Saying And Playing

Cassandra Cain

His mouth was saying quite a bit, but his body was saying more.

His mouth said, "Hi, I'm Roy Harper. Uh…Arsenal? You're Batgirl, right?" He held out his hand, but Cass was more focused on hearing what he wasn't saying.

His body said that he felt lust/want/interest for her. Then he thought that she was…cute…in her mask, but wanted her to take it off.

They had to talk about the case tonight, and there was no one else around…

So she did.

He blinked, and smiled, said, "Hey there, beautiful brown eyes. Do I get a name to go with the pretty face?"

His body said that he…thought her eyes were beautiful, and that her face was pretty. That was…odd. Most people didn't say as much as they usually thought. Or at least as truthfully.

She did. "Cass."

He grinned, again, gestured towards the docks and said, "You ready?" His body was wondering if she kicked ass as much as Dick/Nightwing/short pants said she did.

She decided to show him.

He didn't talk nearly as much as she would have expected. He seemed to know that she could read his body language, and while he made more hand motions than were necessary, it was nice to have a quiet night of crime-fighting that didn't involve Batman. She and her mentor were a lot alike, but he was much too broody.

Also, he didn't like ice cream, which Cass considered practically sacrilege.

She let Arsenal go talk to the police; her verbal skills still weren't good enough that she'd chance having a conversation with a cop. Then he joined her on the rooftop they'd originally met on. Cass felt herself go warm all over as she saw him, broad chest heaving a little with exertion, a wide smile on his face, liquid, languid grace rolling through his body as he walked towards her.

Roy's thoughts were quick and blurry, but mostly consisted of more of the want/lust/need that he'd been feeling when they'd first met. Then a flash of decision that he was going to kiss her, along with the hope that she didn't object/kick his ass.

She had two options, and since she had no objections, she met him halfway, instead of disabling him.

Batman had told her that one didn't 'take out' allies unless they had gone rogue. And besides, she was curious.

When their lips pressed together, she felt a moment of hesitation – from himself or her, she knew not – and then moved against him, allowing his tongue access to her mouth when he 'asked' for it.

She didn't have much experience in this arena, but she thought that Roy Harper was a good kisser.

She hoped he came to work in Bludhaven more often.