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Three men jumped up, and out of the gates, their mission, Find Hinata! "Were could she be?! Its been hours and she hasnt showed up!" The loudest of the three, Kiba with his dog Akamaru. The clouds began to swell, becoming grayer, and bigger. Shiney round, black glasses laid eyes on the dog nin, sighing. "What if sombody stole her!!"

"Kiba, calm down, we aren't gettin anywere with you yellin every 5 minutes," Shino was in between the two other ninja, to bussy fighting with kiba to notice one of their members came to a sudden halt. Him and Kiba looked back wondering what was wrong.

"Its gettin cloudy... and FAST. We don't have time to be aurgueing.." Sasuke, who hadnt made as much As a noise as a mouse, finaly spoke. And for once, he made since. The other two nins, looked up, noticeing the clouds gather around.

Kiba looked around, "thats weird, it was sunny just a moment ago..." then akamaru wined, licking KMiba's hand. "I know akamaru, I miss her to..." Shino glanced back at Kiba, knowing very he still had a child crush on her. Sasuke countinued to look up, before he kept running, this time, without waiting for the other two, who soon followed. For a missin nin who got brang back by Naruto, Sasuke made a pretty good leader. But it didnt change Kiba's and Shino's constant obserbance. Feeling both male's eyes on his back once more, Sasuke sighed, why did HE, of all Ninja's in the Leaf, have to help find team 8's konoichi... He hadnt seen her since the chunin exams, but he didnt care.


White eyes stared at the large winodw of the Akatsuki layer. Why was she here? It had been about an hour, and still no sign of the blonde haired nin, gettin up, she examined the room she was in. Eeverything was pitch black, except the large window, which showed a darkened sky, signaly rain. "W-were am I?" noticing she wouldnt get an answer from the wall, the found a coner. Feeling its walls, she put her back up against it, slidding down. Here she was, in a dark room, at the akatsuki's mercy, and she had NO idea what was goin to happen to her.

She could see the thunder brighten the sky with its electifying light. Soon after did the rain began to drizzle down, it was weird, the sky seemed to show Hinata's feelings. Just then, in the midest of the dark, she heard the sound of a door creeking open. Her head shot up, in suprise, wiping her tears as she got up.

"Hinata-san?" the same voice as the one from before... "Hinata? Are you there, un" small sniff caught his attention. Deidara looked around for the source, to see a frightened Hinata standing in the corner. He walked over to her, his only light being that of the thunder. " Would you like... son ramen,un?" his eyes stared down at her swollen white ones. He offered his hand out, only to have her cry out.

"I-I'm fin-" looking at Deidara's blonde hair, reminded her so much of Naruto, thinkin of him made her cry even more. Deidara looked at her with sympathy, as she slid back down. He didnt know what to do but to stare. After a few minutes of hearing her cry, he put his back up againts the wall, and slidd down to the floor right next to her. "Huh,?" Hinata looked confused by his actions, before she felt his finger touch her cheek. She looked up at him as he did so.

"Don't cry, I hate to see an angel brake...un" it suprised him that she would let him wipe her tears away. He looked into her eyes once more, almost seeing right through her blushing figure

Sniffing once more ontil she spoke "... Were.. am I?" choking the words out, before getting a response.

"Well your in the corner of a room, crieing..." he smiled at her before pickin her limp figure up. ".. and now your going to get out of it, un" she looked at the direction he came from, grabbing his sleeves for suport. She didnt know were she was, she didnt know anything, the only thing she could trust was Deidara, and even then, she really didnt know him.

After a few minutes of wiping her tears with his sleeves Deidara grabed her free hand pullin her to the door. "W-were are we going, Deid-dara?" she countiued to blush harder, no 1 ever held her hand like he did. Realizing he wasn't going to say anything, she looked around the hallways they had entered. It was long, and had no lights, only windows and small fire lamps on each side. Just then we stopped a a door, the one at the far end.

"Who's that?" just then a red head apperd on the other side of the door, looking straight at Hinata. His eyes peaicring straight through her, frightend by his words, Hinata hid behind Deidara.

"A girl I caught in the woods, why do YOU care, Sasori-san??" there was a silence in the room before The red head sighed.

"Thats just it, I DONT care... " Deidara glared at him before looking at the shaking figure behind him.

Noticeing the blonde smile Sasori gave him a questioning look, "She'e really beutifull un!"


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