left in the bedroom, so I decided to take my leaf from the tyrants' flagship and ready to reap their victims.

End of Grim's POV.

Back at the rebel compound, the rebel leadership were quite concern on what to do next. The new advance magical weapons that Nigel Planter along with Hoss Delgado had stolen from Dean Toadblat were useless thanks to Planter failing his school work.

"Blah, blah, blah!" shirked Commando Cod as he shook his fins at Planter.

"I can't believe you are such a failure yo!" added Irwin.

"Yea, why didn't you tell me you didn't pass all of your school work on these sort of stuff?" asked Hoss.

"I'm sorry" replied Nigel as sweat ran down his forehead.

"Well, now we're thinking of freeing Toadblat and placing you in his place" said Hoss.

"Please, I'm sure there is a way we can all solve this" said Nigel.

Suddenly the bombs began to drop and the Cuban Communists began to fight the joined forces of Mandy and Mindy's empires who were converging on the rebel compound.

"My amigos!" cried a badly injured Cuban Communist who was crawling in the room, "Please help me!"

"Sorry, I don't see there's anyway we can" said Hoss, "say hello for Grim for me."

Grim's POV:

I finally came into the scene of the dying Cuban Communist soldier who was desperately trying to receive help. So I used my scythe on him and sent his soul to the nether realm. The rebel leadership were quite shocked by my presence, they knew their time was up just around the corner and so I decided it was time for a little break before I go back to more reaping.

I walked over to a chair, sat down on it and placed my feet on the table in a relaxing position.

"Grim, please, do something for us yo, we're certainly going to be captured or killed by Mandy and Mindy's forces!" cried Irwin as he was trying to pull on my sleeve.

"You haven't changed a bit since you were a kid" I said as he pushed him away, "when your time is up, your time is up. There is nothing I can do about it."

"Blah, blah, blah" said Commando Cod as what he was seemingly pointing at my scythe.

Before Commando Cod or any of the rebels could take my scythe, ruining my nap time as well, General Skarr rolled right into the compound in his own personal tank along with Nergel Jr. doing the same. The rebel leadership shrieked with terror as they saw the two generals firing at them. They ran for their lives throughout the compound and eventually got outside.

"Say lazy bones" said Nergal Jr., "are you not going to make our jobs easier here and reap the rebel scum?"

"Fine, I guess so" I replied as I knew my nap time was over.

So I got up and used my scythe and teleported out of the area and right where the rebel leadership seemed surrounded on all sides. The first side was a bunch of battleships aiming their guns at them, the other side, a bunch of cruisers, and the third side was a bunch of elite soldiers from the two empires ready to take them down. And I appeared to be the forth side, they way they came through.

"Please, do something yo!" cried Irwin as he begged on his knees to me, "I don't want to die like this!"

"Sorry, but you're time is up" I said as I showed their hour glasses running out.

Well, the forces of the two empires fired upon the rebel leadership and I reaped the four souls. So that is how the two tyrants took over this world under one Imperial Union.

End of Grim's POV.

After the battle and conquest of Cuba was over, the two Empresses were quite pleased with their victory. At their victory rallies, they gave their own unique type of totalitarian salute and their armies and other loyalists did the same.

"So, Mindy, are you quite pleased that all of this worked out?" asked Mandy to Mindy as they were walking to the main government building.

"Certainly Mandy" replied Mindy, "you know I always thought we would be mortal enemies all eternity. Yet this seems it's quite the opposite."

"I know" said Mandy, "so what do you say we start conquering the final frontier?"

"You just read my mind" replied Mindy as she gave an evil and attractive glare.