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Chapter 1: The Cat's Curse

"I still say you should have stayed back at the village, Kagome," Inuyasha grumbled to the girl walking beside him.

"Why?" Kagome asked him as if she really didn't know.

"Why?" Inuyasha stared disbelievingly at her. "Why do you think? Because the villagers said that this youkai attacks women!"

"So? Sango-chan's a woman too," Kagome pointed out matter-of-factly.

"Sango's different!" Inuyasha stated irritably. "She's a taiji-ya and can take care of herself."

Bristling at this comment, Kagome frowned and said, "I can take care of myself as well."

Inuyasha tilted his head away from her and rolled his eyes. "Sure you can."


"Ga-ruph!" Inuyasha's face hit the ground while Kagome continued walking. The others stopped behind him as the hanyou was blocking their path.

Miroku looked down at him. "Inuyasha, if Kagome-sama wants to go with us then we shouldn't really stop her."

"Besides, these 'attacks' have been leaving the women unharmed," Sango added thoughtfully. "It's weird, but it seems all this youkai has been doing is touching the women."

Shippo put his hands behind his head. "It sounds just as bad as being around Miroku."

Aware of a new scent in the air, Inuyasha got up on his feet swiftly and sniffed. "The youkai!"

Alarmed, the others put their guard up.

"Is it nearby?" Miroku leaned back to the others as he gripped his staff.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha leaped ahead to catch up and warn her, the others chasing after him. "Kagome!" he called out to her.

"Hm?" Kagome turned around to see Inuyasha dashing towards her. "What is it?"

"The youkai!" he shouted. "It's – huh?"

"Eh?" Kagome was surprised when something long and furry hung down from the tree braches above her. The others came to a stop when they reached Kagome, and stared at the odd object with just as much wonderment. The furry thing swung in front of Kagome's face, tickling her nose. When it curled itself around her face however, Kagome jumped back.

The object reeled back up into the trees, someone then swinging down from the branch so that they were looking at Kagome upside down. This someone turned out to be a female, who twitched the fuzzy pointed ears on her head as she said to Kagome, "Hi there, cutie!"

"Huh?" Kagome blinked at this peculiar being.

"It's the youkai!" Inuyasha growled. As he unsheathed Tessaiga, Inuyasha swung at the youkai. Before he connected, the youkai retreated up into the trees.

Poking her head back down, she asked, "Hey, what was that for?"

Inuyasha raised a threatening fist at the youkai. "What do you think!?"

"Hn…?" The youkai reeled back up into the trees, leaping back down behind Kagome in one swift motion. She flipped her messy short auburn hair. Chuckling she smirked, "Getting angry just because I've found a new toy?"

Inuyasha was torn between feelings of frustration and bafflement. "E-Excuse me!?"

Miroku took a turn stepping up to the youkai. "Are you the one who's been harassing the local village women?"

She shrugged. "I wouldn't call it harassment. It's only harassment if they don't like it."

"Which they don't," Sango said flatly.

"Oh… Well, that doesn't matter now since I have this little kitten here." She put her arms around Kagome's waist from behind, "Right?" slowly slinking her hand up Kagome's blouse.

Kagome's face went red at the unexpected advancements. "A-a-a-"

"Don't touch her!" Inuyasha attempted to bat the youkai away, but she only dodged it, bringing Kagome along with her.

The neko-youkai sneered. "What? Is the doggy upset because I was having too much fun with his woman?"

"G-g-g-" Inuyasha knew he should probably be furious with this obscene youkai, but those statements she kept making caused his mind to stick.

"Hm…" Miroku mused thoughtfully. "So there are others like Jakotsu out there…"

"Huh?" Shippo and Sango stared at the monk incredulously.

"But really inu-gaki, how were you able to find a girl as cute as this one?" She traced a finger along Kagome's jaw line. "Hm… you're not from around here, are you? This kimono is really flimsy; not that I mind or anything." She leant over, picking up the hem of Kagome's skirt.

