Chapter 16: Human

When Mare awoke, he found himself alone. He looked left, and then right. Wendy was gone. He stood from his spot, shaking his head. He then looked up. The sky was being covered by the trees, but it appeared to be getting late now. He was not sure exactly what time it was.

He wondered around aimlessly for awhile, not sure of where he should be going. It was only luck that brought him to Wendy and the youngling, who seemed to be playing with each other. Mare stood there for awhile, waiting for one of them to take notice upon him. Of course, it was Wendy who took notice first. She shushed the youngling and rushed up to Mare.

They said nothing; they just stared each other down for the first fifteen seconds. Wendy was the one who broke the stare down by looking back at the youngling, who began to want to crawl up her. She let the youngling, and carried him in her arms. "Are you fully awake?" Wendy asked.

"I am," Mare answered. He turned his eyes towards the youngling, and smiled for only a second. "Are you ready to continue the journey out of here?"

"Depends on whether you have a good plan to escape."

"I don't; but isn't that the fun in this?"

"I suppose we can have some fun now."

"Good," Mare said. He left it at that. The youngling now wanted to get off of Wendy, and pushed himself over her shoulder and to the ground, where he wondered in a circle for awhile. "If this keeps up, we may stay attached to this young one for awhile. Who does he belong to?"

"I'm not the one who lived in a colony Mare; you tell me."

Mare found that he himself could not figure out who the Sneasel was, or who the parents were. It unnerved him a bit to think that the Sneasel's parents could have been already dead. The sad part was that that could have actually been fact. If this was true, then the Sneasel was lucky to not know how to care for the parents yet. Or maybe he did, but he just did not react to it, believing that the parents would return soon.

"We must go now. We'll talk more about this youngling later; for now, we must figure a way out of this forest and to the main route again, if it is not destroyed. Chances for that being undestroyed are very weak, but there are chances." He motioned for Wendy to follow as he turned away, and began his walk. Wendy picked up the youngling and followed behind him. "If that child's parents are not found…" he trailed off, not knowing what to else to add.

"If this Sneasel's parents are not found, then we will have to take the liberty of taking care of him. We cannot just leave him out here; it has already been proven to be extremely dangerous for that."

Mare did not answer her, but he did not put her question behind himself. The thought of taking care of the youngling was not something that Mare would find himself doing, but if it came to that point…he was not quite sure, but he would probably try and help the youngling until he was old enough to travel away from him. The fact was that Mare did not see himself as the family Sneasel. If it would be anywhere near family, it would be him taking care of a family and making sure no harm came.

"So where should we be heading off to?" Wendy asked. Mare didn't answer. And after awhile of not doing so, he held himself, as if he was going to fall over, but did not. Wendy kept a close eye on him. He shook his head, then continued to walk. Wendy stayed behind for awhile. "Mare…when was the last time you ate?"

"Eh…yesterday…," he answered.

Wendy caught up to him. She then blocked his passage by standing right in front of him. "There are a few berry bushes around this area. You need to try some before you faint; that would not be a happy sight, for both me and the youngling. And then there is the fact that it is very bad for your well being."

Mare stared at her for what seemed like minutes, but was only seconds. He turned towards the trees, looking up. There were a few berries growing upon the branches; the light of the day swayed a beautiful light upon them, as if they were from the heavens. Mare quickly jumped onto the tree and climbed. He climbed all the way to the branches, and pulled a few berries out. And then he ate them. They seemed to be strong enough to fuel him, but Mare knew that what he really needed was water. However, figuring that he was already up there, he plucked a few and cupped them, jumping back down.

"Care to have some?" he asked.

Wendy smiled and took one. She did not eat it; she gave it to the youngling, who ate it hungrily. "He and I already ate a few of the berries; I can do without them," she said. Mare shrugged and ate a few more. He waited for the youngling to finish, and then fed him one too. The youngling seemed to be very hungry; it grabbed the last remaining that Mare held, and ate them.

"Well, since we are all fully charged for the rest of today, shall we go on?" Mare did not wait for Wendy to answer that; he began to walk by her, as if he expected her to follow him. And she did follow him. They traveled through the forest for a long while. All that seemed to happen was the trees becoming thicker and the air becoming even more humid than it already was.

At last, it appeared that the trees were clearing up. Their path to a different road was given, and soon, as they were escaping the large empty forest, they found a human road. In the distance to Mare's right, he could see a city with some sort of semi-circle shield surrounding it. To his left, the clouds seemed to be even cloudier, and only one large building was visible with another semi-circle surrounding it.

"Well," Mare began, "It appears we've found a road…" he said nothing more. Wendy passed him, looking back and forth, trying to decide which direction was better. "Wendy, maybe we should stay to the forest."


"Wendy, get over here!" he shouted. He did not even give her a chance; he pulled at her arm, and dragged her back towards the forest. He pushed her behind a tree, where he held her there with the youngling. Wendy was confused as to what Mare was doing, but Mare shushed her.

Slowly, he took a peak at the road. A human vehicle slowly drove by, protected by what seemed to be massive amounts of weapons. Those were the things that Mare hated about humans; they had no power of elements of their own, so they create them. All types, so that they can combat several types of Pokémon.

Once the humans were gone, Mare released his grip on Wendy. He had not realized how tight he had gripped her until she tried to slash at him. She tried, but Mare moved back a little. He was still hit by her slash, but not as powerful as it would have been had he not moved.

"Mare!" she began. "You have to warn me, please! That hurt…" she held her arm, where Mare had dug his claw in unknowingly. "If you want to make sure someone lives, then do not force even more harm to them." She turned to the youngling, trying to see if he was hurt. But he seemed to not have been; it was as if the youngling was completely oblivious to what Mare had just done.

