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Mystery Dungeon: The Battle


Beyond the time of harmony between creatures

Before the time of fate

Human and Pokémon fight of features

Til' the time of date.

In desperate search they travel with good will

But then must depart

For a time comes to have holes fill

Before they fall apart.

In the end, there is no glory of truth

Nor there be sadness to weep.

They must come up and all forth

Or let the battle go steep.

Two Sneasel must learn to love together in thine

Or in difference, they will all die.

Chapter 1: Icefall Cave

The settlements were moving. Humans were moving away from Four Island. Why? Did it matter? Curiosity hits. Humans love sneaking in to capture us. And we love sneaking to capture their items. Why leave? I don't care. But is there a reason?

Those were the thoughts that passed Mare. He was one of the strongest Sneasel of the area. He was one to be given the job of looking for any suspicion. Currently, suspicion had arisen. There were humans that were disappearing, moving away. And he didn't know why.

He stood there, by the side of the rock formation leaning. There had to be a reason. Humans were weird, but to them, Pokémon were possibly the best thing. They just had to capture them. They couldn't resist. So why were they leaving?

"Mare" called a fellow member of the Icefall Cave. Another Sneasel. "Mare, humans are leaving!"

"I know," Mare stated.

The other Sneasel persisted with jumpy acts. "I can't believe it! It's gone all—all--all,"

"I am trying to think now, can you come another hour?" Mare had his stern look. The death stare.

"But this is—this is BAD!"

"How so?" Mare asked, still not interested and still looking off into the places where humans were now boarding large rafts with motors. Humans called them ferry. Sneasel called them 'Runaway Machine.'

"Well, what are we to eat from?"

"Plenty of fruits by the trees."

"That is because the humans planted them!"

"And what, we can't do the same?"

The Sneasel got frustrated and moved on his way. That was when one of the Appointers, a Weavile, stepped from the mouth of the cave entrance and to Mare's spot.

"You've noticed." the Weavile announced. Mare gave a nod. "Come, we must discuss this matter elsewhere. We can't help them."

"Appointer Irathie," Mare stated.

The Weavile stopped and turned around. "What is it, Mare?"

"I do not think this will end well. Something is going to happen. I can almost sense it."

Appointer Irathie nodded. "It is within us all that we believe something will happen. We have something in common thought. We all believe that this will not end well."

With that, Appointer Irathie continued back into the Icefall Cave. Mare stayed out for a moment, then retreated inside the coldness.

the sun beat down. It wasn't the heat that was getting to Wendy the Sneasel, but it was the fact of where they were going. Her trainer brought her down from the Port of Four Island and was now standing before the entrance with the large sign.

"This is it, Wendy," Said Teresa, her trainer. Wendy nodded. "Are you ready to visit Grandpa for one last time?" Again, another nod.

There seemed to be no more pavements where they walked. From there, on to the lonely house at the back, near the Icefall Cave, hidden from view of curious Pokémon, was an old wooden house. This house belonged to Wendy's trainer's Grandfather. If this statement were said to Teresa or a friend of Teresa while she was near, Teresa would've probably said, "Duh."

The two continued onto the front porch of the old rickety house. Teresa's Grandfather was there waiting for her. They hugged while Wendy stayed two feet behind Teresa.

"Oh, it's been so long! My how you've grown!" Teresa's Grandfather exclaimed to her. "Oh and what's this?" he asked, now giving attention to Wendy.

"Grandpa, this is Wendy. She's the one I told you about over the phone remember?"

"That Aron?" he picked up Wendy, who hardly struggled in his grips. "Oh, but she doesn't feel as hard as the Aron studies that I remembered."

"Grandpa, I know you aren't blind," Teresa stated giggling.

"Oh, but there is hardly rough hard-shell on this Aron," he said again, rubbing the Sneasel's fur. Wendy was getting slightly uncomfortable.

"Graaandpaaaa," Teresa giggled again.

"Relax deary I know this is a Sneasel. But I had you going, didn't I?" he said 'deary' like 'dreary,' which was exactly how Wendy was beginning to feel.

They talked some more. They entered the house, Wendy being placed on the floor, where she swiftly moved by the side of her trainer, in which 'Grandpa' stated, "oh my, a fast one!"

Time passed by. They began to talk about something that was happening in the Island, but Wendy chose to ignore it. It couldn't possibly be important enough for her to know about it and if it was, then Teresa would explain to her later.

There was a breeze. Wendy turned around to the door, but found it closed. She looked at the window and also found them closed, but saw that the curtains were slightly moving. As if...something was pulling at them.

Wendy couldn't explain what she saw next to her trainer even if she wanted to. Wendy felt something inside her. She gazed up, and found some kind of...bright, yellow aura, barely even visible.

Wendy was confused, and even more confused as she saw the aura descend and circle around her trainer. Wendy turned her head to one side, trying to make sense of it. The aura dissolved right into Teresa's skin, her still speaking to her Grandfather like nothing was happening. Then nothing.

And the talk went on. But Wendy kept that aura in her mind. Something was telling her that it wasn't right, and something big was going to happen because of it. It was a feeling almost everyone felt, but Wendy felt she had to protect her trainer. Something in her mind was telling her to do so. She felt this was a mission just thrown upon her.

So Wendy sat patiently and took close contact with her trainer. Something was wrong, and she knew it. She was going to find out what that aura was. That was her new goal.

Teresa was told she could sleep in one of the rooms, and so she left up the stairs. Wendy followed.