He'd travel from far to be here. Somehow he had thought it would be easy. He was old, much older than when he'd first met her. She had once fought them, been ready to kill them even, and he'd been ready to kill her ­–her superhuman strength and invulnerability be damned! However, she made amends and quickly –she'd sacrificed herself for him – for her... for Mariko! No one knew of his love for her. Everyone knew he loved Jubilee. Everyone knew he loved Kitty. No one ever knew of his love for the Cajun's Rogue. A smile crept out his lips, curling them, making him seem as feral as he used to be, instead of softer. He did love her. He loved his friend plenty, she was strong, sassy, soft, and then she was something more. She had been closer than a friend, almost like sister, could have been a lover 'cept he had been in love with Jean and she'd been in love with Remy.

He stood in front of her grave. The brave and strong Rogue had died. He heard that Remy had died before her, sometime before Rogue even knew she was infected. Somehow that managed to make the pain less and more all at once. He felt a sick relief that she'd known what it was to loose someone so close to her. He'd known the feeling all his life and now he felt a guilty pleasure to be able to share that with her. He knelt before her grave and felt his eyes sting. Slowly he raised his hand to rub his old hazel eyes. There was moisture. Moisture? Crying? Wolverine!?

"Ha…ha…ha! Well, I'll be damned, darlin'!" He roared, throwing his head back, laughing. "Finally, someone made me cry!" He laughed some more, and then reached for the stone in front of him, sobering up. "I…I… I should have been here. I should have been here when it happened. I'm sorry darlin'. We were three. In the end… we were three. An' I wasn't there for Remy and I wasn't there for ya. Ya know sugar I'm here now."

He looked at the headstone for hours. His hazel eyes moistening and reddening as he read and reread the words inscribed on the headstone. 'Here lies the Rogue who managed to become a lady, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a wife. We love you, Anna Marie LeBeau...' Again, his crooked smile appeared, making him look as if he'd sneered instead. It was short and sweet. Just like her. Just like she would have liked.

Logan spoke again, "I'm the only one left darlin'. You know Kitty's daughter had a little girl. They named her after ya, nice touch… Don't cha think? She's also a mutant. No one knows, though. Can you believe it? Can you believe we, homosuperior, are a dieing breed? Chuck wouldn't believe it. Doubt Scooter-boy believe it too. Well, darlin', Imma… Imma get goin' now. I'm dieing too, ya know? My mutation is finally giving way to this damn virus. Legacy... my ass! All the legacy we'll have will come from the children of the once powerful X-MEN, who will only be able to talk about what and who the mutants were. Kit's granddaughter ain't got a chance in hell. They're injecting the virus to women who are pregnant now. 'Em bastards are gettin' nastier and nastier. Gotta kill me a couple more for your benefit –in your name. Well, darlin' I'll be goin' now. You take care of Gumbo you hear? Say hi to the gang. I won't be long now. I'll see ya 'round…"

Logan rose slowly, patted the stone and began to walk away. After two steps he turned his old body around and walked back to Rogue's last resting place. He bent down and kissed the marker, "I'll see ya 'round darlin'." He stood tall, like he used to when he was around Jean, and Chuck, and Scooter, and Jubilee, and 'Ro, and Kit, and Hank, and Remy, and …and the woman with the white streak in her brown hair, who used to say 'sugah' and who had, because of her almost- invulnerability, been able to live almost as long as he and he walked away.