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Pairing: Kuroba Kaito x Kudou Shinichi

Note: I'm stupid, and in this fic, the Detective Conan and Magic Kaitou characters all attend the same university. They rarely see each other, but they're there. 8D

Fall of the Moon

By: yukuro

Light Side: Shinichi

Two long years and a season later, Kaitou Kid found his search come to a dramatic halt. He had finally acclaimed what he had been searching for and finally protected his father's final wishes. The price, however, was not light. That night, he fell out of the sky with two bullets in his left shoulder and tracks of a grazed bullet across his right cheek.

It was Shinichi who found him first. While the other policemen shouted commands and communications through their radios, Shinichi swiftly calculated where Kid would be landing and dashed off before anyone could take notice. He found Kid, after several minutes of sprinting, crumpled in an ally under his bloodstained cape, unconscious yet still tightly clutching the jewel he had attained from his heist in his palm close to his heart. For a moment, Shinichi felt his breath catch in his throat and the beating of his heart nearly halted.

When the police arrived to patrol the area, there was no trace of Kid or Shinichi to be found.

All he could see was a blur of blue, brown, and a hint of red in the corner of his vision. It took several minutes for Kaito to fully open his eyes. His eyes shifted slowly from side to side, surveying his surroundings. Realizing that he was in an unfamiliar place, he bolted up into a sitting position immediately—only to be greeted by immense pain throughout his body.

"Relax, Kaitou Kid," came Shinichi's voice as he kicked himself off the wall he was leaning on. Blue gaze intent, he added coolly, "Or should I say Kuroba Kaito?"

Kaito stiffened for a moment as Shinichi continued to make his way towards him. Slowly, he closed his eyes and let out a tiny laugh. "As expected from you," he praised with a smile twisted in mixed feelings. "It only takes a little while to find out, I suppose."

"I had more than enough time," Shinichi commented smoothly, taking a seat in the chair beside the bed Kaito was presently resting on. "You've been sleeping for three days. I discovered your identity on the first day. On the second day, I called your mother to tell her you were staying with a friend."

"You really have thought of everything, haven't you? I'm just surprised you never noticed me at the university," Kaito laughed, wincing when a jolt of pain shot through his head. With Shinichi's help, he slowly lowered himself back down onto the bed. Sighing, he asked in defeat, "Where is this place anyway?"

"I couldn't take you to the hospital; the police would have asked questions," Shinichi began, pouring water into a glass for the other teen. "So I brought you back to my house. I dressed your wounds myself."

"Heh, taking care of gunshot wounds by yourself?" Kaito commented aloud with a whistle. "You must be quite experienced."

"It pays to know your resources," Shinichi mumbled in slight embarrassment. His cheeks turned faintly pink, making him turn his face away to hide it. Silently, he stuck a straw in the glass and offered it to the surprised teen on the bed. Still slightly embarrassed, Shinichi mumbled again, "You shouldn't move around much. You had two bullet wounds in your shoulder, a concussion, two cracked ribs, and a sprained ankle. There were also a number of cuts and bruises over your whole body…"

It was then Kaito realized he had been changed and dressed in fresh, new clothes. A sly smile crossed his lips as he teased, "Ah, so you even changed my clothes for me? See anything you liked?"

"S-Shut up!" Shinichi growled in mortification, instantly rising to his feet and slamming the glass of water back onto the nightstand. Before he could escape, however, Kaito firmly grasped his wrist. Trapped, Shinichi could only turn his face away to hide his blush.

"I'm sorry for teasing you!" Kaito laughed in a genuine apology. Slowly, his gaze turned soft and his grip loosened, allowing Shinichi to slowly turn back towards him. Once their gazes connected, Kaito smiled gently. "Thank you for saving me. If it weren't for you, I really would have died. So… Really, thank you…Shinichi."

"…Idiot," Shinichi managed to mutter to himself as Kaito's grip tightened around his wrist again and pulled him downwards.