Kagome's eyes widened. "Wahh! Don't!" She tried to wrangle out of the youkai's grasp.

"Houshi-sama, shouldn't we be doing something about this?"

"Uh – right! Like, um…" Miroku was attempting to divide his attention between Sango and the scene before him rather unsuccessfully.

"Iyaaa!" Kagome screeched.

Sango couldn't stand the lack of neuron connections from the boys any longer. "Move!" She shoved Miroku out of the way, running past Inuyasha as she drew her katana. Leaping into the air, she flipped over and came down neatly behind the youkai and Kagome, turning to cut though the captor. The youkai however just as neatly jumped out of the way with Kagome before Sango was able to make contact.

"Ha. Nice try taiji-ya, but you're just not quick enough."

Sango lifted up her katana, pointing it at the youkai warningly. "Let go of Kagome-chan right now!"

The youkai paused, eyes gazing over Sango curiously. "Hm… you are rather pretty." She tossed her head. "Though not my type."

"What?" Sango blinked in disbelief. "I believe I told you to let her go," she threatened.

Once again pondering over the taiji-ya, the youkai pointed at Kagome and said casually, "Oh, is she yours?"

Shippo and Kirara simply appeared surprised while Inuyasha nearly choked and Miroku looked like he was trying to suppress a gleeful laugh.

Face red, Sango spluttered, "Wha-what nonsense are you saying!?"

"Oh, so she's not. In that case…" The youkai leaped over Sango with Kagome, "I'll be off then!"

Sango gave chase, shouting, "Hold it!" leaving the others behind.

The youkai continued dashing through the forest, weaving through the trees with amazing agility. She only stopped when the area cleared and she was faced with a lake barricading her in. "Rats, no escape."

"That's what I was just about to say." Sango was right behind her, eyes glaring. "Give her back now."

Smirking, the youkai pulled Kagome closer, causing the schoolgirl to squeak. "I'm actually quite possessive of my things."

"Kagome-chan is not yours, nor is she a thing."

At this, the youkai replied, "That hanyou, right? Please, him and her? Terrible match in my opinion; I have certain standards." She raised an eyebrow. "If you had said yes to my question before, I might have reconsidered. But since you didn't…" Her tail slithered around Kagome's leg, slowly making its way upwards.

Sango demanded that the youkai stop, Kagome whining as she knew all too well what was about to happen to her. Ignoring both of them, the youkai continued her advancement.

Afraid she might hurt Kagome if she tried to attack; Sango fretfully searched her mind for an appropriate solution. Kagome however felt a deep sense of panic, so she blurted out:

"Wait!" When she spoke, the youkai actually did pause to listen to her, Sango watching Kagome carefully to see what the next move would be. Kagome braced herself. "There's no point in hiding it anymore." She took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she shouted, "Sango-chan is my lover!"

For a split-second Sango's mind blanked out before becoming a mess of staggered thought patterns, the taiji-ya nearly collapsing to the ground when she heard Kagome.

Amazed, the youkai looked over at Sango and asked, "Is this true?"

Still in disarray, Sango stuttered, "Uh… well…"

Then the neko-youkai said, "Prove it."

"Eh?" Sango blinked.

The youkai retorted, "Come over here and prove it."

Quite naively, Sango replied, "But… how?"

Lifting up her head, Kagome told the youkai, "She's just shy. Let me go and I'll prove it."

Taking just a moment to think this over, the youkai released her grip on the girl, eyeing her as Kagome stepped towards Sango.

When Kagome stopped in front of Sango, the taiji-ya looked back at Kagome with unease and confusion. Though hesitating at first, Kagome quickly brought a hand behind Sango's neck, pulling her down so Kagome could plunder her lips with her own. Though at first shocked, it finally hit Sango what the youkai meant by wanting proof as Kagome positioned their hands and continued the kiss. When she pulled away, Kagome turned to the youkai and leant into Sango, keeping the older girl's arms around her waist as Kagome waited for approval.

