Chapter Eight

" Damn you guys pick it up." Jane said they caught up to them.

"A little hard with the fire not trying to kill them now, are we?" Danny said.

"Shut up." Jane said. They all heard a bomb go off.

"You know what I'm tired of running." John said.

"John no we need to get out of here and get more weapons, we'll be wounded or killed immediately."

"And neither of those are an option." Eddie said.

"Come on they're going to chase us forever." John said.

"Not if we get out of here." Jane said.

"Come on we're wasting time and we understand how you feel John, but now is the time for a retreat." Martha said.

"She's right John we have to give this one to them if we're going to win it all back." Danny said as he finished spraying a fire out.

"Do it for me John." Jane said. She couldn't deal with the stress of him staying behind and possibly being killed not before he got the chance...

"Jane!" John said. She snapped out of her throughts.

"What?" Jane asked.

"Are you ok?" John asked.

"Yea, I'm fine stress must be getting to me." She said taking slow deep breaths. He pulled her along and they all hurried down the tunnel as fast as they could. Finally they came out two miles at least from the city.

"Time to call for back up." Jane said.

"Jane I am your back up." Jasmine said in a low voice.

"No, I got an old pal who retired a long time ago." Jane said. Not to long after she made the call on her cell phone, which was inside its water and fire proof case they heard an helicopter. It showed and everyone got in. Jane was the last one to climb in as she did so Rick came out and shot her in the thigh. She almost fell as the helicopter started to rise to avoid anyone else getting shot as well, but John and Eddie grabbed her and pulled her up.

"Here." said the driver tossing them a gun. John tried to shoot Rick, but he ran back inside still shooting at them.

"Bastard I'll get him for this." John said turning back to Jane.

"Are you ok?" John asked.

"I've had worst, " Jane said with a shrug," Stella take us to the hospital."

"Stella!" Father exclaimed.

"That's right big daddy, I told you, you would regret the day you divorced me." Stella said.

"What you were married to this bastard." said Danny.

"Yea, I found the company and the school, It was only the year Jasmine was born I started taking five year olds usually orphans with a few exceptions fors those kids with parents who had potential. That's how Jane got in, but some years later when she was around twenty-one I decided that I was leaving the company to her the bastard divorced me and took the company with him, because there was no prenub. I vowed that I would see him at his lowest before I did what I do best assasinate."

"You bitch!" Father said.

"Enjoy your self while you can." Stella said. She took them to the hospital she now ran. She had created this place for assasins who were hurt and gangs whomever didn't want the police involved had a safe hospital to go too. Sometimes even celebrities even came here for more privacy. Everyone was saved including Jasmine who had been fighting for her life as she lost blood. Usually a wound like hers would kill her in minutes, but she had fought to survive.

"You didn't shoot to kill right girls?" Stella asked. They were all in the same ward and Father was locked up.

"Right." Jane said.

"Good, I've just sent some of my girls to retrieve all the wounded from the company." She said. Later she informed them that the company was in bad shape and would take months to repair, but their jobs were secure.

"What about John's company they'll get most of the business." Jane said.

"No, you and John have managed to disable nearly everyone except the newbies She can't afford to send them after you two." Stella said. She said that they were all officially on vacation and she was sending them to different places until the company was offically up and running again.

"What about father?" Kate asked. She was awake again. Jasmine was still out of it and in recovery. They would fill her in tomorrow when she woke up.

"Leave him to me and don't worry your pretty little heads about it." Stella said. Before the week was out she had sent them away. Jane and John had the pleasure of going to Italy.

"Jane what the hell is going on with you?" John asked when she had come out of the bathroom.

"What do you mean?" Jane asked. She still hadn't told him the truth about what her reasons for making it end sooner than they had planned were.

"I swear ever since before we took your company down you've been distant, you space out, you plan so much that now your literally over planning, your tired more, and now your getting sick." John said. Jane sighed and knew he had to know the truth. She wanted to know how he felt. Jane walked over to the window and looked outside over beautiful province of Polermo. She could even see the Palazzo Abatellis.

"John, the reason I've been the way your discribing is because I'm three months pregnant."

The End