Summary: There was a girl, and there was a boy. They hated each other, and were given false impressions by those surrounding them. The boy overcame his pride, and fell in love with the girl. But she was blinded by pride and prejudice. And finally, after a truth was revealed, it all ends with a kiss. But what if that was all muddled up? There is a fine line between love and hate, or so they say.

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I look around the place that I have no history. The place that is suppose to be my home for next two months.

Exchange. The word now sounds odd in my mouth. It hadn't felt that way six months ago when I had filled out the application forms to go to Australia. I mean, it wouldn't be that different. They spoke English, I spoke English.

But as soon as I stepped off the plane, I felt immediately disorientated. And it wasn't from the hours of flying. It was because it was strange to have everyone talking just like me, in a place that was completely foreign.

Cate had come running towards me laughing, giving me an earful of a hug.

'Hi,' she had said breathlessly in that Australian accent, 'I'm Cate. Oh! It's so fun to finally meet you. I feel like I've known you for forever!'

I laughed with her, because her bubbly chatter was contagious, and it felt good to be in safe hands in this foreign place.

I have to say that I was glad not to be isolated in the outback that I once wished to go. Sydney was closer to home, and it was easier to adjust.

She had gone to boarding school like me, but her parents had taken her out at the end of term. She told me that the holidays had started a week ago, and that it was a great time for me to arrive. According to her, the public schools had just gotten off as well, so now all the kids were home and there would be parties raiding through the weeks.

I found myself only half listening to the conversation while I looked hungrily out the window. It was so dry, and the skies so blue. The humidity was shocking. For an English girl like me, the hot sun felt uncomfortable.

But now I stand beside her, looking up at the house that I have arrived at. The house that is completely unfamiliar in many ways, but so similar too.

'It's a federation house,' Cate says, explaining it's old-fashioned English sense. It's huge compared to the other houses surrounding it. There is a balcony, leading to the front door where there is a sign above the doorbell reading "St Jude". She explains that we're in an Italian based suburb called Haberfield that is famous for it's federation houses.

I take in the stained glass, wooden door as Cate rummages through her bag collecting her key.

'Mum and Dad are really sorry they couldn't make it,' Cate says fitting the key into the door, 'but they had to work. They don't get as much time off as us during Christmas holidays.'

The door opens as she pushes lightly against me, and I feel cool air seep onto my body. I'm thankful for the cold, I hadn't noticed how hot I really was, even wearing my lightest summer dress.

We step inside and I have no idea what to look at. It's like when you first visit your friend's house, and there are hundreds of pictures you haven't seen hanging on the wall, and hundreds of rooms to take in.

I stare overwhelmed at Cate for a moment, and she either reads my look of exhaustion and heat, or she feels exactly the same way as me. She glances at my dress and takes in the weight and the cut.

'We need to get you some more clothes,' she says, and I have to agree with her.

'Look, do you want to go for a swim? Or eat? Or even sleep? You must be pretty jetlagged. I won't bother giving you the tour or anything, we can do that later.' She looks over at me breathless.

'A swim would be good,' I reply, because in this heat, I don't really think I'll sleep, 'But I don't have a costume.'

Cate just smiles and indicates for me to follow. This would be interesting.


I lie on my bed, the fan blowing away, aimed at my head. My body's completely sticky from sweat and chlorine from the swim I had earlier in the day. I haven't changed out of my swimmers, and putting on a shirt seems out of the question.

I sigh and turn over to open the window; maybe a cool breeze is blowing. No such luck, a fierce westly, dry and hot, escapes into the room that I have tried to make cool since I got home for the holidays yesterday.

First day off and what do you know? Classic Christmas spirit starting with a forty degree day. Just my luck.

James walks into the room. His blond hair is everywhere from his swim, and he looks a bit dazed from the heat. Taking a look at him, I have no idea what I look like.

'Hey man. Guess what? Cate's back, for good this time. Apparently she's got an exchange student too. What do you think of that?'

James has had this crush on Cate since her family had moved into the mansion next door in year seven. She had gone to boarding school though, and during the holidays nothing really happened with the relationship. They didn't really get to know each other very well. I assume that it was because both their personalities were so similar, and neither of them wanted to make the first move.

'I think, that this means Dad will want us to go over there and say "welcome to the land of Oz!"'

James grimaces and pulls the fan nob so it switches to moving left to right. He lies down on the cool floorboards.

'Do you really think he'll make us do that?' James asks hesitantly.

'That or he'll make mum bake a cake and go over there herself, you know what he's like.'