"Wendy, I am sorry; but the humans were coming. I had to do something; I was not going to stand still and wait for them to spot us."

"But you could have told me that there were humans coming than taking it all to yourself and pulling me in an uncomfortable manner!"

Mare was not going to listen to her; he tried to help, and she spat at him for a small bruise. It was an accidental one, but it was well worth it considering the fact that she instead could have been dead had he done nothing. If she was going to be that way, as in, not thank him for saving her, then fine. He was not going to care for that. The point was that she was alive, and he had saved someone. If anything, he was glad that he had saved the youngling. The youngling was part of his colony.

Mare looked the opposite way of Wendy. They both had their backs to each other. The youngling was in the middle, very confused as to what was happening. He looked at Wendy, then back at Mare. He could not see the emotions that Mare and Wendy were giving off, and as such, just stood and watched, unaware.

Eventually, Mare turned around to face her. She was looking back at the road, and had no intentions of looking at him. He sighed, and slowly neared her. The youngling walked by his feet, looking up at Mare, unsure of what he was going to do. Once Mare was right behind her, the youngling jumped onto Wendy. That was enough for her to turn around, to find Mare staring her down.


"Please Wendy; for the youngling's sake, let's not fight here. We have to keep ourselves together if we plan on surviving this human land. We know nothing of it, and could easily fall to the humans. In order for us to live through this, we need to stay alert. I am sorry that I gave no warning to you, but believe me; it was to protect you."

Wendy waited for him to say some more. But, it appeared as if that was all he had to say. No other words escaped his mouth, and he appeared to be waiting for her answer. She shrugged, and said, "Fine. Mare, don't be too rough; I am not the colony. I am me, and if you do a little thing known as communication, then we can both work this out perfectly."

"Wendy, come on. I know of communication; it is something I was always supposed to do with the colony. I was just in…I don't know, I guess you can call it fear. Fear of falling to the humans. I can honestly say that I've never felt that way. The way my heart jumped; it has never happened to me like that. Normally, I would analyze it easily, and then have a reasonable unrushed way to solve it. This—what happened here—I am not sure what went through my mind, but it was to protect us from the humans. You have to believe me on that."

"I never said that I did not, but please, just don't do it again." She paused for a moment, thinking of what else she could add to him. but she could not think of anything else, so she ended it with, "so, which way should we be going?"

Mare looked at the road again, undecided. "Well, taking in the fact that the vehicle came from the left side, I would think that they have some sort of settlement over there that is bringing in more humans towards that location over there," he pointed to the city at his right side. "If this is true, then eventually, that settlement to my right will be full of them. At the same time, if they are barely beginning to send more humans that way, then they can have a massive amount back there," he pointed towards his left. "so…I believe the best action to take would—,"

He stopped, not finishing. He heard something behind him. He looked at Wendy, questioning if she had heard it too. She nodded. Mare turned around, looking behind him at the location where they had just come from. Leafs and trees were rustling as whatever was back there made its way towards the road. Wendy pulled the youngling behind her as they waited to see who the form was.

What came out of the trees was exactly what Mare and Wendy feared; a human. The man stood in some sort of path that he had created, and fully stopped once he saw the Sneasels. Mare tried to read his expression. Although he did not know which expressions meant what in humans, if he were to interpret that to Sneasel, then his face would most likely show something along the lines of, "hey…this isn't where I'm supposed to be…"

He held a metal pole in his hand. He pulled it in front of him, as if he were about to use it to block some type of attack. He gave several hand gestures. Mare was unsure of exactly what they meant.

"What is he doing?" Wendy asked.

"You're the one that was trained by them; you should know more than I do," Mare answered.

"Well…if I were another human seeing this…I would assume that he'd be signaling for other humans to capture us…"

That was definitely something that Mare did not want. So in a swift blow, he shot an ice beam directly at the human. It would have been simple; freeze the human, then leave him. But the human did something unexpected; he spun the metal pole he held, and the ice seemed to have been…absorbed into it, as strange as that sounded. But it looked even stranger, and when the human stopped spinning it, the pole was full of snow.

Mare turned to Wendy. He said nothing, but the message could not have been any clearer. She and he ran from the spot, Wendy carrying the youngling. They ran directly onto the human road and crossed, running towards the woods on the other side. None looked behind them, afraid that there would be more humans appearing any second. But none did; even after they were on the other side of the road.

Both Mare and Wendy turned back. The human was still on the other side, but did not follow them. He just stared at them. It was kind of creepy, actually. It was as if he was warning them of something. Or, at least that was what Wendy read on his eyes. She had tried to read him like how she read Teresa. What she was getting was something else than what she expected the human to be thinking; runaway, you are unsafe, I want to help…they were all around those areas. And there was no chance that those could be true…could they?

The human turned from his spot and ran back the other way. Mare looked straight on, waiting to see if he brought company with him. But the human did not return. Mare found himself looking at nothing, waiting for an invisible person to return. No one was going to come back; a full minute passed, and no human exited through the forest.

Mare turned back to Wendy, as if she had the answer to what they had just seen. But she was clueless as he. The human popping up was very spontaneous and random to them both; it made no sense. But, at least they were not attacked. That was a good thing.

After having a few seconds to recoup themselves, they slowly began to walk through the woods, staying near the road. They were heading towards the large city covered by the semi-circle. What they were going to do when they got there was uncertain, but it was somewhere to go. Most likely, they would find some answers if any.