Their lips met softly at first, as if testing thin ice. Then, as they slowly remembered the feel of each other's skin, their kiss grew more passionate and desperate. As usual, Shinichi was the first to pull away from lack of air. Seeing Kaito's satisfied grin only made him duck his head lower to avoid having the redness in his face being discovered.

The first time they met again as Kaitou Kid and Kudou Shinichi (after regaining his body), they had accidentally kissed. Just like it was when he was Conan, Shinichi managed to corner Kid before the magician's final grand escape. Just before Shinichi could alert the rest of the police force around the corner of their whereabouts, Kid had promptly pressed them both up against a wall and let his lips crash into Shinichi's to keep the other boy from shouting out. It was only a chaste kiss, but it had left Shinichi so breathless and stunned, Kid managed to slip out the very moment the police rounded the corner to their position.

The second time they met, Kid kissed him on purpose and Shinichi protested. The same thing happened the third time and also the fourth. By the fifth time, Shinichi had given up on fighting back and found himself angrily blushing at the thief's back as he flew away on his hang-glider. Their meetings continued like that. There were a few occasions on which Kid had mischievously allowed his hands to roam Shinichi's body, only serving to further embarrass Shinichi. And it was because of this and his almost-positive responses to Kid's advances that Shinichi could no longer look Ran in the eye. She was the perfect girl for him, yet not so anymore. To himself, Shinichi blamed Kid for making him only think about him. It had already far surpassed a mere detective's obsession to capture his greatest rival thief.

"Are these your clothes, Shinichi?" Kaito asked in amusement, waving his uninjured right arm. Grinning, he winked, stating, "They have your scent. Ah, I'm in heaven! Wearing my lover's clothes!"

"W—… When did I become your lover?" Shinichi demanded hotly as he bitterly peeled an apple for his guest. Just for further resentment, he added on as an afterthought, "You stupid thief."

"Oh? Then why didn't you turn me in?" asked Kaito with a slightly more serious tone, a smile still on his face. "You would have turned in any other criminal, right? That makes me special, doesn't it?"

"As annoying as it is," Shinichi began, stiffly offering a sliced apple piece to the other teen, "I can't see you as a criminal for some reason. I've heard thousands of pathetic sob stories about why people have turned against the law, but for some reason you… You're different, and I hate that I don't understand why."

Kaito chuckled for a moment before accepting the apple slice that was held patiently up to his lips. Musing smile on his face, he contemplated, "That's right. Sometimes I forget that I've already told you about what happened with my father, even though it's already been a long time. That's something I never meant to share with anyone."

"Then why did you share it with me?" Shinichi asked seriously, letting his arm fall slowly back to his side.

"I'm not sure," Kaito answered honestly with a grin. "Should I say, 'you're different' too? It's something like that anyway."

They remained silent for a few moments before Shinichi sighed inwardly to himself and began to cut another apple slice for Kaito. Quietly, he stated, "Everyone thinks Kaitou Kid is dead. Fans are weeping, jewel holders are rejoicing, and the police are stunned in shock. What do you plan on doing?"

"What do you mean by that?" Kaito asked curiously, once again accepting the apple slice offered to his lips.

Closing his eyes, Shinichi muttered, "Of all the men in the organization that were shooting at you that night, two of them got away. It would be stupid to think they wouldn't try to come after you again if they knew you were still alive."

Slowly, a serious expression came across Kaito's face as he fully processed what Shinichi was implying. "Shinichi, what you're saying is…"

"Quit being Kid," Shinichi cut in seriously, his gaze revealing a hint of genuine concern. "You've already accomplished what you've been aiming for and you barely got out alive with just that. If you continue like this, you'll be in even more danger. Dying would be the final way to shatter your father's dreams."

"You said it yourself," Kaito sighed, turning his gaze to direct it at the corner of the room. "There are still two of them out there. I can't just leave them alone. Who knows what they'll do. If I'm not Kid—…"

"If you're not Kid, you'll be safe," Shinichi cut in once again with a firm tone. "I don't know why I bother to worry about you, but I can't let you end up like this again. Promise me I won't have to drag your half-dead body back to my house like this again. Besides, there are other ways of finding them."

