BloodLust: AU. I really don't know what made me write this but never mind… I hope that the readers will enjoy it… XD It's a bit OOC at some points, so… just expect that it will be very crappy… This was just supposed to be a oneshot but it was getting too long so I just divided it into chapters…


"English bread, German bread, and French bread… But Japan's bread, Japan, does not-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa… Wait just a minute there… That's not the script!" an enraged authoress yelled from the background. "You're holding the wrong clipboard! Here!"

A pink clipboard with fluffy pink bunnies in every corner and pink ribbons and confetti on the sides landed on Manager's Afro.

"That's the right script! Now can you please just throw that other one somewhere and start over with the new one?"

"Fine, fine…" Manager said jadedly. However a sly grin was quickly plastered on his face as he read the first few lines of the new 'script'. Manager cleared his throat and started.

Once upon a time in a kingdom far away…

A brunet could be seen mixing flour, water and yeast and then kneading the dough.

Where there were Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses… There lived a young maiden named Kazurella

The teen froze and turned around a vein pulsing on the teen's forehead. "I AM NOT A GIRL!!! I AM A GUY! AND MY NAME ISN'T 'Kazurella'! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? IT'S A FREAKING GIRL'S NAME, AND I AM A GUY!!! MY NAME IS KAZUMA! KA-ZU-MA! WHA-"

Okay, okay… I get it already, sheesh… There lived a young MAN named KAZUMA… happy?

"…Yeah whatever…" Kazuma said as he turned away and continued to make bread.

His mother had died when he was just young and his father remarried, however his stepmother isn't as nice to him as she is to her two daughters… His father had also died when he was 10 and now he was left alone with his stepmother and stepsisters who treat him more of a servant than anything else… He cooks their food, cleans their house, washes their clothes, and actually everything that has to do with housekeeping… So today when his stepmother and stepsisters were away, Kazuma was having a sort of leave… which he really deserved, seeing as he was very badly treated at the house and having his stepmother and stepsisters away was something to be celebrated…


Meanwhile, in the castle…

A pink haired teen sat on a chair, his head on his hands and his elbows resting on the arm of the chair a bored expression plastered on his face. It was another of those days again…

"…So you see my dear Prince, that it is really the time for you to choose your bride." A dark haired man said as he stood still in front of the teen after pacing around the room during his, erm, 'speech'.

"But, Kuro-yan, I'm just sixteen! SIXTEEN! What kind of guy marries at sixteen?" the Prince retorted.

"Prince Shigeru, I think that you're forgetting that your brother, Prince Masanobu, had married at fifteen." Kuroyanagi replied.

"But he's a playboy! What do you expect? It could probably be considered as a miracle that he actually married one of his millions of girlfriends!" Shigeru exasperated throwing his hand into the air.

"But that is not the point, your Highness, what I am saying here is that you should already pick a girl for you to marry. Since your brother, who was supposed to be the heir to the throne, died on a sea voyage along with his wife and so you have no other choice but to accept the title. And thus, to rule the kingdom, you'll need to have a Queen to rule by your side." Kuroyanagi explained.

"But why do I have to marry? I have complete trust in you and the other advisors… You guys always give me good advice when I need them. Why do I still need to have a queen?" Shigeru asked crossing his arms.

"…That sire, is your father's will. King Takashi doesn't want you to be lonely when he dies and that is why he asks you to marry a girl as soon as possible before he perishes."

"Oh, bother… Well, let's just say that I actually 'agreed' to be married. Whom am I supposed to marry?" Shigeru asked.

"Your Highness, there are many Princesses from foreign lands that would be more than happy to get married with you…" Kuroyanagi informed him.

Shigeru just frowned at him, "But I don't even know those girls? How am I supposed to choose from the lot of them? And what if I don't find one that I like? What? Am I going to be forced to marry just a random person?"

"No, sire. The King told me that you would not be married to someone that you don't like… He wants you to live happily when he has already passed away and so we'll just have to keep searching until you find the right bride." Explained Kuroyanagi knowingly.

Shigeru sighed in defeat. "Fine… You may leave now, Kuroyanagi… I'll just take some time to think this over…"

"If that is your wish, Sir." Kuroyanagi said as he bowed before the prince and left the room, but before he did he said to the Prince, "Your Highness, lunch will be served momentarily. Would you like to eat in the Great Dining Hall or…?"

