Chapter One: Hi, I'm Lindy Rose!

Authors Note: The whole story is kind of getting a makeover. Not that I think the original is horrible but I was so young writing this. I think I can fix a few things and make it better. That will start with my main characters name. While my true name is Lindsay-this is not me by any means-even when I wrote this I was nothing like this character. I want to change some scenes, add detail, change names, and most importantly, rewrite an ending. I will not tell you WHICH ending but I will change one.

One year after Ai and Mako were reunited with Impmon, almost everything went back to normal. Mako and Ai still played their games and bugging Impmon on final calls much to the purple Digimon's annoyance. Secretly, he liked that he was spending a lot of time with them. Impmon himself used most of his free time to walk around causing mischief and trouble among the streets of West Shinjuku. Bio-emerges were at a crawling pace, and the Tamers had begun to have-believe it or not-a normal routine.

Although a mundane routine had a dominant play in the time that had passed, a problem occurred to Ai and Mako's parents. Their mom, Yuki had her book published at last. It was a fiction story of a girl defending her home village from the new corrupted government. Granting, it would be interesting to talk about this book but the real story is the solution to the parents problem: that's me.

I'm Lindy Rose and I'm fourteen years old. I just moved to Japan recently with hardly any ability to speak the language. I would be lucky to get a local to understand I want to say hello. Fortunately, I had friends in high places to help me out and within a year, I could speak very well. Of course, this meant giving up soccer-at least for a few months. The sport was one of my most treasured past-times ever. However, I needed to learn the language and customs of Japan and so soccer went down the drain for awhile. I was not in the greatest mood about it, to be honest with you.

The real reason my family moved here was to start a new life. I don't really want to talk about it much. Let's just say the past is better in the past. My dad, James works for a international business and had to move here because of shortage of workers. My mom, Eleanor always wanted to see a new place since she loved to take her art to a new direction. I could care less; until now my life had been a complete drag. New people, new places, new language, new trends all which I had no clue on. It was overwhelming to say the least. I felt like a freshman. No, scratch that, I felt like a bleeding fish in the ocean-and guys, it was shark week.

My parents said I needed a job if I wanted to stay in a good school. I appreciated my education (to a degree guys; I'm a teen it is not the highest thing on my list), so me in my favourite jean skirt, black shirt and red tank-top, red runners and a matching black and gold purse I set off to find work. I was willing to do anything at this point. Heck, even cleaning dishes for cash sounded like my true calling.

Surprise, surprise when I found a babysitting job. The position was for about two months. It seemed that the mother and farther had to leave for some book tour around the world and couldn't have the kids with them. So, here I was at the front door being interviewed to death with perplexing questions. I never knew that employers could ask questions such as 'what is your favourite colour?' and determine what your height is just from that answer. I almost did not have the job until I said I can teach the kids some English while they were away. The parents were certainly nicer after I mentioned that.

I got the job and it seemed not too bad. The kids looked nice enough and I had time to work on my homework. If I only kept my attention to the school board instead of dreaming of saving penalty shots in a soccer game. Their names were Ai and Mako which was strange for me to get used to. What was wrong with Sophie and Andrew? Oh right, Japan-duh! They both were identical with chestnut brown hair, big brown eyes, and playful personalities.

The day had arrived and I came prepared with my goalie gloves and babysitting first aid kit. Well, ok, not really just some homework, clothes, money, cell phone, charger, keys to my home and a list of phone numbers that showed names of the twin's relatives. Oh right- you are wondering about how school is going to work into this-well I am still under the 'home schooling' category so I am just taking a few on-line classes to keep me along. Just a temporary thing! No biggie!

"Don't worry! They're in good hands." I called out in the foreign tongue as the parents car left the driveway. Sighing, I turned around to face the twins who smiled and suggested games. I suggested a mini soccer game and I drew some smiles and nods. Perfect, this job is going to be so smooth. Maybe, they can cook and clean on their own! Ok, joking but if they were a little older than five years old, I would give them credit to be honest with you.

"Alright its simple, no using hands expect me because I'm the goalie. If Mako scores on me then he gets a point. Same with you Ai if you score. Who ever gets five points wins and please don't beat each other up." I explained getting my soccer ball out of my gym bag. I was sure they knew the rules but they are kids.

The game was completely dull-for me at least. The little kids were having a blast and were doing the weirdest things I had ever seen. The girl, Ai said something like 'Corona Blaster!' and the boy was hollering 'Badaboom!' as they played with the ball. I wanted to desperately laugh but it would probably make them mad and I didn't want any crying until the last week. I took out my book and pen and began writing my studies. Hm, five divided by x equals the fraction of one fourth of one hundred and twenty fiveā€¦and I just remembered how much I hate math.

Later, I caught the ball just as it was kicked by Ai with my one hand. I complemented on her shot and threw the ball back. Suddenly, I heard a beeping noise and it sounded like it came from Ai's bizarre necklace. I stopped what I was doing and looked at the weird object. It was white and purple with small yellow buttons on it-and some little screen that glowed red. Perhaps it was a Japanese watch toy that kids were into. Note to self: give Ai some kind of fashion sense so she will be prepared for teenager hood. I was interrupted by my thoughts when a white fog surrounded the whole backyard. It was thick and it happened so sudden, that I gasped in surprise. Where had this come from? I had almost lost sight of the twins if I had not got up so quickly. I needed to get them inside right now!

"Ai! Mako!" I cried running to where I just saw them. They were looking around with a serious expression on their faces. "We got to get out of here!" I cried taking their hands, but they shook it off. I frowned and was about to scold them but Ai interrupted me.

"No, we have to fight!" spoke Ai still looking around her. Mako nodded.