Kaito almost laughed aloud when Shinichi's intent sank in. The idea seemed ridiculous to him, but Shinichi's gaze was not wavering. He was serious. Kaito felt the good humor left in his body melt away, replaced with a heavy weight of solemnity. He sighed and closed his eyes. "Become a detective, huh? As a thief, I would rather die, but…"

Reaching up, he touched the side of Shinichi's serious face and smiled softly. The other teen let his expression soften slightly in response, but the seriousness in his gaze remained steady. Kaito finally commented with a half smile, "How can I leave you alone? I've felt the graze of a bullet countless times already and I haven't been able to give up being Kid. But after living like this," he laughed slightly, palm falling to clutch Shinichi's, "I have to think that I'm not quite ready to die yet."

"Kuroba…" Shinichi began slowly. Before his lips could form another word, Kaito pulled him down onto the bed again and their lips crashed together. Their blue gazes reflected back at each other their silent intentions before coming to an understanding. Then slowly, Shinichi felt his eyes flutter shut.

It was a while before Shinichi realized his shirt was being unbuttoned. Flushing furiously, he drew back instantly, only to be held down by Kaito's uninjured arm. Unable to escape, the detective immediately protested in an angrily embarrassed tone, "D-Don't be an idiot, Kuroba! You shouldn't even be moving!"

"But I've been holding back very well," Kaito protested sweetly, batting his lashes. His left hand worked dexterously to unbutton the rest of Shinichi's shirt before moving on to his pants. Kaito smirked as Shinichi blushed and made a sound of protest. "I've been wanting to do this to you since the second time we met."

"Pervert," Shinichi grumbled in irritation as Kaito latched his lips on his exposed stomach. The detective drew back slightly with a sigh. With one hand, he pushed Kaito back down by his bandaged head. Frowning, he extended a finger and pointed it towards the thief's neatly bandaged chest. "I didn't want to do this, but…"

In one swift motion, Shinichi extended his finger again and prodded the other boy's chest. It was then Kaito remembered the meaning of "cracked rib" and fell back with a hiss of pain. His hands instantly fell away from Shinichi's body. The teen detective then calmly got off the bed and fixed his clothing as if nothing had happened.

"You're so cruel, Shinichi!" Kaito pouted with fake tears in his eyes. He clasped his hands together dramatically. "I really wanted to hold you!"

"Please don't say such sickeningly shoujou manga type things," Shinichi declared with a frown as he finished buttoning his last button. Seeing Kaito's pathetic puppy-dog expression, he paused for a minute before turning his head away with a snap. Flushing yet again, he cleared his throat and mumbled under his breath, "Something embarrassing like that…I might end up letting you do it someday, stupid thief."

Unfortunately for Shinichi, Kaito had heard him and beamed brilliantly at his back. A life like this, Kaito supposed he could get used to.

After spending a week cooped up inside Shinichi's house, Kaito was finally able to walk again as his sprained ankle completely healed. It was only due to Shinichi's firm command to rest more that he was still not returning to his classes at the university. Whenever he called his mother back at home, Kaito always found that he had countless messages from a worried Aoko and a suspiciously curious Hakuba. Nevertheless, just one commanding look from Shinichi and Kaito instantly tossed his concerns out the window. He may as well enjoy hanging all over Shinichi while he had the opportunity—he doubted a chance like this would come around again so easily. That, and there was the great opportunity to tour the Kudou mansion.

Kaito let out a low whistle as he strolled around the library. The bookshelves seemed endlessly high, and all of them completely stocked with detective books. Shinichi was laid elegantly across the couch, completely engrossed in reading whatever new book he had but still managing to keep an eye on the other teen over the top of the cover. Kaito turned back to grin at him. "Like a true Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fan, you've got every Sherlock Holmes book ever published."

Shinichi simply rolled his eyes and continued reading. Carelessly, he commented, "What do you expect? My father was a mystery writer. What better references to use than the best?"