"Please just let the maid bring me up some food, I don't feel like going down today." Shigeru replied.

"As you wish, Sire." Kuroyanagi said as he bowed once again and left the room.

Once the door was closed, Shigeru went to his bed and fell down with a PLOP! He closed his eyes and cleared his thoughts. Kuroyanagi's speeches were always so verbose and made him really dizzy. The issue of his bride had been revived once again, he had been desperately trying to avoid the topic but Kuroyanagi always seemed to bring up the said topic when he least expected it. He reached for his pillow and hugged it, burrowing his faces into its soft surface. 'Why, oh why do I have to go through with this?'


Lunch had been brought to him in his room and he was now finished with it, the maid was taking the tray out and closed the door behind her. However the door immediately opened after it was closed and in walked another person.

A man with long light blonde hair and a mask adorning his face walked in. He bowed upon entering he and then walked to the young Prince's bedside.

"Dear Prince, are you feeling alright? You seem a little… out of character today… May I ask why?" the blond inquired inquired.

"Well, Sylvian, Kuro-yan is ranting about that marriage stuff again…" Shigeru said as he sat up straight.

"My, my, my… Well, what did he say this time…?" Sylvian continued to ask.

"… He said that it was my father's will that I marry… That there are loads of girls out there for me to choose from… blah, blah, blah… And that he won't stop until I was properly married and yadda, yadda, yadda…" Shigeru said in a bored tone. "I mean, didn't he understand that sixteen is still such a young age? I mean, I am very different from my brother can't he see that? Is he blind or what? And who am I supposed to marry? What am I supposed to do? Travel the whole world just to find a girl for me to marry? Oh come on!"

"Are you okay now, Prince Shigeru…?" Sylvian asked after a while where he let all of Shigeru's 'anger' evaporate into thin air.

"…Yeah… a bit…" Shigeru replied. "Sorry for ranting like that…"

"No, its okay… Well, let me see… Is it okay if I give advise to you, my Prince?" Sylvian queried.

"Sure, I desperately need one right now… And besides, that's one of the reasons why you are one of the Advisors to the King right?" Shigeru said.

"As you please, Sire. Well, I would advise that you start your little 'hunt' for a bride now… While Kuroyanagi isn't here…" Sylvian said.

"I beg your pardon…?"

"What I meant there is that you should already start looking for your bride-to-be before Kuroyanagi comes and chooses one for you. You very well know how 'picky' that guy can be… He probably won't easily agree with you when you have chosen a bride. And so I suggest that you be the one to choose the girl for you and just introduce her to the palace to get this over with…" Sylvian explained.

"That's a great idea, Sylvian… but… where am I supposed to look? Kuroyanagi said that I should marry a princess or something like that… but the next kingdom will take about five days to reach…" Shigeru stated.

"But sire, I believe that your father had said that you should marry the girl of your choice, and so it doesn't really matter if the girl is of royalty or not… Why don't you begin the search in the kingdom's territory? I'm sure that you could find someone here… or if not then that will be the time when we'll have to go to other kingdoms… What do you say, dear Prince?" Sylvian asked.

"I think its brilliant. When can I start with it? I want to get it over with already…" Shigeru said as he got off from his bed and stood beside the Advisor.

"How about now? It's just one in the afternoon, you still have a lot of time to spare…" Sylvian said as he turned to the Prince.

"Okay then… but how am I going to get out of the castle, you know that I'm not allowed out except when I'm going to other kingdoms for state visits or things of that sort… Heck, I haven't even been outside of this castle other than those times, as far as I can remember… What if I get lost out there…?" Shigeru was getting a bit worried by now…

"Well then, the getting out of the castle part is pretty easy… But now that you've reminded me, you never had been out in the territories of the kingdom… Is it okay if I just accompanied you then…?" Sylvian said to the Prince.

"But… I want to go around the kingdom myself and I don't want to bother you… Plus if I were to find a girl that I would marry, I wouldn't want to have anyone watching me now, would I?" Shigeru answered. "How 'bout if we just set a meeting place where I will meet you after I've went around the kingdom…?"

"Okay then, I agree to that… Well, then lets get going now shall we? You still have a whole kingdom to roam…" Sylvian said as he walked towards the door.

