Title: Very Nearly Deceiving Your Friends
Author: Aurey09
Chapter: 1/?
Characters/pairing: L/V and cast.
Spoilers: All of season 1.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

This was how it was always suppose to be, me and Lilly listening to loud music - with the sole purpose to piss off Celeste Kane.

Lilly was all grins coming back into her bedroom, with stolen ice-cream, comfort food for the recently dumped - dumper in Lilly's case.

She handed me the spoons and clammy carton and turned off her music.

"Celeste has finally gone to her fabulous party." She threw herself onto the bed, looking up at me with mild irritation. "Veronica, I order you out of this self-inflicted funk, do you see me with my sexy mouth pouting? You've got to stop obsessing about Duncan." I found it difficult to accept that my fairytale romance turned out to be something more along the 'Brothers Grimm' line. I had a strong feeling Lilly knew more about it than what she was willing to tell me.

"Do you see Duncan sulking round the house?" She asked. "No, that's because he's gone drinking with Logan and Dick Casablancas, and they'll be looking for all the slutty cheerleaders they can lay, who are not us. We, on the other hand, are here." She took a bite of ice cream. "And we're not stay at home people, we are hot girls, who are single."

"You mean single, until Logan clicks his fingers or you click your's." I'd seen a flaw in her Lillyesque logic. They always got back together and, when that happened how did I fit into the group?, Logan wasn't going to stop being friends with Duncan and Lilly wasn't going to stop being Duncan's sister. It was over.

Lilly sat back against her headboard in apparent reflection, unusual for her, she wasn't one to be caught in a stare, caught having sex in the back of Logan's car, maybe.

"You know what Veronica? You should kiss Logan, he's a great kisser."

"I'm not going to kiss your boyfriend."

"Well, you should have sex with him."

"Lilly, you're crazy." I laughed at her. Lilly was always trying to shock me.

"Seriously Logan said the same thing. He didn't rule it out though." Lilly smirked, looked at me out the corner of her eye. "You'd make a cute couple."

"You're such a head-case."

"Well you and Duncan didn't do it and Logan is very forward and fond of you, plus he had the hots for you way before we were even dating." The same look came back, introspective Lilly was unsettling. "I don't know. I guess me and Logan are imploding but I still want him to be happy, and you too dorkus."

"What about Duncan?" She rolled her eyes, and proceeded to pantomime vomiting into her waste paper basket. "You've out grown him, you're blossoming into a different person and Veronica Mars is way too hot for Duncan." Lilly looked to someone across the room. "Can you talk some sense into our little Veronica?" It's Logan. He is slouched against the wall, looking very intently at the two of us.

"Duncan's with Meg." He says, I remember that. "Now she is much more his speed." He chuckles, sharing a conspiring look with Lilly.

"Right." Lilly nods. She's in her peep squad uniform now, but that isn't what I immediately notice, no it's that her hairline has darkened with blood, pouring across her temple. I remember that too. "Plus on the lam, to Mexico or somewhere equally as sketchy."

She wrenches me up from the bed and throws me at Logan. Still laughing he wraps his arms around my waist. "It's not like I can take a boyfriend to the here after," She tells me, while Logan presses kisses against my throat, I'm half afraid he'll turn and rip my throat out. "Logan's going to be with someone, might as well be you." She frowns at me. "Is the message coming through or do I have to tie you two together with my ratty heavy-ghoul-duty chains or compose a spooky messages of blood on the wall?"

She's pissed at me for something; she presses a finger tip against her head and writes something on her bedroom wall. I can't see it, because it's been washed away by the sight of my own ceiling.


Bad dreams, that'll teach me to eat dad's left over Mexican food, on top of a late night journalism work-out, while going over in my head the kiss Logan and I shared the other day. I've avoided him so far, and I think he's equally evaded me.

I feel guilty. Makes sense, instead of finding Lilly's killer, I'm seducing her boyfriend. Okay, exaggeration, but close enough that I feel like the worst kind of boyfriend-stealing scum.

I lean up to see what time it is. 4.46 am, the kind of clock reading you see when you know it's in vain that you try to get back to sleep.

I wrap my dressing gown around me and make my way across the hall. Backup is waiting for me, and almost trips me over in his eagerness to see me, that, or in anticipation at the prospect of being fed.

Dad is already up, wearing last night's clothes, I don't need or want to know, the details. Coffee, must have coffee, laced with sugar.

"I'm think about making some eggs. You want some eggs?" He looks up at me.

"You're not personally laying them are you?"

"Doctor warned me against it, my insurance won't cover it." Dad cracks eggs into a frying-pan and swirls them round with a spatula.

"You alright honey?" His smile isn't returned, due to the hour of the morning. "You sleep well?"

"With the dead?"

"I believe the saying goes, like the dead. I hope you've not taken up necrophilia."

"No, though there's probably a rumour at school." I sit down. "I was dreaming about Lilly." I look up at him for a response. Done waiting I go pour some dry dog food into Backup's dish. I slump back against the kitchen counter.

"Is everything okay honey?" He looks like he's going to put a hand to my forehead, but he goes back to his scrambled eggs. I wonder if I can feign illness?

"I'm fine. Just the usual hectic Mars life-style. You know unveiling corruption in Neptune, setting the innocent free, getting into trouble with local figure heads, the usual." Me and dad share a lot, but when it comes to talking about boys we're like any father and daughter, we don't. "You're bound to get a call from Clemmons sometime today."

"As long as I'm pre-warned, though I might not be here." He makes me a coffee and launches it down the counter into my waiting grasp. I'm more ready for the day.