"I guess it's asking too much to have some books on Lupin, huh?" Kaito asked with a grin.

Without bothering to look up from his book, Shinichi simply waved his hand towards the corner of the library in response. Kaito instantly slid in the direction Shinichi had mentioned, and sure enough, several familiar books came into Kaito's sight. He could hardly help but grin. "So besides having a detective complex, you've got a thief complex too?"

"Like I said," Shinichi replied without missing a beat, "what better references to use than the best? If you want to catch or create the greatest thieves, you'd have to study up on the best."

"Always logical I see," laughed Kaito as he continued strolling about the library. After circling the room, he slowly made his way towards Shinichi. Seeing that Shinichi did not even bother to spare him a glance, Kaito slid onto the couch and decided to make himself known by snaking his arms around the other teen's waist from behind. Deviously, he whispered with a smirk, "Are you sure that thief complex doesn't come from a certain someone?"

"Doubt it," Shinichi instantly responded in a dull tone, only shifting slightly to avoid Kaito's still-healing cracked ribs. He commented stonily as he turned a page, "The only thieves I know are idiots."

"How cruel," Kaito breathed into his ear, smirk still curling his lips. When Shinichi shivered at the sensation, Kaito took the opportunity to snatch away the detective's book and toss it over his shoulder. There was a pleasing thump on the ground several feet away and an even more pleasing frown on Shinichi's face. Kaito loved that expression. It made Shinichi look like he was pouting. Tightening his grip on the frowning boy, Kaito whispered again with a grin, "You're adorable like that."

"And you're acting like a newlywed on his honeymoon," Shinichi said with a sniff as he turned his head away. Unfortunately for him, Kaito took the opportunity to attack his neck with his lips. Shinichi felt blood shoot directly up to his face. "That's exactly what I'm talking about!"

"Don't flail," Kaito commanded between breaks for air as he trailed his lips to Shinichi's shoulder. "You wouldn't want to put an injured person in pain, would you?"

"Don't tempt me," Shinichi scowled.

Kaito simply chuckled, reaching up to take hold of Shinichi's chin and turn it towards him for a kiss. Surprisingly, Shinichi was being very obedient today. Kaito took it as a good sign and allowed his free hand to wander a bit—only to be instantly swatted at. Sharp blue eyes opened to stare pointedly at him, so he gave up for now. Instead, he fully intended on completely stealing Shinichi's breath away. Literally.

Just as Kaito managed to get Shinichi all flustered the way he liked him to be, a female voice rang through the house. Shinichi instantly froze and smacked Kaito away precisely the moment the door opened.

"There you are, Shinichi. Ah, and Kuroba-kun too. Good afternoon," Ran greeted cheerfully. "I brought you two some food for later on. I'm sure Kuroba-kun's already gotten sick of Shinichi's cooking."

"As long as I can feel his love in every meal, the taste doesn't matter!" Kaito declared dramatically, tossing his arm out and making a rose appear in his grasp. Shinichi instantly snatched the rose from the magician's hand and tossed it out the window. Kaito grinned when Ran giggled at their actions. "Thanks for taking care of me this last week with all your wonderful cooking, Ran-chan. You're sure to make a great wife one day."

Ran managed a gracious blush while Shinichi shot Kaito a death glare. Setting down the basket of food by the door, the girl smiled. Before stepping out again, she said, "Don't worry about it! Just make sure you hurry up and heal yourself so you can get back to school. See you later then, Kuroba-kun, Shinichi."

Shinichi managed a weak smile at her before she disappeared through the door again. Once Ran was safely out of earshot, he turned and smacked the back of Kaito's head with a furious blush. "That's the third time she almost saw us! Can't you be a bit more discreet?"