We both knew what he was like. For sure. We had lived with him our whole lives. My father was pushing us to get girlfriends at every opportunity. He liked to know that his boys would be getting some, or something to that affect from what I can tell. But he made it very difficult when he was always surrounding us with his lame jokes, embarrassing us.

James is the one that gets it the most though. He is the pretty boy of the family, but doesn't have a personality to match. He is shy, and dad's always pushing him to go out there and give it a go.

I have no idea why mum married him. Sometimes I think it was for his looks, though they faded away with age. Other times, I think it's because she really loves him. You see this proud look in her eye when he's done something well.

Liam comes bouncing into the room.

'You have to come hear this!' Tim exclaims, not far behind him.

'There is the hottest chick staying next door with Cate. She's English too,' Liam pants as though he's just run to tell us, which I realise that he actually has done.

'Dad and mum are talking about it in the kitchen. He's trying to convince her to bake a cake,' Tim continues running out the door, Liam following him.

I roll my eyes and look at James; this was going to be awkward. Liam was too much like dad to actually care whether he was embarrassing himself, and Tim just went with the flow.

'Are you coming?' Liam demands popping his head round the door. James and I groan and slowly get up.

We pass Matt's room and hear him playing hard rock. I see him on his bed, wearing black jeans and gothic makeup that's almost hidden by his recently died black hair.

I sigh. Matt's mourning the loss of the world. He's stopped eating everything and now lives on what his own veggie garden supplies him with, which isn't much.

James and I slowly make our way down to the kitchen, Tim and Liam bounding in front of us.

'A cake, George? I mean really they're having a party, can't they eat their cake then?'

We hear the sound of mum's voice waft up the stairs. I smile, mum is always our saviour.

'They're having a party?' I enter the room as dad says these words and feel absolutely horrified that he looks so excited.

'You know what?' Liam asks, I mentally tell him to shut his mouth. He doesn't seem to hear me though. 'I think we should anyway. People never remember other people at parties.'

I groan and dad looks at James then me.

'You two go and introduce yourselves.'

Then he leaves before Tim and Liam override him with their constant complaints.

Five minutes later we're walking out our front door, shirts back on, and James is fretting about what we're going to say.

'Well, we'll say. Hey heard you were home for good. And who's this? An exchange student? Welcome to the Land of Oz!'

This visit is nothing to me except for the fact that it gets me away from the stinking house. We walk up the stairs as James nods his head enthusiastically. I'm not quite sure he got that I as being sarcastic. I ring the doorbell after James stands for a minute looking at it. We hear running footsteps and Cate opens the door, laughing, very wet, a girl following her.

'Oh hi guys!' Cate exclaims. She and James stare at each other for a little while, completely absorbed. I look at the other girl. I can't help but think that she and Cate are complete opposites. Cate is fair, with long blond hair, and blue eyes. But this girl is entirely different. Her hair is long too, but a dark brown, falling in waves even though they are wet. Her eyes are dark, but I notice that they are green, not brown as I suspected. She has a slight smile on her face, but looks tired around her eyes. I can't help but think that Liam is right, she is pretty gorgeous.

She looks at James then Cate and nods, smiling a little. She doesn't glance at me before nudging Cate with her elbow. Cate snaps out of her trance and looks over at her. She whispers hurriedly in her ear, Cate nodding the whole while.

'Yeah sure,' she says and the girl hurries off.

'Sorry about that,' Cate says, finally having recovered, 'she's really jetlagged.'

I look quizzically at her as James smiles shyly.

'Who is she?' I ask bluntly.

'Oh!' Cate says in surprise, maybe she wasn't really recovered. 'Her name's Vee, an exchange student from England, she's staying for two months. We're taking her to the Jonson's. They're holding a welcoming party tonight. You should come, if you want.'

The Jonson's were down the street from us all. Their eldest son, Chris was my best mate. His mum was almost as much of a gossip as my father, and the two got a long well. She would be positively beaming at the fact she got dibs in a party. I nod enthusiastically about the party for James' sake.

'We heard that you're back for good,' the man himself mutters. Cate blushes and looks at the floor.

'Yeah, well, I just wasn't getting as much out of it as I could anywhere else, you know? I didn't feel like I was settling either.'

We both nod.

'Well, we just really came over to say hi, and welcome home,' I say wrapping up. I think James is currently drooling.

'Sure,' Cate says with a smile. 'Hope you have a good day, and I'll see you tonight, right?'

James grins goofily, and nods an excited yes. Cate laughs, exclaiming, 'great,' before saying goodbye and closing the door.

'So Jamie boy, are we going to have to plan out what you're going to wear?' I tease. He hits me and runs back to the house, clicking his heels as he goes.