Long Distance Has Its Kinks

Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine!

Summary: A bunch of oneshots of the pairing NaruTema. Requested by Kage Mistress of Shadows. What happens when the unexpected happens?


Of course all of you Naruto people know that Naruto lives in Konohagakure and Temari lives in Sunagakure right?

One must wonder how they stay in contract, being at least three days of travel away.

So this is where this story begins.


"Oi! Gaara! I'm going to get some rest before I finish the rest of the paperwork okay?" The silent Kazekage nodded, letting his older sister leave the office.

Temari flopped down on her bed, pulling out a cloth to shine her fan with. As she reached over to get her fan, her phone caught her eye. "Maybe I should call Naruto?" She hesitated, pondering. Finally, she dropped her cloth on the floor and walked over to the phone, pulling out a chair to sit in automatically.

She punched in the numbers and waited impatiently for him to pick up.

"Hello? Uzumaki Naruto, 6th Hokage speaking."


The Kyuubi vessel on the other line smirked and dismissed everyone in his office. "Konbanwa, Temari-koi." Naruto purred on the other line.

Temari gave herself a little devilish grin. "Naruto-kuuun… where did we leave off last time?"

"I believe I was telling you how sexy you are… such kissable lips, so addictive like morphine."

"I could say the same with you…"

And this conversation carried on.

…Until Gaara came into the room, an apathetic look on his face. "Temari, who are you talking to?"

Temari froze, her left hand clapped over the receiver. "Umm… I'm talking to the Hokage Gaara…"

Gaara smiled. "Is that so? Well can I speak to him? It's been sometime since I've talked to one of my fellow Kages."

"Umm… I'll go check if it's okay with him, okay?" Gaara nodded.

"What is it Temari-koi? Some kind of trouble?"

"Umm… Hokage-sama, Gaara would like to speak to you."

She could hear Naruto clearing his voice and getting into what he called his "Kage Mode". A minute later he answered in a voice that was serious and business like. "Certainly."

She handed over the phone to Gaara. "Here."

"Thank you." Gaara placed the phone against his ear.

"Hi Naruto? Yeah it's me. I'm fine, how is the Kage life treating you? Good? Hmm… what were you discussing with my sister? Oh the peace treaty. Don't worry about that, we're on good terms. Okay then, I'm going to give the phone back to Temari okay? Yes, it was nice hearing from you too."

Gaara handed the phone back to Temari. "When you're done with the phone call, I want to see you in my office okay? We have to finish all that paper work."

Temari nodded mutely and watched Gaara exit the room.

"Sorry Naruto-kun, let's start from where we left off, okay…?"


Meanwhile, Gaara made a turn in the hallway and went into his office. Kankurou was sitting in a chair, tape recorder in one hand and phone in the other. Gaara smirked. "How'd I do?" Kankurou gave him a thumbs up. "Okay, Temari's hanging up now and… done!" Kankurou announced, pressing the stop button on the tape recorder.

Gaara placed the phone back on the hook and Kankurou took out the tape and played it.

"I believe I was telling you how sexy you are… such kissable lips, so addictive like morphine."

"I could say the same with you…"

Both of them grinned. "Oh this is going to be some good blackmail…" They both thought as the doorknob started to turn and Temari entered the room.