"She's really important to you, isn't she?" Kaito asked with a slightly amused grin and a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

"Of course," Shinichi scoffed in reply with a tint of red on his face. Tone lowering a notch, he mumbled, "If it weren't for you, I probably would have asked her out already… That's why you…"

Noting Shinichi's obvious embarrassment at the topic, Kaito regressed. Although, he had to admit to himself that he was just a bit jealous at how much Shinichi still cared about Ran. Deciding to lighten the mood, he piped up again.

"You know, if it were up to me, we wouldn't be dressed right now and Ran-chan could've watched," Kaito commented with a grin and a shrug, earning himself another furious whack on the back of the head. Rubbing the back of his head playfully, he laughed, "Shinichi, you'll give me another concussion."

"You deserve it!"

"I was just kidding about what I said earlier," Kaito said with a goofy grin, reaching out to pull the detective into another messy hug. On second thought, he added, "Well, mostly."

At that, Shinichi let out an indignant sputter about being a pervert, giving Kaito the opportunity to push him over for another kiss to silence him.

Yes, Kaito thought to himself as he gazed down at Shinichi's blush-stained face, he could definitely get used to living like this.

When Shinichi deemed Kaito was fit enough, they returned to university together, and Kaito made a visit to the police department. There were a few skeptics here and there, but since he had come on Shinichi's recommendation, most had no choice but to give way. Kaito did thoroughly enjoy seeing the completely and utterly shocked expression that adorned Nakamori's face though. It almost made the whole experience worth it. But after that incident, Aoko, with Hakuba at her heels, immediately stormed him the next time he showed his face at school.

"Kaito! Why haven't you been answering my calls?" she demanded the moment said teen eased into his seat. He was still injured after all; he had to take it easy. With a frown, she added, "And what's this my father tells me about you becoming a detective?"

Hakuba looked completely scandalized.

Kaito simply gave a shrug in response, leaning over to prop his head on his desk with his arm. Vaguely, he answered, "A special promise."

"You were such a Kaitou Kid fan too. It's horrible what happened to him, but it's too strange for you to suddenly make a choice like this," Aoko commented with a frown on her face. "It's not that I'm not glad you're going to work with father now, but I'm kind of surprised. Is there really someone that important to you?"

He could have sworn there was some hurt in her voice when she asked that, but Kaito forced his wrenching heart to remain silent. Instead of responding, he turned and smiled almost painfully at her, hoping for a turn-around with just that.

Aoko got the clue that he did not wish to talk about it, but Hakuba had not even gotten started yet.

"It's a miracle you're still alive," he began sternly, fury burning in his eyes. "After a stunt like that… Then you disappear for two weeks! I really thought you were dead!"

Kaito let out a laugh. Setting his poker face in place, he turned to grin at the other boy. "What're you talking about, Hakuba? I was just staying with a friend—although he's more like a mother hen, really. Ah, but wait! You were worried about me? That's so cute."

The light haired teen could only shoot him a look as Aoko glanced questioningly back and forth between them. "And," he went on a bit stiffly, ignoring Kaito's last bit, "you becoming a detective is really ironic. I'd be interested in meeting who caused this sudden change of heart."

"Oh, cut it out, Hakuba," Kaito declared with a wide, playful smile on his face as he extended his uninjured arm to pat Hakuba roughly on the back. "The last thing I need is another mother figure! I've already got plenty of those. Between Aoko and Shinichi, I've got enough to keep me covered for the rest of my life."

Hakuba raised an eyebrow. "Shinichi? Kudou Shinichi? The detective Kudou Shinichi? He's the friend you were staying with?"

"Did I say that?" Kaito asked innocently, instantly rising to his feet. Grinning, he saluted at the two before slinging his bag over his shoulder and strolling towards the door.

"Kaito!" Aoko called after him with a frown. "What about class?"

Waving over his shoulder, Kaito called out in response, "Ditching!"

Once Kaito disappeared through the door, Aoko's frown deepened as she folded her arms. Giving up with a sigh, she dropped her arms again and let her brows knit upward in concern. Turning to the boy at her side, who was still staring after Kaito, Aoko asked as if he would know, "What's wrong with Kaito, Hakuba-kun? He's just not like Kaito anymore even though he's smiling the same way as always. And Kaito would never ditch class before."

