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Summary: Fifteen years after Hitsugaya Toushirou's death, Matsumoto stumbles upon Hyuuga Toushirou, the reincarnation of her captain.

Timeline: Semi-AU, post Arrancar arc

Genre: Drama, Angst

Beta: Yukiko Tsukishirou, BankotsuAngel and feathersnow

Disclaimer: I don't own, Hitsugaya, Matsumoto or anyone else from Bleach. However the storyline for this story and OCs belong to me rightfully.

Reincarnation of Ice

Chapter 1: Encounter in the Frozen Rain

Hyuuga Toushirou cursed his luck as the thunder clapped above him and rain fell in torrents like cats and dogs. He wondered wryly why he had been dumb enough not to bring an umbrella. He should have listened to his sister's advice. Shihou always knew when it would most likely rain. Right now, he wished fervently why he didn't have such a sixth sense.

Not that he lacked one, but still, hers really comes in handy at times like this.

Suddenly, a car zoomed by quickly, spraying water upwards at his direction and drenching him from head to toe. Shaking his head slightly to flail the water out of his hair in vain, Toushirou could have sworn seeing Nagaya in that car, laughing at his bad luck.

However, it was more likely a figment of his imagination. There was no training today so Nagaya wouldn't be traveling down this road at all. His house was on the

But still, Toushirou was sure that bastard would have loved seeing him in this kind of situation.

Cursing his luck again as the thunder clapped even more loudly and the rainfall became heavier, Toushirou picked up the pace and made a run for it.

Today was definitely one of the worst days of his life.

Sighing loudly, Matsumoto couldn't believe her luck.

She had come to the Human World to visit Ichigo and his family in Tokyo on a suggestion from Kira to 'take a break'; after chatting with Rukia for a while, she had left the Kurosaki household and had been wandering around the streets of Tokyo when it had started to rain. Now she was taking shelter under the front porch of some closed shop lot with no distinct idea where the hell she was.

"You need to get out for a while Matsumoto-san. You seem so uptight and stressed after Hitsugaya-taichou died," Matsumoto muttered below her breath, mimicking the same tone of voice that Kira had used. She was definitely going to strangle him once she got back to Soul Society.

It had been fifteen years since Hitsugaya's death, and still she wasn't sure whether she had gotten over it. Nothing had changed much except that Rukia had come down from Soul Society to the Human World and had settled down to a house hold life, married and with kids. Ichigo had opened a clinic in Tokyo and now worked as a part time Shinigami captain, having the paperwork sent down to the Human world and Rukia helping him too.

They now had a pair of twins –a boy and a girl- which they named Kaien and Hisana. They were expecting another kid in three months and had confirmed the name of the girl- they found out about the gender while doing an ultrasound scan. They were going to call her Masaki in honor of Ichigo's mother, much to Isshin's delight.

The rain didn't look like it was going to let up anytime soon, instead it was getting stronger by the second. Sighing again, Matsumoto wondered whether it was just her luck to get caught in the rain.

As she looked out at the rain, she spotted a figure rushing at her direction.

As the figure got closer, she was shocked.

The boy charged into the sheltered porch quickly. As soon as he reached he bent over, breathing heavily from all the running he had done. His white hair was rowdy, dripping wet matted down with rain water. His ocean blue eyes were wide like a child's, yet shown with deep understanding and wisdom. His frame was small, yet he wore the uniform of a high school student.

Matsumoto couldn't believe her eyes.

'If we're lucky, let's meet again sometime.'

He was the exact replica of Hitsugaya Toushirou.

After a while, the boy straightened, noticing Matsumoto's presence for the first time; eying her through the corner of his eye he gave her a curt nod, turning around to face the rain.

There was silence for a long time as neither said a word. Matsumoto was too surprised by the stranger's appearance and the stranger was worried about when the rain would let up. He looked at the rain with pure annoyance and clicked his tongue, checking his watch from time to time.

Matsumoto wanted to say something, but had no idea what to say. Instead, she stared at the mysterious boy. Upon noticing her gaze, he turned around to face her.

"Is there a problem?" He asked curtly, not even pretending to be polite.

It seems that he wasn't just like Hitsugaya in looks only, she mused. Even his attitude and mannerism were the same. Only when the boy cleared his throat did Matsumoto break out of her daze. "No… It's just… you look like someone I knew."

"Oh? And where is that person now?"

"He's dead," She said, in such a low voice it that was barely audible; but the stranger heard it clearly.

"Oh," He said, more subdued this time. "Sorry about that."

"No, it's nothing really."

"If you say so," the boy snorted slightly, turning his attention back to the rain that was beginning to lift lightly.

Another fifteen minutes passed before the rain finally became nothing but a drizzle. The boy immediately picked up his school bag, braving what was left of the rain and left the porch quickly before Matsumoto could even ask him what his name was.

Looking at the direction the stranger had left in, Matsumoto couldn't help but feel like fate was playing tricks on her.

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