Shrugging, she said, "Well, I guess that was good enough." Her eyes looked past the two girls. "What do you guys think?"

Kagome and Sango jerked around. Standing at the edge of the forest were the others, surprise and wonder smeared across their faces.

All at once neko-youkai came up to the girls, murmuring, "But don't expect me not to be jealous." Her arm came up, claws cutting into Sango's own arm.

"Sango-chan!" Kagome steadied her friend as she stumbled back, her hand upon the open wound.

"Later kitten," were the last words spoken by the youkai before taking off into the darkness.

The boys and Kirara reached the girls, Inuyasha cursing at the youkai for running away. Meanwhile the others were concerned with Sango's well-being, her unconscious self lying against Kagome.

Miroku knelt down beside them. "How did she lose consciousness when she was only cut on her arm? Was there something in her claws?"

"I don't know…" Kagome watched Sango's pained expression, wondering what she was going through right now. Kirara mewed next to her partner.

At eye-level with Sango's arm, Shippo exclaimed, "Ah – look!" The torn skin was beginning to come back together, blood receding from where it once had been until all evidence of the injury except for gashed clothing were gone.

"What? The wound is gone." Kagome looked back at Sango's face, her anguish the only thing that hadn't disappeared. "She's not waking up."

Miroku shook his head. "That can't be good."

Inuyasha leant in to see for himself. "What does it mean?"

"Though I don't like it…" Miroku took note of Sango's breathing. "I suppose we'll have to wait to find out."

- - -

Sango awoke in the middle of the night, the cabin engulfed with darkness. Shaking her head as she got up, she wondered what had happened between this and when she felt the youkai's claws tearing through her skin. She tried to feel for the wound amidst the shadows, but didn't find anything wrong at all. Pushing it aside for now, Sango stepped out to find some suitable moonlight.

Soon after, her friends were yanked out of their sleep by a booming cry from outside.

"Wha-what was that?" Shippo squeaked.

Kagome looked around and quickly found that Sango was missing. Pointing this out to the others, they leapt up and ran from the cabin. Inuyasha picked up her scent and lead them to nearby trees where someone was standing amongst the bushes. When Inuyasha shouted to get their attention, the figure turned with a jerk. Everyone gaped at the person in front of them; a male, wearing Sango's clothing.

Miroku briskly stepped forward and grabbed the scruff of the intruder's neck. "You pervert! What have you done with Sango?"

As disorientated as he was, the person in Miroku's grasp spluttered, "Houshi-sama, it's me!"

Smacked with confusion from this answer, Miroku breathed, "What?"

"It's me, Sango!" the other said quite panicky.

The monk scanned his eyes over him; his narrow eyes, broad shoulders, and a height that nearly matched his own. Quite emphatically he exclaimed, "No way you're Sango!"

"You fool! Just because I don't have a woman's body you don't think I am who I say I am!?"

Kirara stepped over and looked up at the pair. For a moment she blinked at the unfamiliar person, but soon came closer.

Taking notice of this, Shippo said, "Oh, Kirara, do you really think it's Sango?"

Kagome took another look for herself. "If Kirara is reacting that way, maybe he really is Sango-chan."

Inuyasha fidgeted. "Hey, if you really are Sango, then prove it to us!"

"Proof?" The stranger grunted. "Fine, then. Houshi-sama is a lecherous, womanizing monk who can't keep his hands to himself; Inuyasha has a terrible temper and can't stop thinking about Kikyou even at the expense at Kagome-chan's feelings; Shippo always sleeps with Kagome-chan; Naraku has my brother Kohaku doing his bidding; and Kagome-chan is the reincarnation of said miko who Inuyasha can't forget about."

There was a moment of silence as the others stared at him, confirming what he said.

Placing her hands over her chest Kagome gasped, "It really is Sango-chan!"

"But why'd she have to say negative stuff about Miroku and me?" Inuyasha grumbled accusingly.

