Saying And Playing

Roy Harper

Her mouth wasn't saying much, but her body sure was.

He'd tracked a gunrunning ring to Bludhaven, and since Nightwing was on his honeymoon with Barbara, Dinah, courtesy of Oracle, had directed him to work with Batgirl.

He'd met up with her on a rooftop in the slightly less seedy part of town and she was…something. A petite package of deadly grace wrapped up in skin-tight black leather.

He'd had wet dreams that weren't that hot. So it was reasonable that he wasn't as smooth as he normally was when talking to the ladies. "Hi, I'm Roy Harper. Uh…Arsenal? You're Batgirl, right?" When she didn't seem inclined to take his hand, he withdrew it, wondering if maybe it was him or if maybe her 'lack of social skills' that Di had told him about included not knowing how to shake hands.

She just nodded.

If he didn't know that Batman did work with metas, he would have sworn that Batgirl was telepathic, because no sooner had he thought that her mask was cute, but he wished she'd take it off, than…she did.

Take off the mask.

And she was…not cute, her eyes, a beautiful, rich brown, were too old for 'cute' but she was definitely…something. Shiny black hair that hung to her chin, pert little nose and rosy cheeks, a small scar near her temple and another under the curve of left jaw.

Lips made for smiling, or kissing, but right at that moment were set in a curious little quirk.

Roy blinked, and smiled, said, "Hey there, beautiful brown eyes. Do I get a name to go with the pretty face?" His flirtation skills had never failed him, and he'd never had a problem with finding something attractive about a woman.

Some might consider that a failing, but, well, Roy didn't.

A flicked of a smile passed across those luscious lips. "Cass," she said, in a husky, low voice that sent shivers up Roy's spine.

Roy found it very hard to keep his mind on his work and off of Batgirl…Cass…while they rounded up the gunrunners, but he managed. When they'd caught all the bad guys and Arsenal had talked to the police that picked them up to take them to jail, Roy had joined Batgirl back on their roof. They were finally finished, and alone once more. Roy wondered if it would be too much to ask for her phone number. Then he wondered if she even had a phone.

But mostly, high on the adrenaline from the night and seeing her flushed face, nicely developed chest heaving with each breath she took, Roy just really wanted to kiss her.

So he did. Or she did; afterwards, Roy was never quite sure who started it. All he knew was that when he started moving towards her, she started moving towards him.

He had quite a bit of experience in this arena, and he could say without a doubt that Cassandra Cain was a great kisser.

He definitely would be working in Bludhaven more often.