Some people have been asking for the reason why Sakura died so I'll clarify that here…

Firstly, she didn't commit suicide. I don't think she would do that, especially because of her current situation – she was pregnant…with Sasuke's child. It would be somewhat foolish of her to kill herself when she already got what she wanted. She was going to be able to make Sasuke happy, and that was what she wanted since her genin days.

The closest possible reason for her death would be an illness. Yes, that was what it was. I guess it was something that was rare, therefore there was still no cure. That is also part of the reason why it was Tsunade who handed the letter to Sasuke.

It could have been anyone…Naruto, Kakashi, Hinata, Ino…but it was Tsunade instead. This was because she was whom Sakura confided her secret with. She was the only one who knew Sakura's condition even before she died. Besides, she was a great medic nin and Sakura regarded her as her mother, considering that her real parents already died. So that was why it was Tsunade who gave the letter to Sasuke.

Yes this is a tragedy fic, I just decided not to put this genre. This is because I guess it wouldn't be any fun if people already knew that something bad would happen. It would seem too obvious, and I didn't want that. I'm sorry for those who read it and didn't like reading tragedy fics xD

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