Quick to answer, Shippo stated with jest, "It's because those are the most obvious character traits," after which Inuyasha made a grab at him and Shippo scurried to the safety of Kagome.

Still stunned, Miroku lowered Sango and she readjusted her rumpled clothing. "Sango… it's really you?"

"Yes," she replied distastefully, avoiding his gaze.

"But -" It dawned on the monk. "That wound the youkai gave you…?" He said this in an unsure manner.

Kagaome's mind went back to an incident resembling this one. "A cat's curse?"

Distressed, Sango ranted, "What kind of curse is this to make me a male?"

"I told you we should have gone after her!" Inuyasha sped off to search for the youkai, ignoring the calls of his friends.

"Well, maybe he'll come back with something useful," Miroku decided, not too concerned about Inuyasha getting into more trouble.

- - -

As he went, Inuyasha would pause to check the air, and then be on the trail once again. Finally, he kicked off from the ground up into the trees, grabbing at someone perched there and taking them back down.

"Ke – get off me you stupid mutt!"

Inuyasha had her on the ground, his hands keeping her there. "Or what? I'm already a male in case you haven't noticed!"

She gave him a queer look, almost as if she didn't know what he meant by that. Her lips twitched. "Oh, is this about the taiji-ya?"

Pulling her up onto her feet, Inuyasha demanded, "Reverse what you did to her!"

Unfazed by his attitude, she replied, "Even if I wanted to I couldn't."

"What?" He tightened the hold on the front of her clothes.

"Ha. Just because I caused this, you think I have the ability to reverse it?"

"Listen, you -"

"But it doesn't mean I don't know how to undo it." With this response, Inuyasha relaxed grip but still held on. "Someone else has to undo it for her."

"Someone else? You mean like a priest or something?"

She laughed at him. "I don't think a priest can do it for her." Again she laughed, clearly amused with what Inuyasha had said.

"What are you going on about?" Not getting a straight answer out of her was testing Inuyasha's patience and making him more irritated.

"I don't think it's something you can handle." Before Inuyasha could make another rough retort, she swiped at him, causing him to let go so she could bound into the trees. She did leave him with one more thing though: "You already know someone who can help her."

When Inuyasha returned later that evening, he relayed what had happened to the others. They also couldn't make much out of what the youkai had said.

"We already know someone who can help her, but… not someone with spiritual powers?" Miroku tried to figure out this puzzle to no avail.

"What does that mean?" Shippo mused.

"It means I won't be getting my body back," Sango voiced miserably.


Sango stood abruptly. "I think I'll go back to my village." She picked up her belongings and motioned Kirara outside.

Kagome's surprised eyes followed her. "What? Why?"

"I'll find some new clothes. My own won't fit me right now." Sango said this with a distant but defensive tone. "You can go on to the next village. I'll manage."

Not liking this, Kagome got up on her feet. "Wait, I'll go with you."

"Kagome-chan, you don't -"

"I know that you probably want to be by yourself, but…" Kagome raised her shoulders. "I don't want you to be alone."

Sango stared at her for a moment before agreeing to let the young girl tag along.

When they left, Shippo said, "Sango seems really depressed about this."

"Changing to the opposite gender and not knowing if you'll be able to go back…" Inuyasha mulled, "I think it'd take anyone some time to adjust."

Flying through the air on Kirara made Sango's mind clearer. This always helped whenever she had a lot on her mind. Behind her sat Kagome, arms wrapped around her waist, though it seemed different than before when she had her female form. Kagome noticed his difference too as she hugged herself close. She was more conscious about her hands around Sango, and the broad shoulders in front of her. As they went on during the night, Kagome grew drowsy from her interrupted slumber. Her head lolled forwards, resting against Sango's back.

Feeling this, Sango called Kagome's name, only to receive a silence which she figured to be a sign of her dozing off. A part of her wished she hadn't, but another didn't mind.

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