Morning, this is hinataheir, a Deidara/Hinata lover. I love it so much I'm making a story of this pairing and your reading it.

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Chapter one:

A day at the training grounds, somthing Hinata did everyday. Her life, a heiress to the clan Hyuuga, wasn't easy. She was always pushed around, and to kind and caring to do anything. That was just who she was. Destiny seemed so hard on her, but she didn't know that would soon change this very day.

Kiba stopped punching the worn out dummy and looked back at his teamates. "Damn, is it me or do we always seem to do the same thing everyday?"

Shino nodded in agreement for a first time. "Kiba's right, for a change,"

"Hmm, lets do somthing else! Sensel isn't here so lets do somthing eles!" Hinata got up from her seat and walked over to both males.

"I-i agree" it was silent for a minute before Kiba smiled as he looked back at Shino and Hinata, who stared back.

"I got it! Why don't we play, um like a hide and seek game, you know to test our clan skills!" for once he actuly thought of a good thing, they would split up, somone will have to find the other two who will use there ninja skills to avoid them. "So what about it?"

"Agreed, Hinata?" she looked at both male teamates before smiling and nodding, a yes in the case.

With Hinata

The sun shined down on Hinata who ran through the forest looking for a hidding spot. Anyone would have thought it would be easy, but realy it wasn't. In the end Kiba was the one to have to find the others, which made a good hiding spot hard to find. Time past before Hinata came to a stop, were was she? Tall trees were everywere, making were she was very hard to see. How long had she been running? The sun was begining to settle very fast.

"Oh no, I-i think I'm lost! Oh n-no..."

Looking around didn't help much, she began to panic at all the thoughts that came into her head. Hinata was so worried about were she was she didn't even pay attention to the human body that watched her every move. Taking a step forward, somthing fast swopped down... it was all black with red clouds.


"Well look what we have here, un" Hinata slowly looked up finding the source of the voice. It was a male with blonde hair and an eye not able to be seen, not much older then she was. Blushing like mad Hinata bowed.

"I-i'm v-very sorry, I s-should watch w-were I'm g-going!" her head touched his chest.

"Sorry? What are you doing here anyways, un?" the only thing on his mind was...who is this girl,un? doesn't she see the cloak, un?.. Hinata took a deep breath before looking up at him.

"I'm - I w-was l-lost.. sorry i-if I c-caused y-you any trouble..., may I a-ask your n-name?" even now, Hinata couldn't help the studder that came out. She was so closed to the male ninja, she didn't even see him stiffen at the touch of her breast. He stepped back to stare at her.

"Sigh, just call me Deidara,un, and yours? I can tell your a Hyuuga be your eyes, un" Deidara could have sworn he heard her gasp but shrugged it off.

"Yes, I-I am. It's H-Hinata Hyuuga," just before anything eles could happen she heard his voice.

"Hyuuga then,un. I hate to do this but-" Deidara's fingers were behind her neck before she felt two tappings on her back she blacked out...oh no, weres he... going to.. take me..? somone help... please... "- I have to take you to the Akatsuki, nobody should know where this place is... sorry,un" he felt guilty for having to nock her out like that, but the Akatsuki leader has requested him to bring whoever was close to the Akatsuki hidout. Putting her on his back wasn't to hard since she was very light.

The sun had now gone and was replaced by the moon, it was much darker now, but Deidara knew were he was going. He used the bird like animal that he and Hinata were on for travel. She was still asleep. This gave Deidara a chance to look at her better... in a more intamate way. For one she was very pale, strang for somone who had such red lips. Deidara always thought his hair was long but compard to her long blue hair, it was nothing. She had a very curvy body...

Deidara looked away, what was he thinking? Apart of his mind was confused while the other was smirking... "This is going to be one hell of a long a day, un..." they had reached the hideout.

Tsunades office

Work was being boring again, so now Tsunade was drunk and wobbly read the book she was given. It was such a pain, just then the page turned to Lees profile as a chunin, "Ahahaha, hey look, its barnie! I love barnie, yep sweat'ol barnie, ah i remember in the old days when that show used to come on, he tought me, tought me what sex and were babies came from!"

Her thoughts were cut short by the door busting open. It was Kiba and Shino. "Tsunade-sama-!"

"Hey, look who came, sup homedog" Tsunade wobbly stared at Kiba, who didn't get it. Shino sighed.

"Tsunade-sama, are you drunk?" she stared blankly at him.

"Wha? Not, me drunk! Just with my homboy Kiba!" again Shino sighed, this was going to be a long day.

Chapter End

It may not seem like it but I actuly like this pairing alot. I'm sorry if this is a short chapter, i'm starting to get used to them... please reveiw and tell me what you think!