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Sex: Quite possible

Language: Mild nothing serious.

Chapter One

"Are you sure we can pull this off?" John asked Jane.

"Of course I'm sure or we wouldn't be doing it." Jane said.

"Are you sure they'll back you up?" John asked.

"Yea." Jane said.

"And why couldn't we go with mine?" John asked.

"Because it sucks." Jane said.

"Hey mine does not..." John started, but Jane interupted him.

"Shh..do you hear that." Jane said putting a hand to his lips. They were silent as they listened. The sound was faint, but getting closer. It was definately a helicopter. They got out of the hotel room fast. Leaving the room as if they had never been there. They hid in a van and waited for them to clear out before they sat up. They went to the hotel room they had checked out in the first place. They continued their work there as they prepared for their new mission. It had been amonth sentence they had killed and wounded many agents in the department store. Jane had her one reason for wanting it to end, but it was definately not the same as John's reason. He loved her and he didn't want her dead that's why he wanted it to end. She loved him true enough, but for a different reason she needed this to end. Otherwise she didn't care if it ended when she had killed every last agent in her own and his company. She could do it if she set her mind to it.

"Are you ok?" John asked snapping Jane out of her thoughts.

"Yea, I'm fine just thinking." She said. She finished loading her guns before going over to her bag and placing her favorite knives on her person. She loved to use knives. They were beautiful to her and she felt you needed grace and precision aim to truthly wield a knife or sword even. John could never wield a blade the way she did. She had spent years, months, days, hours perfecting her knife technique before she ever thought to use them on a client.

"Hey so what'd you do with all my weapons and money?" John asked.

"Weapons, these are your weapons." Jane said."Well aside from my hand crafted knives and my own guns. Your guns are of poor quality."

"Hey my guns are perfect." John said.

"They're trash I should have thrown them away." Jane said."I don't know why you like to use girl guns as well."

"Hey now my guns aren't girl guns." John said. Jane ignored him focusing once again on the task at hand. John gave an exasperated sigh like he wanted to strangle her. Jane hearing it looked back and gave him her cutest smirk to make him a little more irritated. John glared at her and did his best to refocus his mind. Losing focus would endanger them both. He wondered what she was hiding. She was definately not telling him something. He prayed she hadn't sold him out in the end after all.

'She's probably exhausted and doesn't want me to know. Jane is a tough girl.' John thought.'She probably hasn't had to move around this much for years. Oh duh that's right we've been married for five ,no, six years, John remember. We haven't moved once since we bought that house.'

John was than reminded of how their house had been blown sky high. He only saw one bright side to that. And that was that she had to redocorate. Maybe this time he could stop her from decorating the place horribly. He hated her sense of interior design for their house.

"John!" Jane said snapping him from his thoughts.

"Huh?" John asked.

"Let's go are you ready?" Jane asked.

"Oh yea hold on." John said. He loaded his last gun and put it within reach. They grabbed everything else and left. They got in another van that was unmarked, so as to be looked over when they approached her company. Jane drove.