"Wait! I'll just get my cloak." Shigeru sad as he went to his wardrobe and got out his cloak that has a hood, he gently folded it and tucked it under his arms and then went out of the door, which the Advisor had held open for him.

"But, Sylvian, how can we get out of the castle guards are stationed at every entrance and exit?" Shigeru whispered to the Advisor as a pair of guards passed by them and saluted and then continued walking again.

"Just follow me you Highness…" Sylvian whispered back. He led them towards the basement of the castle. It was dark but Sylvian lighted the torchlights and so they were able to see where they were going. The walked through tunnels for a while but then after some time they were able to see light ahead of them.

Fresh air and a warm breeze greeted them the moment that they had come out from the tunnel. Sunlight was pouring down on them and it took them a while to get used to it.

Shigeru rubbed his eyes for a while before he looked at his surroundings… He saw that they were in a sort of lane between two shops. People were bustling about in the street in front of them; there were a lot of people.

Shigeru looked up at the Advisor. "Is this the town already?"

"Yes, your Highness. Anyway you'd better put on that cloak, your Highness, unless you'd want to be noticed and have people fawning all over you…" Sylvian said before they went in to mingle with the crowd.

"But I haven't even set foot in this town once… How can the people here know about me?" Shigeru asked but put on his hood nonetheless. It covered his hair and was even low enough to cover his eyes.

"Well, even if that is the case, the people still know about you because of those." Sylvian said as he pointed to a newspaper stand near them.

"Oh" was Shigeru's only reply. Sylvian then led him into a café on the street corner. The place wasn't packed with people but it had quite a number of customers. They sat down at an empty table.

"Um, Sylvian, what are we doing here…?" Shigeru asked quietly as both of them sat down.

"Well, I just thought that we'd have a sort of 'rest' for a while before you start your search, My Prince…" Sylvian said as a waiter approached them.

"Good afternoon, I am Takumi and I will be your waiter for today. May I take your orders?" a red haired teen said politely.

Sylvian turned to him and said, "I'll have a cup of espresso and his Hi- I mean, my companion will have a glass of cappuccino please…"

The waiter noted their orders and said, "… A cup off espresso and a glass of cappuccino, right? Okay then, the order will take about five minutes…" He then bowed and excused and went away.

Meanwhile Shigeru was looking around the café. It was nicely made, the wallpaper was plain but beautiful and the carpet on the floor was soft and nice. It was well ventilated so the atmosphere wasn't too hot or anything. The oaken tables and chairs were finely made and the carvings were very detailed. The tablecloth was designed with a simple pattern at its borders. In short the place was a perfect example of simple but beautiful…

Sylvian just let the Prince continue with his 'sightseeing'. Their orders came in a few minutes and they finished it without another word, then they paid and went out of the shop. When they went out of the shop Sylvian said to Shigeru, "My Prince I suggest that we meet here later at about five pm? What do you think, your Highness?"

"Okay, then… Bye, Sylvian… And thanks…" Shigeru said as he separated from Sylvian and mixed within the crowd. He was feeling very nervous right now, he hadn't been on his own before so this was new to him…

He walked slowly while other people passed by him, others jabbing him to get out of the way wherein he quickly obliged to not wanting to have any trouble with other people. However a sharp jab sent him down to the ground, falling hard onto the pavement. But instead of helping him, the person just went past him without even saying 'sorry'; and it had been pretty much the same with the other civilians who passed by… They either just passed by without saying a thing or they shouted at him things like:

"Hey, get out of the way will you?"

"Sheesh, what a bother, get out of the way kid…"

"Move it!"

…And such, others even accompanied it with a kick or a push… He had managed to stand up again but the same process of being knocked-over happened and he fell back to the ground. Shigeru was getting pretty hurt right now, 'Are all the people like this…?' Shigeru thought to himself as he stood up and continued walking. People continued to go by occasionally pushing him to the side and him losing balance once in a while; and it went on like that until it came to the point where he was shoved so forcefully that he actually crashed into the person behind him. He expected to be pushed away but instead the person helped him to stand up straight again.

This was very unusual so he turned around to face the person behind him, he saw a brunet of about his age standing behind him with a soft smile on his face. The other teen's caramel eyes looked at him with anxiety clearly shown, "Are you okay?"



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