The Most Unexpected Things

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FlamedraSeer7213: This will be short… It's a Oneshot for Kage Mistress of Shadows, ya.

Uzumaki Naruto

The Loudest Ninja in the entire village of Konohagakure.

Blonde Hair

Blue Eyes

He's cheerful


Oldest One out of the Dangerous Sand Siblings

Blonde Hair

Black/Green Eyes

She's sort of sadistic

Gaara had been suspecting something wrong with Temari. How she seemed to talk about that Uzumaki kid more than normal. She had just walked right by Shikamaru the minute they had arrived at Konohagakure.

"I missed you."

Temari had said that before pulling the younger boy into a hug, their spiky blonde hair meeting. Naruto had turned pink. She was rubbing her cheek against his.

Gaara narrowed his eyes. That had never happened before. She was known for her large metal fan, not her big bear hugs and how she rubbed her cheeks. -cringe- As a matter of fact, she was known for not having any interest in anyone at all.

So why the hell were Temari and Naruto kissing in the middle of the rain!?

Gaara rubbed his temples. "You know what?" He thought, walking back to the inn where the sand siblings were staying at. "I don't even want to know anymore..."

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