"That's what happens when you give up such a large piece of your existence," Hakuba muttered, closing his eyes and turning away from the door. When he opened his eyes again, his award-winning smile had returned to his face. "Why don't we get seated? Class is going to start soon."

Aoko could only nod obediently, shifting her gaze one last time at the door before taking her seat beside Hakuba. Whatever the missing piece, she hoped Kaito would find it.

On the other side of the door, Kaito held his head low as he leaned against the door. His bangs shaded his eyes, making a few passing students stare curiously at him for a bit. When one of his classmates who was just arriving awkwardly asked him if he was going to class, Kaito kicked himself off the door and managed a brief smile before straying down the hallway. At the moment, class was the last place he wanted to be. Just being near Hakuba and Aoko in general somehow made him feel uneasy. Was it really because he no longer had his confident alter ego to rely on?

Kaito quickened his pace slightly, allowing his feet to carry him off in any general direction. He felt frustrated and somewhat lost at the same time. Somewhere deep in his mind, he supposed he had to give up being Kid one day. He just had not expected it to be so soon. Kid was a part the fabric of his being. To finally accomplish the mission he had originally set out to achieve and hang up his cape, Kaito felt rather hollow inside. But he had promised Shinichi because Shinichi wanted him guaranteed safe. Speaking of Shinichi…


When Kaito lifted his head a fraction, sure enough, Shinichi was bent over in attempt to find his obstructed gaze. Without warning, Kaito reached forward and firmly clasped his hand onto Shinichi's arm and marched towards the wall. Fortunately, no one was presently around as Kaito pulled Shinichi into the utility closet and locked the door behind them.

Before Shinichi could get even a syllable in, Kaito pulled him close and desperately pressed their lips together. Shinichi could easily sense Kaito's frustration, confusion, and need to search for an answer. For that reason, he simply closed his eyes and let Kaito do as he pleased. Letting out a soft sigh as the other teen kissed fervently at his neck, Shinichi tilted his head slightly to allow for better access. "What are you doing out here, Kuroba? Don't you have class?"

"I needed to see you," Kaito breathed, returning for another passionate kiss on the lips. "I can't seem to do anything without seeing you."

"You say crazy things when you're depressed," Shinichi muttered, swatting at Kaito's hands when they attempted to completely unbutton his shirt. He would let Kaito kiss him, but going further than that in public was not exactly something he looked forward to. "Stop it. We're still at school."

"You haven't even let me do it once yet," Kaito complained with a pout.

At that, Shinichi leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on the other boy's lips—not without a blush at his own expense, of course. "You look much better now," he observed with a relieved sigh. "That's a much more natural expression for you."

"Of course," Kaito replied, finding his smile again. "I do have more than one intention when I say I want to see you."

"Could have fooled me," Shinichi shot back dryly as he pointed commandingly at his shirt. Kaito simply laughed and obediently began to re-button the shirt he had previously unbuttoned. Once the shirt was straightened out and completely buttoned again, Shinichi found Kaito's full attention returned to his eyes. Unable to take the full weight of the gaze, Shinichi turned his head slightly with faintly pink cheeks. "Kuroba…"

"Isn't it about time you started calling me 'Kaito'?" the other boy asked with a grin as he swept at the detective's lengthening bangs. "Don't I already call you by your given name?"

"That's something you decided for yourself," Shinichi mumbled. "And when do you plan on letting us out of this closet?"

"After you agree to start calling me 'Kaito,'" responded Kaito cheerfully. "Won't you do it, Shinichi? I'm perfectly fine with spending all this alone time in the dark with you, you know."

"I'd rather call you 'Pervert.' It suits you more."

Kaito laughed and leaned forward to capture Shinichi's frowning lips.

The time spent in the closet afterwards was not very long at all.

At times, they were like the sun and moon—endlessly chasing each other, never being able to reach. But there were also times they crashed together, and light was radiated even in the depths of darkness.


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